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ICES is the Somapulse – But Better

ICES is a new device that’s an upgraded version of the “Somapulse”.

The inventor of the Somapulse, Dr. Robert Dennis, has made significant improvements since then and has also decided to sell the product directly to consumers to lower the price.  So now it goes for 429$ instead of 1400$.  And it’s better.

ICES takes most of the profit away from resellers, so the people at Somapulse probably aren’t happy.  But I’m happy that the device is better and more affordable for people.  I believe that remedies should be somewhat affordable and the direct selling approach makes this possible.

PEMF was discovered by NASA about 20-25 years ago and Dr. Robert Dennis was a senior scientist who invented the device.

Dr. Dennis has been doing research for the past 20 years and upgrading the device even more. This current device is his latest breakthrough.

ICES has 6 patents and has lab studies to back it up.  This is a serious product, created by a serious scientist and it has real results.

Dr. Dennis has a personal stake in the game as he had serious back pain that the device has helped him with. (See this cop’s story on how he cured his back pain with PEMF on Dr. Oz.  Remember, this device is more advanced than the one in the Dr. Oz show.)

In the video below, he talks about conducting laboratory research and how this device is much more powerful at inhibiting inflammation than the previous devices and how the labs that tested it were amazed at how potent it was.

Well, I was positively surprised by the benefits and more surprised that the negatives are barely noticeable.

ICES: An Unfair Advantage (better than PEMF)?

The micropulse or ICES device has helped some clients with brain fog, fatigue, inflammation and oxidative stress.  It’s also supposedly amazing for chronic pain and wound healing.

It’s not a miracle or cure, but then again, nothing is. I believe that chronic health issues are almost never fixed by any single intervention.

I think diet is more important for most people in reducing inflammation. The lectin avoidance diet has helped me tremendously.

ICES works better for my food sensitivities than LLLT, PEMF, Hi-MaizePQQ, Pregnenolone, CurcuminBlack Cumin Seed Oil, Nicotinamide Riboside, Molecular hydrogen, various herbs, etc…

Don’t confuse this to mean it’s better than everything else combined. I still recommend using it with other stuff if you have a chronic issue.

I believe ICES should be a tool in many people’s toolkit because we all stray from an optimal diet and lifestyle. And who hasn’t ever gotten injuries that need to be healed more quickly?

It has a great ratio of benefits to drawbacks. Also, since it’s not consumable/perishable, it has a great value for what you’re getting compared to supplements.

Using ICES on Your Head

I called up Somapulse and the lady told me she uses it on her head for migraines and it gets rid of it.  She also said Dr. Pawluk uses it on his head while he goes walking.

I actually kept it on my head for about 3 hours on the most powerful setting on two different days as a mega-dosing and safety experiment and I was fine.  The safety margins are quite wide.

I noticed a benefit almost instantly of putting it on my head.  My brain would’ve exploded if I put LLLT on my head for 3 hours.

I was slightly less sharp, but this went away quickly.  I generally feel a bit less sharp from any strong anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and/or HPA reducer.

I’ve put it on my head for longer periods and it was also fine.

ICES Prevents Fatigue

Normally caffeine makes me crash, but with this product, there was no noticeable negative effect when I consumed caffeine, which is something that no other supplement or device has been able to do.

ICES by itself won’t cure your fatigue, but it’s an amazing tool.

Even though I consider myself completely healthy now, I need to keep my ship extremely tight – having a good diet and lifestyle – and a supplement regime makes me feel even better.

For example, if I take a really long walk or stray from my diet I will get fatigued.  When I have ICES on it pretty much prevents these effects as long as it’s on my brain.

For this reason, I consider ICES to be a critical part of my wellness toolkit.

ICES Mechanism of Action

Screenshot-2015-03-16-10.35.41 (1)

ICES gets rid of inflammation and oxidative stress locally where ever you put it, including in the hypothalamus/brain, which prevents fatigue.

The above picture was a lab study on inflammation.  In that study, they used an older, less effective version of ICES and it was on the lowest setting.

Based on my experiments, I’ve found the highest setting to be more effective.

I’ve found benefits cognitively even when it’s used in other parts of the body, such as the gut, so the effects are also systemic.

It will rejuvenate any tissue you put it on – especially bones, but also joints, skin, etc…

It combats inflammation, oxidative stress and reduces CRH/HPA/stress pathway activation (R) …Therefore, it directly combats the root causes of fatigue and cognitive dysfunction.

This will benefit most cases of CFS, Fibromyalgia, brain fog, fatigue after meals, autoimmune conditions, etc…

Comparing ICES to LLLT and Others

LLLT  has some negatives to it like fatigue and cognitive laziness – but the positive outweigh the negatives, so I strongly recommend LLLT as well.

ICES is more stimulatory and wakeful promoting and doesn’t have the same drawbacks as LLLT.

LLLT can temporarily worsen cognition in some ways, whereas ICES has a smaller detriment.

This works better than the supplements because it’s able to work locally and it’s probably more powerful on a systemic level, too.  The supplements have many other effects in the body and if you take too many you’ll get side effects.   So it’s much better to deal with a problem locally if the source of the issue is local.   People with chronic fatigue most often have the inflammation only on a local level in their hypothalamus.

So this is probably a wiser purchase than buying/combining 20 different supplements.  And if you don’t like it you can return it.

However, I want to reiterate that I don’t believe any single intervention cures chronic issues most of the time.

Do You Need ICES AND Supplements?

Out of all of the clients I’ve gotten (~1,000), I was probably worse than everyone except perhaps a handful of people.

Also, my job and everything I do requires optimal cognitive performance as well.

The reason I’ve had a greater degree of healing than other people is because I’m willing to do everything that it takes to be healthy.  So far I haven’t seen anyone have the same level of commitment.

This is a big reason why I am driven to keep finding better technologies and solutions because people have a hard time doing everything it takes to get completely better.   People have limits on diet, lifestyle, supplements, and devices.  We have financial limitations as well.

So if you can do everything, this will obviously be ideal.  But if you had to choose between supplements and ICES because of financial limitations, I would choose ICES.  But if you can afford both, I would recommend you do both.

My Discussion With Dr. Dennis

In part 1 we discuss:

  • The problem with clinical science and the benefit of self-experimentation.
  • His run-ins with greedy investors and marketers, the inefficiencies of academia and the stifling climate of innovation as a result of regulatory bodies.
  • Why ICES is the best PEMF device to get.  Dr. Dennis says that much of the NASA research that most people base their device off of is outdated and much of the knowledge is in his head.
  • How Dr. Dennis is not in this for the money, but rather uses the proceeds from sales to fund further research.
  • How the makers of expensive PEMF devices actually use this device.
  • Whether EMFs are harmful and how Dr. Dennis optimized ICES to emit the least amounts of it.  Also, we discuss some EMF mitigation techniques that Dr. Dennis uses for himself.

See part 1 of the video.

In part 2 we discuss:

How ICES is working…..Which genes are upregulated and which are downregulated.

How it works by suppressing unnecessary inflammation.

We discuss some of the studies done on ICES:

  • Rabbit study…bone healed that should’ve never healed
  • Pain in animals was lower
  • Alexandria clinical study on facial reconstruction
  • Healing in half the time, sweeping wasn’t there
  • Much of the inflammation is pathologic and doesn’t need to be there
  • Pain pill addict didn’t need pain meds after ICES
  • Quality of healing was better

We also discuss:

  • What he thinks of DIY PEMF devices
  • What the specs of the low, medium, high and X setting?
  • What he thinks of static magnets…He hasn’t been able to detect changes at the cellular level, but he doesn’t know what the effect is on the organism level.
  • Why most PEMF devices don’t have the right configuration.
  • Why more power is probably worse.
  • How much of the information about the development of ICES has not been published, so no one can claim to make such a device.
  • Why he thinks we have unnecessary inflammation
  • Why ICES is not insanely popular?
  • Why ICES isn’t trying to get FDA approval and the cost involved
  • How ICES actually doesn’t suppress cytokines
  • How Dr. Pawluk uses it every morning when he goes running because it clears his head
  • How ICES interacts with cancer treatment – unknown, but if you look at the studies below in animals, it may provide benefit, but clinical evidence is needed.
  • How to know which settings to use.
  • Which rechargeable batteries to get (see below).
  • What to do if it’s not working for you.
  • Why you need to replace the coils frequently.

See part 2 of the discussion.

Dr. Dennis’s Video On How ICES Works

Dr. Dennis made is how tutorial about how ICES is working.  I suggest you watch it.

How I’ve been Using It

I put ICES on my brain, gut, thyroid, thymus, heart, kidneys, testes, liver, spleen and anywhere that I have pain.

1) I put it to the highest setting and keep it on my brain for like an hour.

I put it there especially after breakfast, exercise or other times in which I am at risk for getting fatigued.

I put it on the crown of my head with the coils stacked and the back of my head.   I also put it on a bunch of other places on my head.  One favorite position is both coils on opposite sides of my head, above my ears and slightly moved toward my forehead.

My aim is to target my hypothalamus, which has local inflammation from CRH (R) and CCK (R).

2) I’ve used this on my gut very successfully to increase digestion and the effects have been mindblowing.  It increases vagus nerve stimulation. Seems to help quite a lot with food sensitivities and increasing the gut flow.  Increases appetite dramatically, too, which is a good thing for me because I consume more calories, yet don’t feel like shit from it.  Having adequate calories is important for thyroid hormone production and for cold therapy.

3) On my thymus, which is right below the neck area.  I do this to increase immunity.

4) I Put this on my heart for heart and circulation health.

6, 7, 8 & 9) I put it on my kidney, adrenals, spleen, and liver.   These are all located below the chest area.   I move the coils around when I stimulate my gut.



In a cell model, PEMF at 5 Hz (and 40 gauss) decreased TNF and NF-kB. PEMF was beneficial in modulating the immune response in the presence of infection. (R)

Vagus Nerve Activation and Heart Rate Variability

In people with fatigue, anxiety and gut problems, the vagus nerve is almost always at play.

People may also find that their heart rate variability is lower…Low heart rate variability is caused by low vagus activation.  HRV and vagus nerve activation are critical to your health.

Vagus nerve activation increases gut flow, heart rate variability, decreases inflammation, among many other effects and is largely responsible for the mind-body connection, since the vagus nerve goes everywhere.

ICES/PEMF increases vagus nerve activity and heart rate variability. (R, R2)…I use it on my gut and brain for this purpose.

I notice my gut flow increases and inflammation is reduced everywhere when I put this on my gut and brain.  I believe this is from vagus nerve stimulation, given that we know the vagus nerve is stimulated by magnets. The referenced studies show that as well.

Because the vagus nerve is associated with many different functions and brain regions, preliminary research shows positive effects for a variety of conditions including various anxiety disorders, heart disease, intestinal barrier breakdown, OCD, Alzheimer’s disease, memory and mood disorders in elderly, migraines, fibromyalgia, obesity, tinnitus, alcohol addiction, autism, bulimia, severe mental diseases, multiple sclerosis and chronic heart failure. (R)

PEMF Increases Mitochondrial Function and ATP

In rats, PEMF increases gene production of mitochondrial subunits and mitochondrial activity, which makes them work better to produce more ATP. (R)

In particular, it increased Cytochrome C Oxidase activity by 3X after 35 days and increased the number of these units as well (by increasing mRNA transcription and translation).  The longer the animals did this for, the better the effect. (R)

In flies, it increased mitochondrial function and density.  It did this in part by increasing the the first complex of the electron chain transport and also by increasing neurofibromin, which improves mitochondrial ATP synthesis in the neuron, enhances the movements of mitochondria to the synapse and promotes potentiation (which are needed for learning and memory). (R)

Increased Blood Supply, Vasodilation, and Oxygenation

Thirty minutes of PEMF treatment on rat brains, induced brain blood vessel dilation, leading to an increase in blood flow and tissue oxygenation that persisted for at least 3 hours. The effects of PEMF were mediated by Nitric Oxide. (R)

Moving Ions Around Cells

If you watch the video by Dr. Dennis, he mentions his theory of how PEMF/ICES works is by the pulsed magnetic fields causing ions to flow around the cell membrane, which then causes some unknown proteins on the membrane to activate.  This causes a host of positive changes for the cell  (see his video).

