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This is one of those posts that will grow in time.  I did a bit of searching but this isn’t comprehensive.  I haven’t come to any conclusions yet as to how harmful EMFs are.

Realize that science is discovering new things all of the time, so you shouldn’t be closed minded about EMFs.

With something relatively new like EMFs, it’s best to understand the underlying physiology of it, which I don’t understand yet on a deep level.  That’s why I plan on relearning physics and monitoring this subject more.

Definitions and Intro

Between 1 Hz to 300 Hz is called Extremely Low-Frequency Electro-Magnetic Fields (ELF-EMF).  These wave ranges can be found in everywhere in modern societies.

ELF-EMFs are widely employed in electrical appliances and different equipment such as television sets, mobile phones, computers and microwaves.

Dr. Kruse claims that EMFs can’t escape because of the earth’s ionosphere, which means the EMFs we produce will just keep adding to the EMFs we already have (R).  This is a bit worrying.

What International Bodies Have to Say

The WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies electromagnetic fields as ‘possible human carcinogens’ that might transform normal cells into cancer cells (R).  This means that they can’t rule out that it’s carcinogenic.

It advised the public to adopt safety measures to reduce exposure, like the use of hands-free devices or texting (R).

I consistently find the WHO to be generally the least biased and most reliable organization when it comes to health advice.

ANSI standards for safe exposure levels to RF and microwave radiation have a safety factor of ten.  This means that they only allow 1/10th of the exposure that they deem harmful (R).

The Environmental Working Group recommends cell phone users limit their exposure to cell phone radiation by looking for cell phone models that emit low radiation (R).

If you read SBM, the group of religious zealots posing as skeptics, you’d get the impression that it’s implausible for cell phone EMFs to be harmful.  They exude an undeserved confidence.

Russia and eastern European countries in particular set much lower EMF thresholds for Microwaves and RF than western countries (R).

EMFs Are Especially Harmful to the Eyes and Testes

Two areas of the body, the eyes, and the testes can be particularly susceptible to heating by EMFs because of the relative lack of available blood flow to get rid of the excessive heat load. Laboratory experiments have shown that short-term exposure to high levels of RF radiation (100-200 mW/cm²) can cause cataracts in rabbits and temporary sterility (lowered sperm count and motility) (R).

Long-term exposure to high levels of microwaves is recognized from experimental animal studies and epidemiological studies in humans to cause cataracts (R).

Here’s Wikipedia:

“A number of studies have shown relationships between mobile telephone use and reduced sperm count and sperm quality. Peer reviewed studies have shown relationships using statistical questionnaire techniques,[70][71][72][73][74] controlled experiments on living humans,[75] and controlled experiments on sperm outside the body.[76][77][78][79]

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a web page entitled “Cell Phone Radiation Damages Sperm, Studies Show” published August 2013.”  (R).

For eyes, the mechanism is unclear but may include changes in heat sensitive enzymes that normally protect cell proteins in the lens. Another mechanism that has been advanced is direct damage to the lens from pressure waves induced in the aqueous humor (R).

I bet Dr. Kruse will say it has something to do with DHA.  DHA is concentrated in our brain, testes, and eyes (R).

Bottom line: It is a fact that our vision is getting worse and male sperm quality is also declining.  EMFs seem to be a piece of the puzzle.

EMFs and The Brain


EMFs and Cognitive Function

A 2009 study examined the effects of exposure to EMFs emitted by standard GSM cell phones on the cognitive functions of humans.

The study found slower response times to a spatial working memory task when a cell phone was placed next to the head of males.   The duration of exposure was also a factor (R).

EMFs and Anxiety in Mice

Mice were exposed to High-frequency EMF (2.45GHz) for 60min/day for120 days. The exposure was through a BLUETOOTH device transferring filed (100mW).  This did not produce anxiety, OCD or depression-like behavior in mice (R).

A study done in 2009 from Iran showed that rats exposed to 900mhz of cell phone EMF had higher levels of cortisol and lower levels of T3 (R). Both conditions are common amongst clients and EMFs may contribute to this.

