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Bacterial infections can cause a lot of health problems. Most people suffer from infectious issues that often aren’t acute enough to cause fever or the like. If you feel like you are suffering from chronic health issues, inhibiting quorum sensing by bacteria may help your issues.



What is Quorum Sensing?

Quorum Sensing is when bacteria “sense” or try to communicate with other bacterial cells to coordinate with each, which improves survival.

When many bacteria gather in one place, enough to form a “quorum” as in the number of members needed to vote on an issue in parliamentary procedure, they are able to communicate with one another via chemical messages, or “quorum sensing” (QS).

For example, in order to form a biofilm, bacteria need to communicate with each other.

So when you “jam” these communication signals, it’s harder for bacteria to form biofilms and survive.

Quorum sensing allows the bacteria to work as en masse (as though together they made up one organism), to change their behavior and adapt to their present environment (R).

Basically, QS operates as “strength in numbers” for the bacteria to expand their territory, construct biofilm shields, defend against antimicrobial agents, and make any changes necessary to improve their chances of survival (R).

Why is it Important to Inhibit Quorum Sensing?


With the increased use of conventional antibiotics in modern medicine, there is an increasing problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (R).

The failure of the antibiotic paradigm has led to concern over whether antibiotic medicine has reached its end (R).

An additional major cause for concern is the fact that conventional antibiotics are unable to effectively address the biofilm and quorum sensing aspects of chronic infections (R, R2).

Biofilms are collections of bacteria protected by self-produced shields. These shields are not necessarily hard, but are actually more glue-like and referred to as “slime”. This slime protects the bacteria from most antibiotics and other natural antimicrobials and from the immune system of the host, making it difficult to eradicate the bacterial infection (R).

Breaking down biofilms and disrupting quorum sensing is clearly key to truly eradicating bacterial infections and restoring normal immune system function.

Then the immune system can work as it was designed to –keeping the body in homeostasis and defending against invaders.

Quorum Sensing Inhibitors

Following is a list of scientifically proven quorum sensing inhibitors (QSIs). Many of them are whole plant sources and others are compounds that have been isolated from the naturally occurring sources to create a more potent bacterial adversary.


  • Lotus (R)
  • Sassafras (R)
  • Urolithin A and B (R)
  • Peas and yam beans (R)
  • Iberin (horseradish) (R)
  • Pyrogallol (R, R2)
  • Chaparral (R)
  • Extracts of L. nobilis (Bay Laurel), S. oleraceus (Sow Thistle), T. capensis (Cape honeysuckle), J. sambac (jasmine), P. alba (Silver poplar tree) and P. nigra (Black poplar tree) (R, R2)
  • Extracts of: Delisea pulchra (red algae), Medicago truncatula (barrel cover), Ananas comosus (pineapple), Musa paradiciaca (banana), Manilkara zapota (sapodilla), Hypericum connatum (a flower) (R)


FDA Compliance

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  • stancudigitalart

    I use on a regular basis many of the above listed ingredients, but I couldn’t disturb their quorum sensing communication. What do you think is the reason and what is left to do in order to destroy their communication. A friend of mine suggested that I should rather become their friend and communicate to them and tell how much I love and accept them, but it will be much better if they decide to leave my body. What do you think of that?

    1. Rettberg

      Yeah someone told me the same thing! I have big biofilm problems, keeping me from being well for what looks like the rest of my life…I cursed the bacteria every day bc of the misery it caused me. Then I got told to love them etc etc. Also told to *tell* them they could *share*, and that if they harm me they won’t have anywhere to live…I’m an empath so I totally understand the concept, but I did it for a while and nothing happened. I think the opportunity of a fucked up immune system is just too good to pass up, it’s biology…

  • ashthekidd

    It’s as though our bodies WANT us to eat natural plant foods. Go figure.

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