Since there are moving ions from the magnetic field, I would be surprised if something was happening with the structure of the water in the cell – such as the creation of EZ water.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if the moving negative ions got rid of toxins/infections from the cell, but this is speculative.

Other Indications


In a placebo-controlled, double-blind study comparing 5 weeks of Transcranial PEMF in patients with treatment-resistant major depression,  T-PEMF was superior to placebo.  Few side effects were observed. (R, R)


PEMF was found to reduce S Aureus growth, a common bacteria. The decrease of at least 20% in CFU value was obtained for frequencies above 200 Hz and all five studied magnetic flux densities (0.5 mT. 1.0 mT, 1.5 mT, 2.0 mT, and 2.5 mT).  The results demonstrated that PEMF exposures at 150-500 Hz are more effective than exposures at 3-100 Hz. (R)

Cellular studies also show a decrease in S Aureus growth rate. (R)

E Coli is also reduced by PEMF.  The maximum reduction in bacterial growth was observed with the exposures at 3 Hz and 0.5 mT. The maximum decrease in CFU was recorded for the exposure at 500 Hz and 2.5 mT, which corresponds to a relative decrease of 77.26% in the bacterial growth. (R)


In animals with breast cancer, PEMF was found to suppress VEGF and VEGF receptor (VEGFR) expression in treated tumors. Two weeks after treatment, the growth of treated tumors was inhibited by 79%. (R)


EMFs negative affect fertility and they are all around us. A study showed that PEMF can help reverse the effects of EMFs on fertility by combating oxidative stress. (R)


PEMF caused neural tissue regeneration by 4x in neuronal cells. (R)

Buy ICES: SelfHacked-Exclusive Coupon Codes

You can buy ICES products from their website.

For the A9 and M1 models, use the $50 off coupon code: SAVE50

For the C5 and B5 Models, use the $100 off coupon code: SAVE100

Updated Info about the New ICES (Gen 6.0: M1, B5, and C5 models)

Read here for reader Q&A about the ICES. If you have questions, most of them are addressed there.

ICES 5.0 is the same reliable and simple ICES technology

For the basic self-hacker who is new to PEMF and wants low price and simplicity, the original model A9 remains a strong product for basic applications to control inflammation. It is the least expensive and simplest PEMF device on the market.

The new (generation 6.0) ICES technology offers much more flexibility, with smaller ultra-portable or larger units with more output ports to build your own self-hacking coil arrays.

ICES 6.0 is based on your input to the design and innovation process

After applying improvements based on user feedback, Micro Pulse developed new ICES models, M1 and C5. M1 is the most compact, flexible, ultra-portable self-hacking PEMF technology ever developed and C5 is the best PEMF technology available for simultaneously treating multiple locations, or for configuring your own special coil array for self-hacking.

What’s new in gen 6.0 ICES DigiCeutical Technology?

  • Up to 30 different pre-set PEMF protocols (models M1 and C5) or millions (model B5)

Very fine control of intensity, with 15 digitally-selectable levels for precise control

Gen 6.0 protocols include:

  • all legacy ICES protocols for orthopedic injury and control of inflammation
  • new protocols for inflammation control that tested superior in beta testing
  • Schumann resonances 1 through 5 specifically for the earth-energy self-hacker
  • TMS modes with pre-set time limiter for self-experimenting with depression (R, R).
  • Constant frequency modes with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 pulses per second (pps)
  • The 5 pps mode is identical to the mode used in a concussion/TBI study (R, R)
  • special protocols for self-hackers interested in brain entrainment:
    • Alpha wave
    • Beta wave in three ranges (low, medium, and high-frequency Beta wave ranges)
    • Delta wave
    • Theta wave
    • Mu wave
    • SMA wave
    • Gamma wave

SelfHacked Exclusive Coupon Codes for ICES

You can buy ICES products from their website.

For the A9 and M1 models, use the $50 off coupon code: SAVE50

For the C5 and B5 Models, use the $100 off coupon code: SAVE100

This comparison table will help you to select the right model:

Model M1:

The potential for treatment configurations is almost unlimited: for any condition you can choose the right protocol, dial in the optimal power level, put the coils anywhere you need them, and wear the device all day, all night, or 24/7. The ultra-portable size and slim battery let you hide the device anywhere. Now you can self-hack on the go in full stealth mode.

For the M1 model, use the $50 off coupon code: SAVE50

Model C5:

For serious self-hackers and people on a mission to take control of their health, the model C5 may be the right choice for you.  With many pre-set ICES protocols, digital intensity control and 4 independently powered output ports, you can use four single pairs of ICES coils, four sets of 2 x 2 coil arrays, or any combination to build your own custom ICES mat or to treat separate areas simultaneously, such as the back, both knees and shoulder, for example.  And the coils and coil arrays can be stacked to combine the power for deeper tissue penetration, for deep abdominal or pelvic tissues.  

For the C5 model, use the $100 off coupon code: SAVE100

The B5 is raw ICES technology, intended for scientists.  It is physically identical to the C5, but requires much more effort to program.  You should contact Micro-Pulse before purchasing the model B5.

Model B5:

The B5 is raw ICES technology, intended for scientists.  It is physically identical to the C5, but requires much more effort to program.  You should contact Micro-Pulse before purchasing the model B5.

For the B5 Model, use the $100 off coupon code: SAVE100

Health Tools I Wish I Had When I Was Sick

At SelfHacked, it’s our goal to offer our readers all the tools possible to get optimally healthy. When I was struggling with chronic health issues I felt stuck because I didn’t have any tools to help me get better. I had to spend literally thousands of hours trying to read through studies on pubmed to figure out how the body worked and how to fix it.

That’s why I decided to create tools that will help others cut down the guesswork:

  • Lab Test Analyzer – a software tool that will analyze your labs and tell you what the optimal values are for each marker — as well as provide you with actionable tips and personalized health and lifestyle recommendations to help you get there.
  • SelfDecode – a software tool that will help you analyze your genetic data from companies such as 23andme and ancestry. You will learn how your health is being impacted by your genes, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • SelfHacked Secrets – an ebook where we examine and explain the biggest overlooked environmental factors that cause disease. This ebook is a great place to start your journey if you want to learn the essential steps to optimizing your health.
  • SelfHacked Elimination Diet course – a video course that will help you figure out which diet works best for you
  • Selfhacked Inflammation course – a video course on inflammation and how to bring it down
  • Biohacking insomnia – an ebook on how to get great sleep
  • Lectin Avoidance Cookbook – an e-cookbook for people with food sensitivities
  • BrainGauge – a device that detects subtle brain changes and allows you to test what’s working for you
  • SelfHacked VIP – an area where you can ask me (Joe) questions about health topics

FDA Compliance

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.


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  • Ja

    I used it for chronic back pain, four coils on the same spot working up to 24/7. I had excellent results, not only for the area in question, but more systemically as the localized pain had created outsized issues in brain fog and in other areas. It seemed to greatly compliment the chiropractic work I was getting as well.

  • Gene

    I cringe a little when I hear these questions. People who own the device already or have plenty of money to experiment will talk about these issues, but I wouldn’t listen to a single one of them. Only if you are also already an owner or have plenty of money to throw away, please understand what this device is and isn’t. It is not a device to apply to any experimental treatments of other parts of the body than what it was designed for. Dennis designed it for his injured back. That is the only reason a person on a budget should buy it for. I have a degenerated back, not injured, so I get minimal benefit from it, just because of that seemingly insignificant difference. It is also not any kind of “earth resonance” imitator. Not sure Dennis even tells anyone what the frequency is on it. Dennis says the device mimics exercise for people who are prevented from exercising due to their injury. I can tell you without a doubt that is exactly what it does. You’ll find out if you overuse it. Made me feel like a Mac truck ran over me. So, you can be assured that it will do what Dennis said it will do. It mimics exercise. That is likely all it will ever do for everyone. There are one offs, but I wouldn’t count on many people being that lucky.

  • Ryan

    Hi, I have gastroparesis too. I was wanting to know if you had any success with using the ICES, to manage your GP symptoms? I would like to see if it could help me, but spending over $400 on a device that may or may not help my GP, makes me hesitant on purchasing.

  • Amy

    I’m leaving an update:

    Bought the ICES but I’m experiencing far worse fatigue. I’ve been using it 30 minutes every day. The fatigue returns every time I use the ICES. I’m at a loss.

  • Ben

    Just want to add a note that Dr. Oz is not a reliable source for medical information. He hypes things that lack scientific support, and he has financial conflicts of interest around the product he markets. Referring to Dr. Oz can decrease one’s credibility.

  • Gene

    I have a device that is a year or two old. On the iMRS site, I see a lot about the earth resonance. Mine does not do that. It is primarily an exercise simulator. Find that out if you use it too long. Inventor also states same in SelfHacked videos. Your device is bigger. I just aim mine at me from the foot of the bed. Still probably not the same. I imagine mine is cleaning out my cells when I do that. Get similar effect using led infrared light fixtures aimed at my bad back plus pain relief. My ICES device does not help my pain. Too much physical damage.

  • John van der Woude

    I have an IMRS device, see:
    Is this device comparable?

  • Amy

    Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your help!

  • Nathan K Wright

    Would you recommend ICES over the new Flex Pulse device Dr. Pawluk has released for healing a pinched nerve (long thoracic) injury?

    1. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      Yes, especially if the ICES costs less.

  • Sandi

    Whereabouts on the neck? Thanks.

    1. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      That depends on what problems you have, but it’s best to try different settings.

  • Greg

    I just purchased the A9 model. I’m hoping it will help my gasteroparesis, lack of appetite and liver issues. My liver enzymes aren’t out of range, but I’m told I have fatty liver and biliary dyskinesia (low bile flow).

    Where do you suggest I put the rings on my body? Also for how long and what setting intensity?

    1. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      On Youtube Dr. Dennis has instructions on how to place the coil. Joe puts a coil on each side of his belly button. You could also stack the coils and place them on different places on your body.

  • Amy

    I think my comment got deleted, so I’m posting again:

    Does this machine help with weak Adrenals and chronic Insomnia?

  • Amy

    Does it work for HPA Axis Dysfunction? Especially weak Adrenals due to terrible insomnia. If it works for the Adrenals + insomnia, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

    1. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      Adrenal fatigue really is a limbic system/hypothalamus problem. Read this post: It may help reduce stress at the brain level if you put it on the brain. On this post, we discussed how some people find deep relaxation from the ICES But again, this is individual and you only know when you try it. If it doesn’t work for you, there’s the 30-day return policy with a restocking fee.

  • Dr. Jason Bussanich, DC

    The challenge with vagus nerve stimulation is that the nerves have afferent and efferent fibers. The goal is to send signals down into the body and reduce inflammation. Signals going back to the brain can have the opposite effect. I’ve seen some complex preliminary ideas for research and treatment to effect one direction and not the other. But yes, vagus nerve stimulation is pretty amazing. Class IV therapeutic laser can likely trigger it also, but dosage, numbing effect when too much energy is input, many factors are not clear.