However, another study found increases in ACTH at chronic 1Hz exposure (R).

Another study found that the offsprings of pregnant mice exposed to 9.417-GHz radiation showed more anxiety-related behaviors in their children.  However, the mice also had decreased depression-related behavior.

Male offspring demonstrated decreased learning and memory, while females were not affected in learning and memory, which suggested that microwaves had gender-dependent effects (R).

I think the human race has become one nervous wreck.  I thought this was because of lectins, but EMFs could play a role, too.

Bottom line: my guess is that some people with a genetic susceptibility might be affected by this, but I can’t say how significant it is.

EMFs and the Blood Brain Barrier


Researchers from Lund University have found a leakage of albumin into the brain via a permeated blood–brain barrier from EMFs.     This confirmed earlier work on its effects on the BBB.  However, other groups have not confirmed these findings in vitro cell studies or whole animal studies (R).

Prof Leszczynski of Finland’s radiation and nuclear safety authority found that, at the maximum legal limit for mobile radiation, one protein, in particular, HSP 27, was affected. HSP 27 plays a critical role in the integrity of the blood-brain barrier (R).

I am inclined to believe that cell phones can affect the blood-brain barrier.  Like everything else, whether someone will experience harm will depend on their genetics and other factors.

EMFs Affect Some Neurons

ELF-EMF exposure affects neuronal dendritic spine density and NMDAR and AMPAR subunit expressions in the entorhinal cortex (EC).

ELF-EMF exposure specifically influences the intracellular calcium dynamics of cultural EC neurons via a calcium channel independent mechanism (R).

This part of the brain plays a crucial role in memory and navigation.  It’s also the first part of the brain to be affected by Alzheimer’s (R).

Cellular calcium levels are extremely important when it comes to the functioning of neurons and if this is altered by EMFs then it would be significant.

Oxidative stress increased in rat brains exposed ELF-EMF (R, R2).


In mice, exposure to radiation from cell phones during pregnancy affected the brain development of offspring and caused symptoms that resembled ADHD (R).

EMFs and Autism

There has been an explosion of autism in the developed world and nobody has a clue why.  Some have tried to link vaccines to this, but the studies ultimately showed that vaccines aren’t the cause of autism.

The CDC says that 1 in 68 kids now have autism.  The explosion started in the late 80’s and has been continually increasing since.  This would correlate with the increase in EMFs.

There are certainly many reasons for this, but I’d say EMF exposure could definitely be an under-appreciated piece of the puzzle.

Many studies of people with autism show oxidative stress and evidence of free radical damage, cellular stress proteins, and deficiencies of antioxidants such as glutathione.  Autism also shows various kinds of immune system disturbances.

Specifically, people with autism have brain oxidative stress, inflammation, and a compromised blood-brain barrier.  All of these mechanisms have been demonstrated by EMFs in cells and animals.

A review study published in 2013 in the journal pathophysiology had this to say:

“With dramatic increases in reported Autism that are coincident in time with the deployment of wireless technologies, we need an aggressive investigation of potential Autism – EMF/RFR links. The evidence is sufficient to warrant new public exposure standards benchmarked to low-intensity (non-thermal) exposure levels now known to be biologically disruptive, and strong, interim precautionary practices are advocated.” (R).

Bottom line: Right now, there is a theoretical legitimacy to EMFs negatively affecting the brain.  However, we don’t know how much this affects people in the real world.   Our brains are susceptible to oxidative stress and the brain will be one of the first organs negatively affected.  This subject shouldn’t be ignored.

EMFs and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and ALS

Several available epidemiological studies and meta-analysis data seem to suggest a potential association between occupational exposure to ELF-EMFs and Alzheimer’s onset.  (typical of electric power installers and repairers, power plant operators, electricians, electric and electronic equipment repairer, telephone line technicians, welders, carpenters, and machinists) (R).

It’s hypothesized that ELF-EMFs exposure might increase amyloid by increasing cellular calcium levels (R).

However, in genetically manipulated mice bound to get Alzheimer’s, both cognitive-protective and cognitive-enhancing effects was found from EMFs (R).