  • Danielle

    I also want to add, I have been using it on my neck, trying to target the vagus nerve. Some studies done on rheumatoid arthritis show vagus nerve stimulation dramatically improved it (I don’t have ra, but vagus nerve stem helped reduce inflammation)

  • Danielle

    Has anyone used this for any type of autoimmune issue? Please comment if so, and what settings and if it seemed to help or not.

    I am wondering if it helps promote an environment where the cells (immune function) can heal and function properly. I have seen it was originally made to help stem cells grow. I am trying in mesenchymal stem cell injections, as I’ve seen a few studies that they are immunomodulatory. I wonder how ices would effect this?

    1. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      See this post about the discussions regarding autoimmune issues:

  • Jackie

    Thank you, Deb! I will use your method for research. I’m curious, which setting did you use for the Vagus nerve? Whoops! I didn’t see the other post where you said you used the TMS setting. Thank you!

  • Deb

    Jackie, I am going to say, start by making a list of what you want to use it for.

    Then, you can search for if they use PEMF or DC or Laser or Acupuncture for that issue. If I find any of those things with a study, where they work, I use ICES the same way they used the other technologies.

    For instance, I was pondering the vagal nerve and when I searched it on PubMed, I found that they stimulated the vagal nerve to change people’s emotional connection to food and to change which foods they were attracted to.

    I was intrigued by that, and have been pairing the ICES with watching nutrition videos, particularly Dr Greger’s “How Not to Die” videos and I ended up breaking off a sense of “hating” 5 foods, which are good for me and I broke off emotional attachment to a few foods, which are bad for me.

    It worked beyond my wildest dreams and worked quickly.

    I am not sure if that happened, because of brain plasticity (Watch: The Brain That Changes Itself and Ted Talks on Neuroplasticity) or if it happened, because one of the spots I use it on – the left side prefrontal cortex is involved with helping me have healthy neurotransmitters and those affect my emotional response to things.

    I was doing both, so I don’t know which worked, but the process did work and I can see that there is some rationale both to stimulating the vagal nerve and to stimulating the left prefrontal cortex to balance the neurotransmitters, if you have any mood issues.

    It is all experimental and so far, all the experiences I have had are positive, but I am going to say that you should learn as much as you can so that you can take responsibility for your own process.

    Be careful around your eyes and brain. They do have GOOD results most of the time, from what I am reading, but, for instance, in the studies with PEMF and the eyes, most people got better, but one type of eye condition got worse, so there are risks and it is probably better to test areas yourself at lower power levels and lower lengths of times to make sure you respond well.

    As for me, copying the Modius and also stimulating the vagal nerve, I have lost enough inches in a few weeks that one pair of pants started falling down last night. Luckily, I have a sit down job and it didn’t happen at work.

  • Deb

    Hi Jackie, for research, I generally use PubMed.

    I find out which areas of the brain or which nerves they are stimulating for which issues and then I do Google images to find where the nerves are in the body.

    Start with the results and conclusions sections, if you do the process. Then, if you find one with a strong positive result, scroll up to what they did. That will tell things like whether it was one hour a day, etc.

    This has been a long process for me. I have looked up everything PubMed has used PEMF for and everything they have used TMS and any electrical stimulation for and I look at which frequency and wavelengths they are using and for how long they are using it.

    But they aren’t my only source. I also have looked at YouTube videos from doctors and chiropractors of parallel products and I have watched videos on brain plasticity and on all sorts of topics like that, using Ted Talks and sites like this.

    Sometimes, I have found products, like the Modius and I look at where they place their electrodes and I have been placing the coils of the ICES on the same spots and use it for the same length of time.

    I have an M-1, so there is a TMS for 60 minutes function and I use that quite a bit when I am doing a nerve to the brain, because it keeps track of the time and, because TMS is something they do use on brains.

  • jackie

    Hi Deb- how did you find all this research? I have the machine, but I don’t really have a clue how to use it aside from the first programs for injury and inflammation. Any pointers would be really appreciated!

  • Deb

    I lost another inch off my waist and hips – making two inches off each in one week of using the Micropulse stimulating behind my ears like the Modius device.

    I haven’t changed my diet, and weather has prevented me from exercising normally, so I think it is working.

    I am about to cut back on dairy, so I won’t be able to give a fair trial long-term, but I am happy with the two inches in such a short time.

  • Deb

    I felt like people who are hacking their brains need to use PubMed to look up frequencies.

    I read a sentence about the Prefrontal Cortex that said that both high and low frequencies are used in TMS type stimulation and that people who improve with one frequency, get worse with the opposite frequency.

    One study, you use high frequency on the Left Prefrontal Cortex, but use low on the Right Prefrontal Cortex.

    It really does help to look at PubMed and learn about the brain and the nerves before even trying to self-hack the brain.

    I am putting this here, because nobody wants to make mistakes and get worse and there are areas of the brain, where you really want to read the studies before putting any device there.

  • Deb

    I have been using it on the Vagus nerve on the neck and find it floods me in warmth and feels so good.

    The researchers said that it takes 3 months of brain changes before you notice the results for depression.

    I have also been using it on the trigeminal nerve and the nerves over the eye and, though it has only been a few days since I started, it seems to be having an effect on OCD and PTSD and GAD and Depression already.

    For the skeptics, in the interview with Joe, Dr Dennis said that it works 10,000 more effectively than things like TENS and DC, and that it affects 10,000 more cells, because it doesn’t have the same problems penetrating the skin, so my question for them would be, “Are you skeptical of TENS, too?”

    Today, while researching, I added in stimulating the area behind my ears, because of the studies of resetting metabolism and fat loss. (I wasn’t researching that, but it was one of the links on something else I was researching, so today is my start for testing whether ICES can be used the same way the electrical stimulation behind the ear can do. They lost an average of 8% abdominal fat in two months without changing diet and exercise. So that is going to be my test level. I am posting this today as Day 1. If I see inches lost 8 weeks from now, I will let you know. It is a good time to do this test for me, because it is Winter and bitter cold, and I exercise more the rest of the year, so it will be a pure test.

  • Deb

    I have been using the M-1 for a few days and I am loving every second.

    Before I get to the brain, it helped pain from an ankle and foot injury almost immediately. Measurable differences. I am not limping and can walk up and down stairs normally for the first time in 7 years and I wake up every morning feeling more and more healed and the bulk of my time has been to the brain, not the ankle, so I am amazed.

    I wasn’t sure which device to choose, but I love the small size and how light the M-1 is. It is about the size of the length of my little finger. Easy to put in my pocket or purse. Very light weight. I find the smaller coils easier to use, especially since I am using it all day. The long coils tangles a little when I put it in my purse even for a few minutes.

    I am not doing a lot of wrapping or taping to put it on. I am using a cloth head band and sticking it under and that works well and feels natural and hasn’t caused my coworkers to worry about me.

    The variety of settings on the M-1 is so fabulous! It is based on the effective research. I had to spend the first day reading Pub Med studies and watching YouTube videos to see which coil positions and Hz went with each condition, but that process itself was worth it.

    I have been using the TMS settings and love that they are timed sessions. When it shuts off, I move it to the next area.

    For the people looking for results, read the studies first, so you don’t stop short.

    For instance, every day I have been using it on the Vagus Nerve, which the research studies say changes your brain in three months (they said that people don’t see results until after the brain is changed, but the researchers watched the brain clearly changing on MRI for three months and only then the patients said, “It works”

    I have been using it on the V-1 area /trigeminal nerve for about an hour and have tried rTMS (15 Hz) applied to the LEFT DLPFC and 1 HZ applied to the right DLPFC, per the study saying that the two sides responded differently to high and low Hz.

    I have been using it over the supraorbital and supratrochlear nerves at night for PTSD. The studies were for 8 hours and I am going to try it, but so far, it has been more like an hour.

    I have tried the theta waves get rid of OCD, based on the study, which said that theta gets rid of O & C and alpha waves only get rid of the O and not the C.

    I have tried the brain injury study setting of 5pps, but I have been trying so many settings that I haven’t tried the gamma waves yet. That would be based on the MIT study with light that pulsed gamma turned on the immune system in the brain to cause the microglia to clear up the plaques.

    The results so far, after just a few days, I am sleeping at night and I have much less brain fog and don’t space out as much while driving. I had a brain injury a few years back and it left me with OCD and anxiety and both of those have already started improving, but I know the real results will be six weeks to three months down the road.

    I am so happy that I already do have some results.

    If you are going to try it, make sure you supplement Omega 3, B3 and D3 and either NT Factor or PS-100 and Co-Enzyme Q10 and make sure you have enough B12 and Magnesium if you can afford it, because it takes nutrition to make the brain work better, but I have been doing the supplements quite successfully since March and this device has already been better than the results from supplementing, but missing key nutrition was seriously damaging my brain and I had a serious breakdown and adding the nutrition in brought me out of mental illness and cognitively being out of my mind, but this is dealing with the anxiety and OCD and residual depression and PTSD from things that had happened back then, which I couldn’t get out of my mind. This is making that old stuff go away and that is making me happy.

  • David Clark

    I have owned the SomaPulse for years, which I mostly use on the back and joints. What specifically sets the MicroPulse ,ICES apart from the SomaPulse in terms of being a better unit? Is it just strength, or is there something else technologically that has been updated in the unit over the SomaPulse? I would make the upgrade to the ICES if I was sure it was worth it, however, I don’t want to buy another unit if it is not that much different than the SomPulse.

  • feetless

    I bought the Ices device to treat my “frozen shoulder” and the neuropathy in my feet. I’m not sure these issuess came directly from longterm stress, CFS or from a (probably) underlying Lyme infection (all since 2002).
    I’m using the Ices device for several weeks with different effects. The first day I used it on my feet and shoulder for several hours, it reduced the overall pain very much and I felt great. The next weeks however, the effect was more ambivalent. I still notice pain reduction, but also don’t feel well, exhausted, as if I’ve got a bad case of the flu. Besides this my sleep quality, that was allready bad, is getting worse. In the hours that I don’t use the device, the pain is back. I tried several settings, mostly “M” and on different parts of my shoulder and feet.
    I don’t know what to make of these side effects. Maybe in case of Lyme, I’m stirring up bacteria or maybe my body is not able to handle the recovery process. Any comment is welcome.

  • Gene

    FYI, You ordered the model that only works with two coils at a time. I got the 4 coil model. Save time.

  • Lauren Gordon

    Joe and team, since this article was posted, are there now any new/updated models? And are they better? Can this machine help with inflammation and brain fog that is suspected to be caused by bartonella and/or babesia infections? Thanks.

    1. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      Read this post to learn about the updated models:

  • Feetless

    I ordered the model A9a last week, the discount code worked. It has to be shipped to Europe. I will try it for a frozen shoulder [capsulitis adhaesiva] and neuropathic pain in my feet. Because I don’t know the source of this pain, it could be due to affected myelin sheat, maybe spinal or brain located, it will be a search to find the correct spot for placing the coils. Fingers crossed …

  • mtnwoman

    Has anyone used this to help heal a broken bone or osteoporosis?

    1. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      The original study that demonstrated that the pulse magnetic waveform helped with bone repair. The NASA study is linked to in this post:

  • Clark

    I think you mean to refer to Dr William Pawluk, not Dr Robert Pollack. Dr Pollack is a professor at Columbia who researches religion and psychoanalysis, where as Dr Pawluk has done a great deal of work with PEMF.