See the graph below, which show mostly positive effects (in genetically manipulated mice):

Screenshot 2014-12-20 11.00.17

EMFs Increase Levels of Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is when there is an altered balance between ROS/free radicals generation and its elimination by antioxidants. They play a critical role in a variety of diseases including neurodegenerative diseases, aging, and cancer.

Various cell lines have found ELF-EMF exposure causes oxidative stress.  (R, R2, R3, R4)  However, some cells lines don’t show an increase in ROS (R).  The effects in other cell lines depended on the conditions of these cells such as if they were exposed to other free radicals (R).

Oxidative stress increased in rat brains exposed ELF-EMF (R, R2).

In rat lymph organs, oxidative stress increased and it was found that immature rats were more susceptible to the damage (R).

Interestingly, in cell lines, ELF-EMF could increase antioxidants in our body when used in a hormetic way and can be used as a pretreatment for stronger radiation (but we’re exposed to it chronically) (R, R2).

Screenshot 2014-12-20 10.51.09

EMFs May Impair Sleep Quality

Medical students who used a mobile phone for more than 2 hours/day were more likely to be sleep deprived and experience daytime sleepiness, affecting cognitive and learning abilities of medical students (R).

If it were only for this study, I’d wonder how much of this has to do with looking at the light from the screens rather than the EMFs directly…Light causes us to stay awake.

However, there are other studies, and as you will see there are clear mechanisms in how it can disrupt sleep quality.

In a study published in Plos one, it found that individuals with occupations that exposed them to EMFs, those who had more daily EMF exposure time also had more sleep disturbances.

This study measured other variables, which came back as negative.  The more variables a study measures, it increases the chance that some variable will ‘hit’ and be statistically significant.  But the P-Value was low enough that makes me think that this outcome was not by chance (P=.004).

The study adjusted for age, gender, cigarette smoking, tea drinking, BMI, and work pressure (R).

In the case of occupational exposure, I wonder how much of the effect could have been due to factors that were unaccounted for such as poorer people needing to work more at such occupations that had EMFs or maybe they worked harder, but adjusting for ‘work pressure’ didn’t fully account for this.

Two surveys showed that the prevalence of difficulties with falling and remaining asleep increased with increasing short-wave frequency magnetic field exposure.  Both panel studies reported that sleep quality improved after interruption of the exposure (R).

Exposure to EMFs by cell phones prior to sleep decreased the time it took to get to REM sleep and, overall, increased REM sleep (R).

EMFs have been reported to disrupt melatonin production, a critical hormone involved in sleep.  (R)

In an Indian study, Melatonin levels were reduced in workers exposed to the most ELF-EMFs (R).

Not surprisingly then, EMFs have been reported to disrupt circadian rhythms (R).

Studies have been conducted that have demonstrated that people’s circadian rhythm resets itself when they go in the woods away from electronics (R).

I had assumed that this was because of the lighting – and I still do – but EMF exposure could also play a role.  I think most of the effect has to do with lighting because when I put on these Glasses I get tired.

Conversely, Austrian surveys found that sleep quality was not related to electromagnetic exposure (R).

A Swiss study also did not indicate an impairment of subjective sleep quality due to exposure from various sources of RF-EMFs in everyday life. However, the top 10% or most exposed had an 11% increased risk for sleep disturbance (R).  That’s not very significant.

Here’s how Wikipedia sums it up:

Sleep, EEG and waking rCBF have been studied in relation to RF exposure for a decade now, and the majority of papers published to date have found some form of effect. While a Finnish study failed to find any effect on sleep or other cognitive function from pulsed RF exposure,[54] most other papers have found significant effects on sleep.[55][56][57][58][59][60] Two of these papers found the effect was only present when the exposure was pulsed (amplitude modulated), and one early paper found that sleep quality (measured by the amount of participants’ broken sleep) improved.

While some papers were inconclusive or inconsistent,[61][62] a number of studies have now demonstrated reversible EEG and rCBF alterations from exposure to pulsed RF exposure.[63][64][65][66] German research from 2006 found that statistically significant EEG changes could be consistently found, but only in a relatively low proportion of study participants (12 – 30%).[67]

Bottom Line:  I thought people had a problem with sleep because of stress and inflammation, but EMFs seem to play a role as well. My guess is that some people are affected by this significantly while others aren’t.  However, if you have sleep disturbances, I would suggest you experiment with reducing EMF exposure and see if that helps you.   Realize that cell phones far play the largest role, so you want to reduce cell phone usage, especially at night.

I would experiment with this after you’ve tried all of my sleep hacks.  For example, I think wearing red Glasses is much more important.  See my post on how to fix your sleep.

EMFs Inhibit ATP Production

It was found that in five cancer cell lines exposed to ELF-MFs within the range of 0.025–5 µT there was changes in their DNA (karyotype contractions).

The study found that the mechanism is as a result of interference with mitochondria’s ATP synthase.  This is the machinery it uses to create ATP, the energy currency of our body and if the same thing happened in normal cells, it would result in lower ATP (R).

When our cells have low ATP, our body activates AMPK to make up for the energy shortfall.  This activation in bursts can increase health and longevity, which wouldn’t make this occurrence negative.

However, having chronically lower levels of ATP is not something I’d call good.

EMFs and Cancer


A meta-study (2009) of 101 publications on genotoxicity of EMFs showed that 49 reported a genotoxic effect and 42 not. The authors found “ample evidence that RF-EMF can alter the genetic material of exposed cells in vivo and in-vitro and in more than one way” (R).

If EMFs can change our DNA then they can cause cancer and other problems.  It would take a long time (maybe 50 years) to realize an increased incidence of cancer if the effects aren’t very strong .  It took a really long time to demonstrate smoking causes cancer and that has a massive effect.

Bottom line: ELF-EMFs may increase our risk for cancer, but only time will tell how significant the effects are in humans.

EMFs and Our Immune System

ELF-EMFs are capable of altering the immune response when challenged with a pathogen.

ELF-EMF alone caused increased hsp70 levels, which are a protein that protects our cells from stress.  This indicates that our cells are stressed in some way (R).

HSP70 is strongly increased by heat stress and toxic chemicals, particularly heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, copper, mercury, etc…

Hsp70 helps prevent damage to our cells by preventing denatured proteins from aggregating, which allows them to refold.  It also helps damaged proteins get discarded (R).

Hsp70 is generally an immune suppressor, which may be good or bad depending on what your immune system is like (R).

Bottom line: ELF-EMFs can potentially affect our immune system, but we can’t know the full significance of this from cell studies.


Cell phones can alter the accuracy of blood glucose monitors when within a half of a meter away. (R).  Just found this interesting.

EMFs have been found to increase calcium levels in our cells (R).  Calcium levels in our cells play a critical role in their function and high levels are harmful.

A study published in 2011 in JAMA found that that exposure to RF signal waves within parts of the brain closest to the cell phone antenna resulted in increased levels of glucose metabolism, but the clinical significance of this finding is unknown (R).  The takeaway from this study is that EMFs, especially cell phones, have an effect and we need to understand them more.

Should We Buy EMF Blocking Products?

Whether EMFs are harmful or not, I’d still want to see studies on the efficacy of products that claim to block EMFs.

I would like to see at least animal studies before I spend money to experiment with it on myself and see if it works.

It’s possible these products can work, but it’s not worth shelling out money for a product that has a small chance of helping me, IMO.

If something is 50 dollars, like a Grounding mat, then I don’t care.  But I’m not ready to shell out 400 bucks or more for a shot in the dark.

What bothers me about the EMF products is that I can’t subject it to the type of experiments that I like to ordinarily do.  Normally, I keep upping the dosage until I notice an effect from a supplement or intervention.

When I got my Grounding mat, I was lying in bed trying to figure out if the slight effect I had was a placebo or not.  It certainly was well within the placebo range of effects.  I can’t double or triple the dosage.  If I do get an effect from the grounding, it’s honestly not very strong.  But I find myself doing it anyway because I have it and it gives me a psychological comfort that I’m protecting myself from EMFs (even if I don’t know if it works).  As humans, we are afraid of the unknown.