  • Rene

    This was suppose to be in response to a comment where someone recommended ala for diabetes.

  • Rene

    Ala is a mercury mobilising agent. I would nevrr use that esp with mercury fillings in my mouth or without havind done a mercury detox. You can kill ppl with that sort of advice.

  • Lauren Gordon

    Have been looking at the company’s site….please advise….which model do you recommend (for chronic fatigue and brain fog)….. and how do you wear one of these?

    1. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      Put the coil on the back of your head, then tie it up with a scarf or something with length.

    2. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      A9 or M1 should work if you are trying it for the first time. See this post for brain fog configuration: If it doesn’t work for you, there is a 30-day return policy with a restocking fee.

  • Auto injury treatment

    Amazing,Thank for sharing this post,Thanks again ,Really cool.

  • Matt

    Trying to follow the dialogue here, but some of these comments seem like they’re from another post altogether… Do you have nested comments disabled in your WP settings, or are people just hitting reply to other people’s comment when they should be adding a new comment?

    /rant> On topic, are you continuing to use this daily long term? Interested in how this could impact fatigue/anxiety while doing a heavy metal detox from amalgam fillings… (currently pretty wiped out 2.5 months in)

    Thanks for any feedback!

  • Johannes Obermeier

    The discount code doesn’t work …

    1. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      We apologize. We have contacted the company and will update the post when we hear back.

    2. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      Here is the updated coupon code in this post:

  • AL

    When you say the device caused issues for tinnitus, can you elaborate on what sort of issues?

  • Gene

    Sam, had all my mercury removed 20 years ago. The improvement in my overall health was negligible. I do still recommend they be removed by a dentist who is trained on removing them safely. My strategy right now is the PEFM or ICES recommended by SelfHacked and supplements that combat, remove and prevent biofilm. The PEFM seems to me to be the best treatment against biofilm. My guess is that the film has an electrical charge in it that helps it stick to surfaces and the PEFM magnetic field disrupts that. Best of health to you as well.

  • Sam

    I don’t know if anyone will read this but have you guys done any research into the incredible work done by Dr. Hal Huggins and Weston Price on the link between all these auto-immune diseases, syndromes, and symptoms mentioned here. The link between mercury fillings, root canals and dental implants and the cascade of illnesses in the western world. Do a search for 60 minutes and mercury, or panorama and mercury; and that’s just the start of the problems. Many of these illnesses have disappeared once the fillings were removed, or the implants, or – the most dangerous, root canals. Huggins online seminars/interviews are breathtaking.

  • Sam

    For that, try ‘Havening’ (youtube it with Paul McKenna). Extraordinarily powerful.

  • prioris

    I had herniated disc at L4-L5. I cured it by taking 4 capsules of Biocell Hyaluronic Acid with glass of water on empty stomach then waited 25 minutes before I at anything. It took 6 weeks to heal. The reason it healed was because it replenished the synovial fluid in spine. As people age, the fluid becomes sludgy.

    If I had used an electronic device, I wouldn’t have addressed underlying problem if I stopped there. The device is a tool that can assist us though. I plan on buying one at some point. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    I’ve developed kidney inflammation recently that is a mystery to me. Am trying to diagnose it myself. Any experience with that using device is appreciated.

    1. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      It seems to really help with bone and spine issues, so it’s worth a try. Kidney inflammation is a maybe. See this post on anecdotal evidences:

  • Christian Schwalbach

    There are differences between cell phone emitted radiation and the magnetic fields produced by an ICES unit. Unless I missed something, the article you referenced spoke only of radio waves, which ironically are mentioned on this site in regards to blocking out electric fields in the home. ICES works on different mechanisms.

  • Jonathan Spooner

    Arranged an appointment with my Doctor to discuss PEMF and ICES treatment..she said it was all rubbish and told me not to waste my time. This is just the type of brain dead response that I had expected.
    Health is all about drugs and control, we need drugs but they shouldn’t be handed out like sweeties. Research and self treatment is the way forward for me. I have resolved my chronic pain issues myself using PEMF systems and feel great now.

  • oa

    How do you feel about this study?

    it shows that PEMF devices can be extremely dangerous in the longterm.

    1. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      I agree with Christian that the study is strictly about radiofrequencies signals, which are very different from small doses pulse electromagnetic trapezoidal waveforms. The manufacturer of the ICES also works hard to eliminate any potentially harmful signals.

  • Jacob Abrams

    Joseph you mentioned it improves gut flow. Would it be beneficial in gastroparesis, intestinal dysmotility with slow GI transit time? If so, where do you place the coils and in what position on your gut area?


    1. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      Just on your tummy next to your belly button on the left and right side, and you will feel it.

  • Mark

    Hi Joseph,

    The recommended batteries are currently unavailable on Amazon. Do you have an alternate selection that you know to fit? Thanks!

  • Sam Harris

    How does this modality compare to frequency specific micronutrient treatment? I am trying to compare this and ices for knee pain from osteoarthritis. Anyone used both?

  • Gabe

    If you have Hashimoto’s and place this on your thyroid, does anyone think this will help a flare up and lower antibody counts, or make it worse?

    1. Milton Farmer
      Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disorder in which your immune system creates antibodies that damage your thyroid gland. Doctors don’t know what causes your immune system to attack your thyroid gland. Some scientists think a virus or bacterium might trigger the response, while others believe a genetic flaw may be involved.

      If it is caused by a bacteria, it could be like my MRSA. In that case, you could see worsening symptoms like I did.

      However, if you believe like I do that sometimes you have to get worse before you get better, you may proceed. Sometimes what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. MRSA does kill some people. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK is the disclaimer.

      Maybe it’s The Herxheimer Reaction.
      Then I now know that MRSA goes into hiding. REALLY!!!
      MRSA bacteria can mutate into L-form ‘stealth bacteria’ and hide inside your body quietly and undetected for years.

      I’m getting better now.

  • Jonathan

    Hi, is this the ICES Generation 5 Model?

  • Suzi

    I have a pacemaker – this device has magnets. Do you think think this is safe to use? It seems otherwise to be very beneficial for me. Many thanks.

    1. Nattha Wannissorn

      Check with your doctor. ~Team SelfHacked

  • Anna

    Why is ICES not recommended for people with tinnitus? I have fibromyalgia and Ehlers Danlos hypermobility. I believe my jaw pain and inflammation is what causes the tinnitus.

    1. Rachel Curtin

      There were people who had issues using the device when they had tinnitus. You could try some essential oils for your tinnitus to see if you can stop that before starting this device. Helichrysum is one of the best oils for tinnitus!

  • Will Ross

    Can you tell me between the 3 models A, B and the marix what the difference is in power as far as gauss? I’ve searched for spec sheets and have not had much luck….or if you could direct me to where I could find the specifications for each model that would be great. Thank you

    1. Glenn

      GREAT SITE convinced me to try the ICES® DigiCeutical® A9b Kit but when I put the code in SAVE50 it says : Your cart does not meet the requirements for the SAVE50 discount code
      Does it not work for the A9b ?

      1. Nattha Wannissorn

        You are right. It only works for the A9a model.

  • mtnwoman

    I listened to the two Interviews between Joe and Dr. Dennis. Thank you very much for bringing this to us Joe.

    I didn’t hear what he said about using his device and cancer. I thought I heard him say tha it helps cells grow. Not good if it helps cancer cells grow.

    Joe, did you ask him if he did any experiments with ICES on cancer cells? The study you referenced above did not look like it was with the ICES. (and just one study is extremely paltry research on the topic, if that’s it)

    I in 3 people will get cancer and in many of us the seeds are likely already there. I’d hate to put fertilizer on them. If anyone can offer insight on this topic, I’d appreciate your input.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Some people use PEMF in general for cancer treatment, but I don’t have any solid evidence for it helping or hurting.

    2. Will Ross

      Hello I am not a doctor or medical professional of any kind. I am simply a person who has been repeatedly failed by our Healthcare System and therefore decided to take my health into my own hands and because of this have done thousands of hours of research in different capacities. In 1931 Dr. Warburg was awarded the Nobel price for determining the cause of cancer to be a lack of oxygen yo the cells. Cancer thrives in a low oxygen environment and can not survive in a highly oxygenated environment. I HIGHLY advise you to look into oxygen and ozone therapy. Your doctor will never inform you of this and in fact will scoff at the idea and may even warn you of the dangers of oxygen therapy. There are many ways of getting more oxygen into the system and ozone therapy is one as well as EWOT or exercising with oxygen. The state of our healthcare is sadly corrupted IMO and if it is not paddinf thier pockets then it serves thrm no purpose to help you. It is a business and they are interested in making money period. There are many people treating themselves at home with many different applications of oxugen therapy. I suggest you arm yourself with knowledge and take your health into your own hands. This is my personal opinion. Do with it as you may but I saw your question and my only intention is to help someone in need. Again I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be an expert on cancer by any means, however I am beyond fed up with a system that has failed me, my family members, friends and millions of others and I find it to be shameful and am disgusted. Just my personal opinion. God bless you and good luck

      1. Joseph M. Cohen


      2. BabaGlee

        Its a happy day when another person realises the strength in there own choice to decide to heal themselves.
        I have been using a ICES device for 6 months now, and it has definitely reduced the inflammation and pain I was suffering in my left knee. Its very convenient so it can be used continuously while working or doing most other activities. The configuration of the Coils has some bearing on its effectiveness’ as does the charge on the battery used. Trial and observation for your unique situation is your friend.
        Getting rid of any potential Cancer can be achieved in numerous ways, some easy and some not. Its gratifying that you have found your pathway that has worked for you.
        I personally have found “Salvestrol” to be effective for me. The concentrated Phito-nutrients found in organic food.
        Just remember to rebuild your body you will need the appropriate food intake that is going to provide your bio-chemical re-construction crew to re-build you. Lest you forget the “Pentose Sugar” . Sweeeeet.

  • Will Ross

    IMHO I personally think the b model is a better option. The reason is because it is exactly the same as the a model only with the option of 4 coils. If using 2 coils it functions same as a model but now also have the option of using 4 coils to cover a larger area that doesn’t require as much deep pendtration. It is the same amount of power spread over the 4 coils so not as strong but covering a larger surface area. It depends what your needs are but with the a model the 4 coils is not an option as it will fry the machine and cause damage.

    1. mtnwoman

      I agree WIll Ross. If I buy one it will likely be the 9b unless Joe gives a better reason for the 9a. I’m with Dr. Dennis in that more power doesn’t not necessarily mean better outcome.

  • mtnwoman

    Might you put in your main post the differences between the 3 machines: the 9a 9b and the Matrix? I am stuck not knowing which one to purchase.

    Not knowing the details, it seems the 9b gives double the coils for slightly more $. It’s not clear what the Matrix offers differently.

    Thank you for bringing this ICES info to us.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Stick with the A9a.

      Matrix is just a selfbranded version and the other lets you do more coils.

      1. Janice Martin

        I am about to buy and trying to figure out which one…thanks for the above answer, but – sorry – I’m still not clear: why would we prefer the a version when we can do more coils in the b version (and I assume cover more surface area)? Thank you in advance for your help!!

        1. George Manlove, DC

          You can always buy the 4 coil separately. Bob Dennis says the 9b is more powerful in order to power the 4 coils. (He lives 2.5 miles up the road from me and has dropped off units as I need them.) He uses the 4 coils mainly for spinal pain. For most uses I agree with Joseph that the 9a is the best all around.