Now, if something had a lot of evidence behind it, I’d do it even if I couldn’t subject it to my preferred type of experimentation.  But I have not seen objective evidence for EMF blockers.

Bottom line: As of my current state of knowledge, I can’t bring myself to buying EMF protectors or recommending them.  However, with increased knowledge, this may change in the future.  I need to look into it more.

Note that PEMF device have some evidence for it, but that’s not for this post.  I’ve recently bought a PEMF device for 200$ (you have to request to get it for 200).   I haven’t received it yet, but it was obviously worth it for me to try out. Most of these devices go for over 600 dollars, but I think you’re paying for marketing mostly because I can’t imagine the components costing much.

The Takeaway

As of now, I would only reduce cell phone usage, as this is the most significant source of EMFs.

The highest typical daily exposure, according to a study of 2009, came from cellphone base stations, cell phones, and DECT cordless phones (R).

For example, the Health Protection Agency claims that if a person spends one year in a location with a Wi-Fi hotspot, they will receive the same dose of radio waves as if they had made a 20-minute call on a mobile phone (R).

However, I realize there’s a lot more to know before we/I can proclaim EMFs as ‘safe’ or ‘dangerous’.

Science is not there yet, so in the meantime, I will study the theories. It’s very hard for science to say something is safe.   Science takes time – sometimes a really long time to demonstrate safety or a lack of it.

A lack of evidence of harm is not evidence of EMF’s safety.  However, we do see the beginnings of evidence that it may be harmful.

FDA Compliance

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.


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  • Francisco EHS

    Of course they are, I suffer deep EHS electrohipersensitive. I can feel wifi and cell antennas and can´t be close to a mobile phone. This is for real since I got a juditial sentence that says that. Shame on all the deniers. My life got ruined since I abused mobile phone and got installed a huge cell tower close that killed several neighbourghs. I got all the pack related: fibromyalgia, SFC level II, CMS and this.

  • Alina

    Thank you for the info B Furuta. I will look into your meters recommendations.

  • mythoselftr

    re: calcium and calcium channels, look up Martin Pall’s papers on the issue.

  • B Furuta

    Joe, I think you have a great site; I like your research approach. This comment is on the relationship between grounding and EMFs.

    I don’t think a grounding mat should be considered protection from EMFs. It reduces your body voltage as measured by a volt meter, but it doesn’t prevent the EMFs from hitting your body. A grounding mat is a conductor, so will act as an antenna that will pick up EMFs and can increase the EMFs that affect your body. If you connect your mat to the grounding wire of your electrical system, you can pick up dirty electricity, which is increasing with all our of energy-efficient devices.

    I slept on a grounding mat for about a year, but recently stopped using it to see if recent muscle problems would improve. They disappeared. My hypothesis is that my muscle problems were due to too much calcium in the muscles when EMFs opened the calcium channels. It took months of grounding before symptoms developed. My friend who started using a grounding mat the same time as me, was developing aches and pains which she attributed to aging. When she stopped using the mat, the aches and pains went away.

    Grounding does have a very important benefit. The earth is negatively charged. When grounded, we get electrons from the earth. The electrons neutralize free radicals. Grounding really helps my inflammation. I have a growth (seborrheic keratosis) on my skin at the base of my spine. It is in a position where it is easily inflamed by certain movements, especially when I do core exercises. My doctor prescribed triamcinolone cream, which helped. Now I don’t use the cream because grounding is better. I use a metal clip connected by wire to a spike in the ground. I just place the clip under my clothes, directly on the growth, not as a clip but as I would an electrode. An hour makes a difference; two hours is better. I turn off the breaker switch to the room to reduce EMFs when I ground myself indoors.

    I don’t think it is a placebo effect because I discovered the benefit accidentally when I was using the grounding mat on my bed. The growth wasn’t bothering me for a long time, even when I did crunches. Then one day it was inflamed and I had to use the cream. It was that way for a few days. When I changed the sheet on my bed, I discovered that the wire was disconnected from by grounding mat. After I reconnected the wire, the inflammation did not recur. That’s when I first realized that the grounding kept my inflammation down. I also use grounding on one joint on one finger that seems to be the start of arthritis. When it hurts, I do weeding in my garden and try to keep that finger on the ground; that fixes it.

    Other effects of electrons from grounding: better heart rate variability and blood zeta potential. ( ) With grounding, blood cells become more negatively charged and repel each other; the blood flows better and can carry more nutrients or waste. It takes less force to move the blood, so blood pressure goes down. But…if you are on a blood thinner and you ground yourself more, your dosage will need to be reduced or your blood will get too thin.

    Joe, you can test the effect of grounding on yourself if you have inflammation. Or maybe if you workout and get sore arm muscles, you can ground one arm and not the other and see if there is a difference in recovery time. You can increase the dosage by grounding longer or with better conductivity or on a larger body area. For example, walking or standing barefoot on wet ground is better grounding than on dry ground or using a grounding mat. The best grounding might be swimming in the ocean or walking on the beach on wet sand. Salt water is a better conductor than fresh water. Can you measure blood viscosity before and after grounding? If not, you could take your blood pressure several times a day and also record how much grounding you get. If you start with no grounding and systematically increase your grounding over several days, is there a negative correlation between the amount of grounding and your blood pressure–does your blood pressure go down over that period as the amount of grounding goes up? (There may be no effect if your blood pressure is already low.)

    EMFs could be a confounding factor in any grounding experiment, reducing the benefit of grounding. EMFs are foreign invaders of your body that activate the sympathetic nervous system, while grounding is a healing practice that activates the parasympathetic nervous system. I think electrodes connected to a spike in the ground are better than grounding mats, because electrodes can be placed directly on the body part that needs healing, or on the K1 accupressure points ( ) on both feet, which might be the best points for general grounding. Grounding mats are larger conductors than electrodes, so pick up more EMFs than electrodes.

    Minimize EMFs, or at least try to keep it constant across any test conditions, which means you need to measure EMFs. You can’t control for EMFs, or assess the effects of EMFs or protection devices, without knowing how much EMFs there are. For example, if a protection device did not work, maybe it was because there wasn’t much EMFs to protect against, or little harm due to the EMFs present. It may take years of EMF exposure before symptoms are noticed. The best quality meters for the cost that I’ve seen are:
    1) the Cornet ED78S for magnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation,

    2) the Mastech 8261 Digital Multimeter to measure body voltage induced by electric fields (you’ll need a grounding wire),

    and 3) Alpha Labs Line Noise Meter for dirty electricity.

    The Mastech 8261 is more versatile and one-fourth the cost of the Body Voltage Meter that is often recommended on different sites. The Alpha Labs Line Noise meter measures dirty electricity over a much larger range of frequencies than the more popular Stetzer or Green Wave meters.

    Some online references that you may have already seen:

    Earthing Research page at the Earthing Institute website

    Grounding/Earthing Technology used in the Tour de France on YouTube

    Oschman, Chevalier, & Brown (2015). The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Journal of Inflammation Research, 8: 83-96. [with links to related studies]

  • Deltrus

    Hey, yesterday I was finally convinced by a post on longecity to try turning off all my wifi in my house. Luckily I live in a rural area so there are no other nearby routers.

    My problem is that on the right side of my body, I experience hypersensitivity and nerve pain. My shoulder/neck/jaw/upper head/ass all hurt on my right side only. My brain also feels overactive on that side. I have chronic fatigue.

    Phenibut, a blocker of the α2δ subunit-containing voltage-gated calcium channels, cures my fatigue. It is literally a miracle cure. I have so many of my symptoms cured and my brain performance goes WAYYY up.

    Lots of studies here mention the VGCCs.

    The funny thing I’m realizing just now, is that I had two routers next to me on my right side. One in my room and one downstairs.

    One thing about the ICES device for me, is if I use it for too long, I start getting super sensitized on my right side. My muscles start (very weakly) twitching to the rhythm of the device. And also the area gets more pain / sense of touch. This is after like 10 minutes of use.