          1. Milton Farmer

            George, do you use the device? I have the 9b which I use for chronic pain and to undo some of the results of being in a wifi network many hours a day. If you buy the 9a you will not have the option to use the 4 coil set. The 4 coil set requires the 9b to operate properly. There is a 4 position switch that lets you turn the power down. There is a significant difference in the 4 settings in relation to power output. I can’t use the unit on high for very long, but the low setting allows me to keep it on many hours a day if I choose to. Since, I am physically disabled with chronic pain, I can tell you that any person who can walk at least short distances should be able to use the 9b with the 4 coil attachment for reasonable lengths of time. What does it feel like when you set it on high with 4 coils for too long? It feels like you overdid a workout routine. This device is designed to simulate physical activity. It damn sure does that.

            reply icon
        2. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

          Start with the A9 or M1 models first as you can return them (with a restocking fee) if you don’t see results.

    2. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

      See the updated post above.

  • PEMF

    I was once a disabled person. I can never go outside without a wheelchair. I have tried different approach just to walk. I have spend thousands of dollars just to try other methods until one doctor suggested to have a PEMF Therapy it really works… Now I can walk but still I cannot run.. I am very happy with the result

  • Luciano Leon

    I was wondering if this device would be beneficial for somebody with Depersonalization/Derealization issues, and if there were a particular coil placement on the brain that might be beneficial.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I don’t know

  • Jose

    Hi! First of all, thanks a lot for this great blog and all the information that can be found on it.

    I have two questions: is there a risk of overusing the ICES on the brain, I have seen in the micropulse website this product:×2-array-special-bedding-coils

    It has an splitter so you have 4 coils, If I put this 4 coils in my head and use it for 20 straight hours, can there be a side effect because of overuse?

    And my second question is, if I buy another splitter and 2 more coils, and use one ICES, and use an mp3 player amplier before the splitters, so the signal doesnt get more weaker, could it work as well as having 2 ICES with one splitter each?

    Thanks for your help.


    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I would limit use on head for a few hours

  • Ross Anderson

    Hello Mr. Cohen
    I am a severe psoriatic, and am probably 20-30% covered with plaque. It is sometimes painful and itches terribly. I mean to make the change to the diet soon, but wonder if ICES may have a beneficial for my lesions?? I suffer and at times feel that my skin is on fire.
    Kind Regards

    1. Ricardo R

      give a try to vitamin d (the amount matters and could be safely up to 100 ng/ml of 25(OH)D (inactive form) in your blood. – the higher the better and measure it and other minerals and hormones i mentioned here every 3 months). Study it in depth.

      You basically must control serum levels of magnesium, calcium, PTH and calcitonin.

      Reduce gluten intake, increase collagen, resistant starch, black seed oil/cumin, magnesium chloride, goat milk kefir, coconut oil, vitamin k2 mk7 and antiinflamatory supplements (v.g curcumin). Study a lot about leaky gut.

  • Paul

    Hello Joseph,

    I have a question regarding the effectiveness of the ICES device for the treatment of resistant depression. As I have read that PEMF device has successfully cured patients of their depressive disorders that were unresponsive to antidepressants. Do you think PEMF or ICES would be effective in treating a depressive disorder called Anhedonia? The symptoms of Anhedonia are the inability to feel pleasurable emotions like joy, love, and having no libido. For I have researched that Transcranial magnetic stimulation and deep brain stimulation has been successful in treating Anhedonia, but are very expensive procedures. Moreover, ICES mechanisms appear to be similar to transcranial magnetic stimulation and deep brain stimulation with just a lower frequency in its usage of magnetic fields. Do believe that the ICES device could potentially be effective in treating Anhedonia? If yes, where should I place the coils on my head for maximum results?

  • leroy

    I have had mild tinitus in my ear for 3 years

    if I use this device on my shoulders or neck,

    Is that close enough to increase the ringing in my ear

    or effect it?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      The tinnitus connection is not proven, just sparse anecdotes.

    2. Melanie

      This is the answer I received from Dr. Dennis re: tinnitus when I asked him:

      “Dear Melanie,

      Thanks for reaching out to us and I am very happy to hear our system was helpful for your back.

      I am also glad you contacted me before trying to use our system for tinnitus because that is the one condition where we see no benefit from using or system. Some people actually report that using our system temporarily makes tinnitus worse, so I suggest that you do not try to use our system for tinnitus.

      Bob Dennis

  • Bill

    Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for the wonderful information, I want to try it for Thyroid glands.

    Would you have any insights for.
    1. Diabetic Retinopathy & Optic nerve issues
    2. Diabetes.

    I read somewhere that vagus nerve stimulation helps with diabetes.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Bill

      Looking forward to your answer. Hope you got the chance to see this.

      1. Joseph M. Cohen

        No insights

    2. Max

      Look up intravenous alpha lipoic acid for reversing diabetic neuropathy including retinopathy. The expert is dr Berkson MD inNew Mexico but others do it. Very safe and effective.

  • Wynsomme Lewin

    Is there a difference between the matrix pulse and the ices digiceutical A9a system (micropulse LLC)

  • BabaGlee

    Yes I have a ICES version-a device now!!!
    I was pleased it came with 2 pairs of coils, battery, self adhesive tape and coil testing device.
    I have noticed that there is a obvious boost in power from L thru to X and a accompanying therapeutic benefit, but what figures more prominently is the coil configuration. So far the figure 8 configuration seems to work best for the Knee treatment. I have to wonder what magnetic field shape is being produced and what shape would be produced if side by side one coil was up and the other next to it down. Would that make a toroid donut magnetic field shape?

    One coil placed on top of each other in the same orientation will cancel each other out but could this also be a “Zero” or “Null” point magnetic field application shape? What shape is produced with the flat surfaces facing each other?

    Can I use iron fillings on paper to investigate the Magnetic field shape?

    There really is a lot more to explore about this device. In theory the science is with it and backing it to be the best device, but I think it needs to be worn constantly.

    I can perceive 10 possible different coil configurations based around the three coil configurations given. Supposedly some of these coil configurations do nothing or is that scientifically proven to be so?

  • Heather

    Have you had any result with using this device for Achilles tendinitis? I have it in both feet and needing help with relief.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I could see it potentially being helpful for that.

    2. BabaGlee

      Its very good at reducing Inflammation. Associated Pain is thus reduced to what feels like a dull Itch. The literature I have read suggests it would be good for tendonitis
      Depending on the severity of the injury as to what level it could be set on. For example initially I used the high to extra high setting to affectively suppress pain and swelling, but as the injury has healed the low or medium setting seems to be adequate.

      I have the coils configured in the figure 8 shape and wrapped in Roar Paper so the creams I use over the wound site do not penetrate into the coils, but the Magnetic field helps the healing creams penetration into the wound site, according to the science. I hold the coils in place using a elastic tube bandage. Firm fit. (Not to tight)

      The best cream I can think of would be the “Sodium Pentosan Polysulphate” creams. This substance truly is the great regenerator and repairer. Its controversial that it is suppressed.

      I hope this helps to reduce the trial and error.


  • Deltrus

    Made a post on phoenixrising:

    I like to edit stuff in so this has a bit more stuff / editting.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Thanks, I’m always interested in seeing more people’s experience. It works for many people, but some say it doesn’t.

      I still need to try to hone in on who it’s helping and who it isn’t.

  • Deltrus

    I’m still trying to figure this out.

    Aspirin actually did end up working well in the long run. Sometimes when I’m not feeling the device do much, it makes it work better. I was scared for a bit that there may be side effects to combining different drugs with the device but so far all good.

    Breathing like the Wim Hoff method seems to work well with it, if I breath heavily while the device is running, I can get saturated with oxygen to the point where I feel light headed in around half the time. I stay oxygen saturated for much longer too. This makes me wonder about synergy with hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

    Resveratrol seems to work well with it.

    Black pepper seems to work well with it.

    Having enough water seems to work well with it.

    Having low potassium levels makes the device give twitches along with the pulsing of the device, I assume it shunts potassium in and out of cells which can create a temporarily potassium deficiency. Having high magnesium, potassium etc is very important with this device or you can get spasming muscles and seizure like activity. I am guessing it creates a charge gradient from electrostatic induction or something, which then moves ions in and out.

    I was very deficiency in magnesium and potassium, I no longer get twitches from the device after heavy supplementation.

    I seem to be getting more consistent results with the device after starting heavy supplementation with a complete b vitamin protocol (magnesium, zinc, adenosylb12, methylb12 and the rest).

    A lot of the side effects from the device may be from stimulating healing and causing refeeding syndrome. Ie if you have a potassium deficiency and you get a little bit of potassium then your body greedily sucks in as much as it can and blood levels fall.

    I previously thought I made a break through, I actually just found a few synergies, but the device still sometimes gives very very good effects, and sometimes does very little. My breakthrough was just synergy + very good day. Not something permanent.

    I’m feeling a LOT of parallels to what people report with b12 protocols, detox protocols etc. In these the body goes in cycles, sometimes feels worse before getting better etc.

    My consistent stack is resveratrol + black pepper + aspirin, always makes the device work pretty good if it isn’t. I have a feeling the synergy is partly through anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant, but also through the mitochondria, All 3 drugs have an effect on mitochondria. Black pepper is touted to improve absorption of minerals because of its mitochondria uncoupler effects.

    I’m using the device along with b12 protocol, 40 mins walking almost every day, probiotics, I think my nervous system and body is healing, and I think the ICES is helping stimulate healing. I can’t say objectively how much it is helping in relation to the rest of the stuff I’m doing. I still have just as much fatigue but I’m feeling more refreshed while fatigued if that makes any sense..

  • Elizabeth

    Many thanks, I will be buying the A9a model soon.

  • Jane

    So true. They are great and just got it back from repair. Also had been using with two pairs of coils so no more.

  • Will Ross

    Thank you so much. So from what I understand A9a model is exactly the same other than the ability to use four coils. So if using the A9b model with only two coils it works in the same way as the a but with the added option of being able to use an extra set of coils. I don’t mean to be redundant but I am returning a PEMF machine that I paid $3,000 for because it broke down or had major problems 5 times in less then 2 months and I’m trying to be crystal clear about this device before making another purchase. Though I think from your responses that I will be purchasing the A9b model. Not because I necessarily need 4 coils at this time but so the option is there if need be. This just seems like a good advantage over the A9a model with no downside. I’m excited to give it a try!

    1. Ricardo Rodrigues

      Will Ross,
      I sent a message to the company and, apparently, A9a and A9b do not use exactly the same configuration. The answer was strange, so i unsuccessfully asked them to confirm if it was correct. “The model A9a is for use with a single set of coils, whereas the model A9b is enhanced to allow the use of more than one set of coils with a splitter. (There is difference in HZ or Gauss between A9a and A9b.)”. So, i am not sure that the models are completely and perfectly interchangeable. If you confirm it, please let me know.

      1. j37

        Hi Ricardo Rodrigues iam interested in new more about the high levels of the vitamin d3 , i think i have leaky gut , cause i have skin issues .

        Hi Joseph I have sibo and i think my MMC is not working in the right way , will this device help me

  • Elizabeth

    How is the Matrix Pulse different from the A9a or A9b apart from the multiple coil usage.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      The Matrix Pulse product is based upon the Model A9a and uses the same hardware. However, the stimulation pattern was developed for Dr. George Roth, the developer of the Matrix Repatterning System.

      Your best off with the regular model IMO.

      1. Roger Buttermore

        Want to sincerely thank you, Joseph, for your generous sharing of information regarding these 3 products.

        I’ve had a couple of Bemer treatments — noticed a big improvement with reduced inflammation, mental ability and energy for the next 2 mornings after treatment.

        Negative effects: both times, nocturnal leg cramps about 3 hours after falling asleep, but drinking dissolved isotonic nasal powder at occurrence eases my cramps very quickly.

        I already take K, Mg and Ca supplements (Rxed due to cardiac stuff & 70 something), so I’m thinking Na gets redistributed by PEMF treatment, and my leg muscles eventually object to sharing it out!

        In any case, it’s been a long search for me, starting with the ole Bemer et al. sales pitches. My in-general literature / internet search of PEMF therapy led to many moons of effort to get here. There’s a lot of wank out there!

        Was a scientist in my former life… you and Dr Robert Dennis have explained the “magic” in a way that rings truer than all the hype.

        Thanks again and best wishes!

  • Will Ross

    Thank you I see. So is this A9b more powerful? Is it the same amount of power as the A9a only spread across 4 coils making each individual coil weaker or is it able to provide a second set of coils with the same theraputic power as the first? It seems either way tho that the A9b might be the way to go just to have the option of splitting into 4 coils to treat different areas at once or simply to be able to treat a larger area. Is there any advantage in purchasing the a over the b model?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      A9b model is not more powerful than A9a model. It is the same amount of power as the A9a only spread across 4 coils (two sets of coils) making each individual coil weaker.
      Some people use more than one set of coils because they want to treat larger areas, or stimulate different areas simultaneously. Many people prefer to use the Micro-Pulse technology that way. If that is what you want to do, then you want the A9b. If you want to use only one set of coils then you can use the A9a. We do not have scientific evidence that one is better than the other, but many of our customers have strong opinions on the matter and insist that we provide the ability to use multiple sets of coils simultaneously.

  • Will Ross

    The most recent upgrade of the ices machine is supposed to be the 5th generation and the best yet. However I am having no luck in verifying weather or not the A9a model is in fact the 5th and most recent model available as of today. Can you tell me is this A9a model in fact the 5th generation ices machine?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      “A9a model system is the 5th generation ICES machine.
      A9a model system is designed to be use with a single set of coils. Some customers use the A9a model system with cable splitters and multiple coils. This will cause too much stress and burnout the pulse generator. Almost all of the units sent back to us for repair failed because customers used cable splitters and multiple coils.
      So we developed A9b model. The Model A9b is specially modified to allow the use of multiple coils. A9b model has the same stimulation protocol as the A9a model system. So it’s not really a new generation.”

      Discount code works for all models.

      1. Charles Richardson

        I have been using this unit for well over a year. I have a serious lower back problem. But if I use this on my lower back for 30 minutes or so in the morning, I have no pain for the rest of the day. I’ve used it on other parts of my body as well, but the back thing is clear and dramatic.

        I had one problem with the unit over this time, and these folks took care of it immediately. I cannot recommend this, and Mengnan and Dennis, more highly. This is the real thing, and they stand behind it. They’re really nice people as well.

  • Mark

    I’m pretty sure that ICES has never cut off anyone’s head to date. The same cannot be said of ISIS, which uses inferior technology and is much less safe.

  • Mark

    Perhaps if ICES had a beneficial effect on the pineal gland (which secretes melatonin and regulates sleep)?

  • Elizabeth


    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I don’t know if it’s safe for epilepsy. Should be fine for arthritis.

  • Kelly Elizabeth Mulder

    Great website Joe. It’s refreshing to see such great information available on the web. Can this device cause cancer? Can it be used to treat autoimmune conditions where there is cellular damage?

  • andy

    Hi Joseph! I love your blogs and appreciate your website SO MUCH! I am considering purchasing and I am wondering the difference between ICES & Vielight? I do some light hacking and have been thrilled to read through your blogs, as well as Jack Kruse. I love the science, but I am having a hard time figuring out logistics so I can make a purchase.

    I have narcolepsy/cataplexy and I believe I want to reduce inflammation in my pineal gland & stimulate hypocretin. After 3 years on Modifinal my sleep is very disrupted, IBS symptoms arose, appetite disappeared, adrenal fatigue, anxiety. I have begun exploring “PRANA bio-nutrient medicinals” to help regulate my endocannabinoid system. I would LOVE to know your opinion on that as I’m curious about orexin/cb1 receptor in narcoleptics that you spoke of in another blog post.

    Link to Prana:

    Also, are you familiar with the NUvita light? Would it be safe to use? I own one I got for muscle pain and wondered if I could use it on my brain. It’s range 8 – 55mWcm2 with LED 880nm & red 660nm.

    Here’a link to that device:

    I am very impressed by the thoroughness of your research and was excited to see some of the more obvious remedies, like sleep hygiene and face masks, that REALLY worked for me better than a lot of the expensive options. I prefer the more natural routes, but have experienced a year on xyrem in the past (it was the worst!) and 3 years on modifinal, and the side effects are very harsh. Healed my gut last year with an ayurvedic doc, but it’s flared back up. I would love any pointers you feel drawn to share with me and promise to review anything I try based on your recommendations. Thank you! Warmly, Andy

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Infrared vs PEMF. Very different. Each uniquely beneficial.

  • AlexB

    thanks a lot for this and all the other great posts on I’ve gained loads of helpful insights reading your posts.

    I just received my ICES 9Ab system and started using it yesterday. I’m still experimenting with it. I love the fact that I can treat 2 areas at the same time or use the 2×2 coils configuration. It’s too early to give a rating yet, but I’ll add one to my post when I’ve used the system for a bit longer.

    Just wondering – Did you come across the FlexPulse-system ( (just found it today, so after my ICES device arrived)?
    It’s portable, emits trapezoidal wave forms and up to 200Gauss with a variety of frequency options. It looks a lot like the ICES system, but more flexible.
    A description of the available programs and a short video by Dr. Pawluk can be found here:

    It would be great to do a review with a hands-on comparison of these 2 devices.

  • Melanie

    I’ve had my iCES for several months. I read that it is recommended to replace the coils every 3 months. I have yet to do this. They seem to be fine. Anyone else had to replace their coils this often?

  • Deltrus

    I’ve found that 200 mg aspirin can amplify this device noticeably.

    The device has two types of pulsing that it induces. One seems to be from electrolytes going in and out out of cells, and this causes eyes twitching in rhythm with the device. It is uncomfortable. This can be fixed by supplementing a bit of potassium and magnesium before you use the device. I’ve tested this.

    ACE/AGII inhibitors would work better at increasing blood potassium.

    The second type of pulsation I feel from this device comes from what I assume to be mitochondria. It pulses at random intervals, between 1 and 4hz, not in line with the device, breathing, or heart rate. It is slightly pleasurable and seems to relax muscles. Makes me wonder if mitochondria are sequestering excess calcium. (which is part of their role)

    Pulse type 2 isn’t always there, and you kind of need to relax quite a lot to notice it.

    Aspirin increases the strength of pulse 2 by around 30%. Breathing very slowly and focusing on the present seems to increase the pulses by another 20%.

    I think the aspirin thing might be from increasing PGC-1a

    I’m going to be experimenting with resveratrol too, as it is supposed to work through a similar pathway to increase mitochondria. (increases cAMP -> increase PGC-1a)

    According to wikipedia’s mitochondria page “In neurons, concomitant increases in cytosolic and mitochondrial calcium act to synchronize neuronal activity with mitochondrial energy metabolism.”

    Perhaps this device increases mitochondrial activity through calcium pulses.

    1. Deltrus

      I actually think that the type 2 pulses might be from mitochondrial uncoupling. Aspirin increases mitochondrial uncoupling in the liver and skin. This might be why the pulses give me more sensations with aspirin. I suggest that people do not use aspirin with the device, because it might cause problems similar to Reye syndrome. (death of mitochondria in liver from aspirin induced mitochondrial uncoupling)

      Made a post in the forums here for further discussion:

    2. Jane Dignan

      Very interesting. I may try your aspirin idea.
      When I use ICEs more than say 12 hours a day I find I need to keep very well hydrated (10 glasses of water per day) and to be sure to get enough trace minerals. These I put in my water bottle and shake before drinking To keep my energetic field strong. Other wise there’s depletion. Also alternate muscular application on pain area with some time on cervical spine below the skull, close to the atlas stimulating the cranial nerves. This seems to keep the brain involved in the changes occurring other places as well as effecting the strength of the energy field in back. Meditative breathing into the effected area also seems to amplify the effect. For trace minerals I use Standard Process Trace Minerals with B12. (I have been trained to measure and monitor my own energy field which has been very helpful with the more optimal ways which I might find to use the micro pulse.)

      1. Deltrus

        I actually suggest you don’t use aspirin. It potentiates the device so you feel pulsing sensations all day. I’ve actually made a major breakthrough with device. I will be making a huge post on phoenixrising in a few days.

        1. Jaynan Dignan

          Yeah, I finally saw your other post on aspirin and crossed it off my list. I’m looking forward to hearing about the big breakthrough of which you speak. Do I need to get on phoenixrising to find that?

          At present my issues center around treatment of pain arising from scoliosis. The over developed side I have been treating successfully for pain with ICES. In the meantime that part has seemed to become stronger and tighter pulling my spine into a deeper curve. I’ve wondered if it would be wiser to use infrared pad on that side and treat the weaker muscles on the other side with ICES even though those muscles not necessarily in pain. Also wondered about just using ICeS on the lumbar spine thinking perhaps there would be neurological support that would balance the muscles neurologically connected from there. I would appreciate any insights. I so appreciate your posts. Thank you for those and whatever you may offer in the future.

        2. Biomagnetic Hacker


          I’ve been searching for your “Huge Post” at phoenixrising (which you said you were thinking of doing.

          You seem to have experimineted quite a bit, first indicating that Aspirin would amplify it, then later saying it was a bad idea.

          I’m very interested in hearing much more about your experiments using ICES.

    3. Jacob Abrams

      Aspirin improves the effects because of its blood thinning effects, and improved blood viscosity.

  • Rudi

    1st day on experimenting with this device and all I can say for now is that it made me feel very tired. I have used it for 1h on my chest.

  • Melanie


    I’ve been using the ICES for several months on my lower back and all pain is significantly reduced. I use the device almost continuously.

    I wrote to the company yesterday, asking where to place the coils for the tinnitus I recently developed. Here is the answer I received from Dr. Dennis:

    “Dear Melanie,
    Thanks for reaching out to us and I am very happy to hear our system was helpful for your back.

    I am also glad you contacted me before trying to use our system for tinnitus because that is the one condition where we see no benefit from using or system. Some people actually report that using our system temporarily makes tinnitus worse, so I suggest that you do not try to use our system for tinnitus.

    Bob Dennis”

    1. sofya

      Melanie – my tinnitus stopped when I went on no sugar,no flower diet no grain diet of any kind, no flour – zilch. GL.

      1. Melanie

        Thanks, sofya. I will work toward that. I have been somewhat reckless about my diet lately so maybe that’s what is causing this irritant.

    2. Joy

      Try fenugreek tea or capsules. This worked for me. Let me know how it works. Should resolve in less than a week. My email is [email protected].