    Perhaps sensitization is the mechanism of action. Like — chinese water torture, or stroking someone, over time, the sensation gets stronger.

    I would be interested to see if phenibut could test for EMF sensitivity. Many people get very little mental effects from it, while others get earth shatteringly amazing effects.

    So far I am getting good results from turning off the WIFI. My sleep was really good last night and my motivation / pain is very good today.

    This all could be placebo, but it makes a ton of sense. It is enough to make me at least take it seriously and do a lot of research.

    1. Deltrus

      I also lay down a lot in bed, because of my fatigue, so pretty much 90% of my EMF exposure is right side.

  • Gokhan

    Grounding mat has some pretty bad user reviews. In particular, one guy reported his hs-crp went up from .2% to 2% after started using ground mat. The theory being he started acting like a lightning rod for all ungrounded electricity around him! (like his laptop).

    Nice article! Keep them coming. I’m particularly fascinated by the dangers of EMF (their inflammatory effects in particular). Maybe you should replace any home wifi you might have with one of these powerline adapters. Just another cheap intervention you might like.

  • MachineGhost

    You can “double or triple” the dose if you start off with a Q-Link SRT-3 necklace and then upgrade to the more powerful Q-Link Nimbus device. The Q-Link does have a profound anti-stress effect for me, though I’m not willing to go through the negativity again to isolate which one is doing the best job.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      And what if I don’t feel anything from this. How do I increase the dosage?

      Are there even animal studies for this product? What about cell studies?

      The Q-link nimbus device is 170$ and seemingly only has anecdotal support. If I could buy it and increase the dosage to know I’m feeling something, then that would be good.

      1. lordlol

        if you cant increase the doses you can turn it on its head.

        talk to cell phone for 20 min
        and then do it with the mat.

        then try it with higher emf exposure versus mat+that emf exposure.
        you can increase emf exposure. while not the mat.
        so by increasing the damage versus that damage on mat you can see if there is a difference, of course being a test pig is no good thing like this.

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          I don’t notice any negative effects while talking on a cell phone, so your experiment won’t work.

  • Deane Alban

    Dr. Kruse’s theory that EMFs can’t escape because of the ionosphere is worrying indeed! I’ve looked for reputable information to support this but haven’t found it yet. That doesn’t mean it’s not out there, of course..

    I’m particularly worried about what cell phones are doing to the brains of kids. The rate of EMF absorption is higher in children than adults because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner, and their relative size is smaller.

    I’ve posted a brain scan comparing EFM absorption of kids’ to adult brains on my site. Shockingly, EMFs nearly went straight through the brain of a 5 year old.

    Dr. Anne Louse Gittleman’s book “Zapped” is a good place to start if you’re looking for ways to avoid EMF exposure. I’m very skeptical of most “stuff” being sold to minimize EMF exposure. I tried a grounding mat and it made me feel perfectly awful. I’m very sensitive and let my husband try it. He’s a rock. He, too, felt very bad with it. Now I just spend time outside with bare feet on the ground. I’d love to know if anyone has any ideas why a grounding mat would cause us to feel dizzy, sick to our stomachs, and got our ears ringing.

    I’m puzzled why you say that people are afraid of not eating whole foods. We should be! Visit any supermarket and you realize most people are living off of mostly processed foods. And that’s why we’re fatter than any other group of people in the history of the world. Obesity and most other affluence related illness would go away tomorrow if we all got back to eating real food. Of course, maybe I misunderstood what you said, in which case, “never mind”. 🙂

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      What I was referring to is something like hi-maize which is also ‘processed’, but healthy. I took that part out bec it wasn’t clear.

      “most other affluence related illness would go away tomorrow if we all got back to eating real food.” I don’t believe this. Maybe it would be delayed a bit, but it wouldn’t go away.

  • aribadabar

    What is your take on this idea:

    BS or worth adopting?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I don’t know. One of those products with no evidence and that can’t be self-tested for efficacy.

  • AJT
    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Already cited that study.

  • Stuart

    What are your views on PEMF (pulsed electro mangentic field) therapy to improve sleep (and other things)?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I updated post.

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