  • Nathan Lewis

    I have bought and used ICES since the middle of last year. I really am not good at knowing when something is affecting me or not. It could be placebo effect, but I had heel pain that seemed to improve with use. I think it helps a little on “bulkier” parts of the body, but hard to say. On the heel I could feel the pulsation more. On “bulkier” parts I usually put the pads on top of each other (it seems like I can feel the pulse better that way). No idea if this is correct usage or not. I generally have it on the highest level. Sometimes on the highest level for too long on “skinnier” parts it feels like too much maybe, but that’s after usually at least an hour. I’ll reiterate that I’m not good at understanding what’s going on with me.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Thanks 🙂

  • Robin

    Hi Biomagnetic Hacker,

    I’m happy to respond to your request. I cope with an hot immune system—I am diagnosed with systemic mast cell disease, autoimmune thyroid illness, dysautonomia, and severe central and lateral canal cervical spinal stenosis. I’ve used ICES sporadically since September 2015. I may not be using it optimally. While its helped reduce my neck pain while I’m using it, it does appear to trigger mast cell degranulation for me. For any one who degranulates due to vibration, I encourage you to use only the lowest settings and for short periods of time. For my vagus nerve issues, I’m achieving a more consistent response from a supplement–Parasym Plus. I look forward to reading about others experiences as well.


  • John

    Is there any sort of consensus where exactly to put it on the brain for mood disorders?

    1. Biomagnetic-Hacker

      There are a great number of people, who have visited this website, which were introduced to ices here, and who have also purchased it and used it.

      Yet, surprisingly, it seems obvious, from 99% of the comments here, that hardly anyone of the users ever report BACK, their positive nor their negative, actual results, with their actual usage of ices.

      99% of the comments here are people asking question to Joseph but hardly anyone of our vast, ices users group, is ever giving answers or sharing their actual experience, regardless if their results of their experience was positive or negative.

      This could have been a great place for all ices users to SHARE their experience, but unfortunately it seems to be a one way street, where people come only when the seek, need or want information, for free advice, yet, afterwords, all of those actually benefiting and actually using ices (except Joseph and myself) no one here, has yet shared much of their positive or negative results.

      The entire benefit of a users group in exchange of information can only be if EVERYONE participates and everyone shares their experience and not if “when you seek info” you come here to ask, and yet never return to share your experience with other ices users or other potential ices users.

      PLEASE people:
      Don’t just “ask questions”, then never come back to tell us what you decided to do and what the results of your experiece with ices, actually was!

      I would strongly suggest and request that everyone who ever posted a question here, at the very least, “you virtually owe” it to our online community, to come back and also SHARE your experience as to what happened next in your life, after you have asked your question here.

      Did you end up trying ICES? Yes or No?

      Did you have a positive or negative experience, with it, specifically in regard to your special interest in regard to the specific use for which you were wondering if it would help or not?

      I personally, have very vast and extensive experience with ices and I have a very great amount of info to share but I’m not willing to give of my time freely unless this will be a TWO WAY STREET, where everyone who “asks” questions also come back to share, themselves too.

      I’m willing to share my input but not if it’s only me and Joseph giving answers while everyone else here, is only asking questions and no one else has the cutesy to come back and share their experience too.

      1. Jane Dignan

        I’ve been trying to get on to post unsuccessfully. There I would have readily been talking about all the ways Ive been using ICES and the results but have been unable to get there for some reason. And these replies don’t allow for much. Suffice it to say I have been using it for pain, atrophied muscles, vagal nerve. Some areas more consistently than others.

  • John

    Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for this site. What percentage of your clients with significant depression/anxiety have been helped by ICES? Is it still likely to be useful for that indication if all of one’s systemic inflammation markers are at the low range of the scale?

  • Chris

    Hey Joseph, excellent posts. Wondering if you’ve tested yourself or know the effect on sperm parameters, especially morphology. I have seen tests in relation to EMF’s and it’s ability to negate the negative effects of EMF on sperm but wondering if it may increase antioxidants and decrease ROS? Thanks

  • Kira Miftari

    Joseph, how would you use this for CHRONIC insomnia issue? tia

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I don’t think it would help for such an indication

  • Pete

    Hey Joe, I noticed recently i have some symptoms of potential heart disease, mainly heart arrthymia, cold extremeties, low heart rate variability and a history of stimulant abuse and previous hospitalisations relating to that. I only made the connection recently, but since I have a PEMF device already I thought I might as well use that in the meantime just on the off-chance it can help heal my heart, if indeed there is a problem (going for a Drs checkup this week). I am wondering whether you think it can help heal heart diseases generally, and whether you have any other recommendations in this regard.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Try it out and let us know

  • Biomagnetic-Hacker

    What is “Matrix Repatterning module” and how does it relate to the a9a ICES ?

  • Matt

    Have you tried the Matrix Repatterning module?

    1. Noel

      I am wondering the same thing. Is the matrix worth the extra money?

  • Alexander Wolf

    I´ve just ordered mine, I think it will do wonders for me. Is there any place you wouldnt use it? I am thinking about using it on my eyes, amongst other places, since I suffer from chronical inflammation in the eyes.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Nowhere you can’t use it, but I’d start very slow with the eyes….like 10 seconds on low.

      1. Alexander Wolf

        Thanks for reply! How would you start with stomach and brain?

  • Rick

    Great Article Joseph!

    What mechanism do you think is at play for anti-oxidants to cause your decreased cognitive function. I have noted similar effects fom some anti-oxidants.

    Also, you mentioned that your girlfriend benefitted from use of the micro pulse but dont mention details. Did she too see a decline in cognitive function?


  • John

    Hi Joseph have you or would you use ices on the side of the head by the eye to work on inflammation of the eye? Or even optic nerve regeneration?

    Also, how did you find the earth pulse?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I’d try it out and see what happens.

      ICES is better than Earthpulse in my experience. I’m still trying to figure out if earthpulse has any niche uses, but as a whole ICES is better.

  • Trey

    I use ices with clients/self-hackers w/nerve ridiculopathy. Proximal anterolateral double stack placement on arm pushes Brachial plexus nerve innervation, reducing activity related pain and dysfunction. 3 clients endorse significant reduction of symptoms and 1 had complete reversal of parasthesia/numbness in hand with carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a great tool to differentiate muscle strain/injury from nerve damage/impingement. Nerves attached to formerly/currently injured muscles and their tendons are often reset/normalized?, which can be helpful, but also can cause unplanned problems (e.g. muscles associated w/former injuries hold tension to prevent pain/injury for a reason).

    Conservative usage, a working theory of the mechanism of action and a knowledge of physiology can mitigate pain associated with these changes. Ices can be used as a nerve stimulator next to the vertebra and you will see increased organ function. You can also use it on acupuncture points with excellent result. I’ve seen strange and unexpected results with this device, but the ones I share here are easier to explain.

    This technology is disruptive and we are far away from panning the depths of what it can do. I learned about Ices on this site. Thank you Mr. Cohen!!!

    1. Joseph M. Cohen


    2. Robin

      I’m bringing my ICES to my first PT appointment next week. I have chronic occipital and neck pain as well as right sided weakness due to lateral and central canal stenosis (moderate to severe) throughout cervical area but particularly c4-c7. I am one who uses ICES on low due to mast cell disease. I’ve been told surgery is in my future and I cannot change the compression without surgery. I will continue to self-hack around my issues. Any thoughts any one has on using ICES in the face of stenosis would intrigue me

    3. Henrik

      Hello Trey,

      so you use the ICES mostly along the spine to improve for example organ function which are innervated by the nerves coming out of that segment?

      I tried ICES for several problems locally and it unfortunately did nothing for me. I used it to try eliminating my brain fog which is caused by clogged frontal sinuses. But although ICES does something (I actually can feel it pulsing exactly where my sinuses are clogged), it does promote the wrong way. So I get increased brain fog when I tried to use it on my frontal sinuses.

      Also I tried it on a light, but chronic inflamed tendon on my elbow. Again no results. I used it some hours during the day and all the night for 3 weeks on that point in opposite configuration. Also tried to use it for lower back pain because of sacroiliac joint pain. Again no results, this time side by side horizontal configuration…

      So I have to say that I regret having spent so much money because it did nothing for me.

      But I can imagine that it sometimes may help as I certainly felt that it does something (if felt the pulsing in my brain and the frontal sinuses and it made my symptoms worse).

      1. Joseph M. Cohen

        They allow you to return it now…

        1. Henrik

          I own it for 8 weeks now. I remember that they told me that in case of return I would need to pay at least 50$ + shipping costs. Are you sure that they allow return after 8 weeks if the device is not defect?

          1. Joseph M. Cohen

            Oh, not 8 weeks. I think 30 days and ya, there’s a restocking fee.

            reply icon
  • Karl H.

    This website, without question, is one of the best I’ve ever had the good fortune to discover. Amazing stuff. Thank you, Joseph.

  • RoyMarvin

    I’ve been trying to figure out how the ICES device compares to the, as yet, unavailable PONS device that I read about in, The Brain That Heals Itself. Does it activate dormant brain cells as the PONS device claims to? My primary concern is with brain fog more so than with inflammation. I’m hoping that you have some incite to offer on the subject.

    1. Darcy

      I read that book too and was wondering the same thing. Have you put it in your mouth yet?

  • Padalino

    Joseph, what are your toughts about frequency generator spooky 2 for overall health?? (Rife machine)

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Wouldn’t buy it

  • Irv

    How does PEMF differ from TMS (rTMS) transcranial magnetic stimulation? Are they basically the same technology? I’m wondering if PEMF would help in recovery from mold illness, as the binders are causing heavy herx reactions. The brain fog and fatigue are the symptoms that are effecting me most now.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Very different. ICES helps my gf recover from mold illness.

  • Santino

    Hello Joe,

    you say that you use it one your gut.

    I ask myself how you do that?

    The side by side configuration reaches max. 50mm into the tissue and the opposite configuration is (according to Dr. Dennis) for thinner body party like knee, elbow, wrist etc..

    Maybe that will work for animals but in humans, for me it seems like the magnetic field cannot reach as deep as the colon as long as you either have some muscles or body fat. I am very lean, but if I would try to reach my descending colon for example, then coils (placed on lower left back and left from my navel) would at least be 20 cm apart from each other.

    As we know, even the 2 coils together just reach up to 50mm deep on max power. So for me it seems impossible that the two fields can reach each other and the field of either coils never reaches deep enough to get to the colon.

    So how do you do that?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I don’t use side by side on my gut – they’re separate. 50mm is about 2 inches….I don’t believe that’s the furthest it goes, though….

      1. Santino

        If you think about it logical:
        If two coils side by side reach 50mm (this is stated in the coils configuration document) at maximal intensity, how could one coil reach even deeper? It also can only reach 50mm maximal.

        Dr. Dennis said that one coil apart does not work well. It only does in the opposite configuration. He does not mention how deep it goes but he says that this configuration is only for thinner body parts like knee, wrist, elbow etc.

        So I don´t think that you can reach your gut with that configuration. How is that physically possible?

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          50mm is 2 inches. You can reach a lot with 2 inches. But I think it goes further than the manual states.

          1. Santino

            I had email contact with Dr. Dennis.
            The side by side configuration definitively is up to 50mm. You can also look that up online. 25mm with lowest setting and max 50mm.

            If the opposite can reach deeper, then the physics must somehow differ but even there they state that this configuration works for thiner body parts.

            reply icon
          2. Wolly

            I just had email contact with micro pulse.

            I think John is right. Maybe the online information isn’t up to date anymore?

            However Dr. Dennis told me that he has good experience with the coils up to 11-12 inches apart.

            So that are good news I hope!

            reply icon
          3. Santino

            Thanks Wolly,

            those are great news!

            I don´t understand the physics then, but who cares if it works…

            reply icon
          4. Collin


            This sounds like a really interesting device and I definitely would be interested in giving it a try. I am wondering however if there are any potential conflicts of interest in your “n=1 study” (haha). Are you or this website, in any way affiliated with the company that sells this produce? Just wondering.

            reply icon
          5. Joseph M. Cohen

            Yes, there are conflicts of interest.


            I get about 10% off each item sold. But I also make a similar commission with anything else I sell, so it makes no difference what I recommend.

            reply icon
  • Henrik

    I bought the ICES from micro-pulse. It will arrive end of the week if I am lucky or next week.

    I suffer enormously from brain fog, which is somehow related to my food intake, gut motility and sinus symptoms, likely vasomotor sinus problems. So the brainfog is alway accompanied by the feeling that my frontal sinuses are clogged, but not so my nasal sinuses.

    If the brain fog get´s very strong, I automatically get depressive. It is a low mood, low energy depression and I cannot concentrate or memorize things when I want to learn.

    That is the main issue I hope the ICES can help me with.

    Other problems I will try it for:

    – epicondylitis medialis
    – autoimmune nephritis
    – iliosacral backpain

    I hope it will work for the brain fog. Due to hypersensitivity to almost everything there are no supplement or diet solutions available. So I totally depend on the ICES at this moment. Infrared I will also try but at least a few sessions of infrared did nothing.

    Maybe I should try infrared on a regular basis.

    1. Linda

      Thanks for this post. I would love to see a side by side comparison of these various devices- PEMF, LLLT, etc– uses, effectiveness.. I am recovering from a back injury since late June. I can credit my chiropractor who also does auricular therapy along with my soma pulse to eliminate acute pain. I also have a micro current neurofeedback device from IASIS. The electrodes are intended to be placed on the head but I put them on my lower back, ran a current and the muscle spasms were eliminated. Now that the pain is gone, I have intermittent numbers and tingling ( presumably from an L5-S1 herniated disc. I have not had imaging studies). Although I am frustrated that I am not completely healed yet I am pleased that I have not had to take any pain meds or forced into stupid decisions like a steroid epidural or surgery. I was wondering if you think I would see faster results with my nerve dysfunction if I used the ICES device instead of the soma pulse. Or any other suggestions are welcome. Many thanks.

      1. suresh ranchod

        I’m a Chiropractor. Have advanced spinal stenosis l4-5,5-s1 98% blockage. Also herniated discs. Operated by endoscopy. Still had lots if nerve pain after surgery. Yes ISIS works along with a parapulser (soma’s competition from Germany and a lot better.) also tried the $20,000 two tesla mega blaster PEMF( not recommended for nerve pain). LLLTHERAPY added helps. None of these will work well without hydration with electrolytes which the cells need badly to function. Movement/exercise imperative for these to work since the cells require require electrolytes provided by circulation. This is no BS. For the technology to work it has to be bathed in electrolytes and nutrients including amino acids simply because this is not a hypothesis. It really won’t work well without the support. Yes chiropractic would be the icing on the cake.

  • Philip

    Joe, these are quite bold words.

    I also have spoken to Dr. Robert Dennis and he told me that there is neither evidence nor much experience for ICES in use to treat fatigue. Inflammation yes but mostly local not in the sense of systemic inflammation like it can occur in CFS.

    Do you still use it successfully? I don´t find much on the internet. Once it was topic in the bulletproof forum but it only helped one person with an injured knee…

    Best regards,


    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Yes, I still get benefits from it.

      If I ever get fatigued it helps me more than anything else. It helps esp with fatigue after meals when I put it on my gut and brain.

      My gf also gets noticeable benefits from it and many/most clients. Some people aren’t noticeably helped by it – and some of those ppl aren’t using it right.

      There was only ONE PERSON on BP forum that wasn’t helped by it (DMan) and he has MS and a myriad of autoimmune issues – it prob doesn’t anything for MS fog. MS is a systemic autoimmune disease that attacks myelin. He actually commented here as well that it didn’t help him – see commenter named Daniel.

      You can always buy it and return it if it doesn’t help you. Selfhacking is about trying things, some of which won’t help you.

      And if it doesn’t help you for one purpose, it could help you for another.

      It’s been very helpful also for a shoulder injury.

      I bought 5 devices for my whole family.

      I’m now using it on second degree burns sustained all over my leg.

  • Niki

    Joseph, I’m just about to purchase a iMRS PEMF unit – either omnium1 or proff… and now I’m worried for the cost there is not enough benefits. Can you comment, on whether these whole body systems are comparable to the ISES unit? Or is this more for localized pain/injury. My issues are more lymes disease, GI infections, Brain Fog, hormone/neurotransmitter and Vagues nerve stuff… oh and EMF sensitivity. I follow many protocols and looking for this piece of the puzzle to help. Please offer your thoughts! 🙂

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I’d chose the ICES over the iMRS…you’re getting way more bang for your buck.

      1. Niki

        Thanks, not sure if the PEMF devices spoke of in the videos (as inferior) include the iMRS-does it? I’d like to understand the technology of both devices and why ICES is better than IMRS (specifically not the $35 amazon devises) or if they are better for different things. Is there somewhere I could find simplified information, as I have trouble following the info in the video for some reason (brain fog ha ha). When I spoke to a sales agent, I had the impression it was a “first aid” device for cuts, and aches/pains…

  • Santino

    I suffer from severe brain fog. It is food related but also comes up when my forehead was exposed to coldness.

    I am searching for something which is able to relieve it.

    I would pay that high price (at least for me it is high) if I knew that it will definitively alleviate the brain fog.

    So how likely is it to be able to do that and will it keep working or will my body get used to it?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Try it out and get back to us….Return it if it doesn’t help you…

    2. Biomagnetic-Hacker

      It worked for Brain Fog, for me and for Joseph, although it’s food related, yet worked!

      1. Santino

        you say “worked” and not “works”. Does it mean that you don´t use it anymore or that it lost effects?

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          worked and works

        2. Biomagnetic-Hacker

          I meant worked and still works.

  • ys


    I have just purchased this ICES device following Joe’s recommendation and have been trying in on sore muscles all over.

    Joe (and others), I have a question for you. What configuration do you use or your gut and what power setting? Also, which part of the gut did you find most effective.


    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Highest power. I’m not sure which part in particular…I put it all over..

    2. Biomagnetic-Hacker

      It’s a very common question which people ask.

      My answer is that before you decide where to put it, one must first ask himself, what is their reason for using it, in the first place?

      Like if you get in to a new car, which way do you drive?

      The answer is the same. Depends on where you want to go and why you chose to drive and where is your destination?

      Most people use it for pain. If this is their reason for using it, then it’s very easy to decide exactly where to put it, which is wherever it hurts.

      If the reason for using it, is other than for pain, it can’t be answered without first defining your goal, which you hope to achieve by using it.

      As for power level, most people use it on maximum power level, however the inventer recommends using on the medium power level but he does not provide and clear data (which I’m sure he has), as to which power setting is more effective.

      My gut feeling is that the inventor is inclined to think that a lower power setting is often, much more effective, than a higher power setting, which is counter intuitive to conventional thinking, of most people, that more is better, but in this case, he feels that, less can be more, And works better.

      Although this is generally, the inventors recomendstion, he has yet to provide any data to support this approach.

      It seems to me that the inventor is inclined to reveal as little as possible, when it come to him revealing his results as to what works better, not just a theory, but supported by data.

      As for myself, I use the max setting.

      Please keep us updated with your results.

  • Phillip

    Just want to say that I would not recommend using ICES over your ears. I put it over one of my ears yesterday and I’ve had bad ringing in that ear ever since. Hopefully it’s not irreversible, but we’ll see.

    Otherwise, ICES has definitely helped decreased inflammation for me. Everyone should just be aware that ICES should be experimented with at your own risk.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Ya, I wouldn’t use it on my ears. But I also wouldn’t worry too much.

    2. Biomagnetic-Hacker

      There are many things which are generally regarded as safe and are virtually unheard off of ever causing any adverse reaction with anyone, such as drinking ordinary water or doing very light exercise like just walking.

      That is not to say that no one ever got “worse” from ordinary walking, it certainly did happen, yet it would be incorrect to say that if you were to walk to your local grocery store to pick up a bottle of milk, “do so at your won risk”, because no one can guarantee you that walking to the grocery store will not make anything worse is some unusual rare situation.

      The same is true for low powered PEMF. I regarded as much safer than ordinary walking to your local grocery store (or drinking a cup of water – some people HAVE chocked while drinking an ordinary cup of water, but such rarity is virtually unheard off) – if anything ever does go wrong it’s not because of the general beneficial effect of the extremely mild exercise, but because of other unrelated underlying situation, which could be exasperated no matter what good thing you will ever do – which is not a reason to ever, even have the slightest hesitation, from trying to do something regarded as generally safe for everyone.

      I would say that the same is true for PEMF on the ear or any other part of the body. If you try it on 10,000 people, you would be hard press to find even one who is not happy.

      Nevertheless, all good things, and all generally safe things, occasionally cause difficulty with some people, temporarily, this can sometimes be because of a temporary healing crisis, or because one part of the body is helped before the other part of the body is ready to “keep up with it”.

      Specifically with PEMF, it will increase circulation in one part of the body and release toxin in one spot of the body, where it is applied. If the other part of the body (next to it) is not yet ready for the beneficial increased circulation. nor is it ready yet to dispose of the good effect of the released toxins, it may temporarily “complain” of having difficulty handling the new blessing to the adjacent tissue.

      The way to handle that, is either use, a lower power level setting, and or treat an adjacent spot which will balance the circulation better instead of increasing it in one spot while the other spot is not year ready to handle the new beneficial increase in circulation.

      If you listen to one of the videos by the inventor of ICES, (I think it’s on slefhacked), he reports that he, himself, uses it on his own back pain, daily, with great positive effects. He also reports, more interestingly, that he has to put it just on the right spot, and that if and when, he himself, puts it on another spot of his back, it makes his back hurt more, instead of less (i.e. it makes him “worse”), and what he then does it just move it over to the “right spot” to fix the issue.

      Rober Dennise, himself, doesn’t explain, why when he puts it on one spot on his back, it makes it hurt more or why when he moves to a close adjacent spot it gets better, but I think that the explanation is, as explained above.

      In my opinion, I would guess to say that in your situation, if you moved it around to all other parts of your head, you would generally increase circulation and the healing process would ultimately fix and all outstanding issues, whatever they may be,

      The medical literature is filled with countless reports of people who have had ringing in the ears BEFORE using pemf, and the majority improved, which shows that generally speaking it should be helpful, even for this specific issue.

      Please keep us posted with your future results.

      1. Philip

        biomagnetic hacker,

        you make claims for which there is not any evidence like for example that PEMF or ICES releases make cells or your body parts releasing toxins.

        Who are you? Are you selling such devices? After reading such a comment I must question all of your posts here as this is so unscientific?!

        Can you link the medical literature where PEMF fixed countless ringing ears?

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          I know he has no bias in ICES – he’s a user not a seller.

  • Andree

    Hi the Low Histamine Chef mentions you in a recent blog and so I have only just found your site! I think like a lot of us I have spent many years, taken many supplements, tried many therapies and spent a lot of money on the search to improving our health. I have finally found out amongst other issues that I have mitochondrial malfunction. With my other health issues I am in a catch 22 situation where I take supplements only to find it causes an issue else where and feel worse.
    I was last year recommended the PEMT machine but at the time did not feel sure especially regarding the cost. I do sense though that the ICES machine is different.
    Do you know if it has helped anyone with mito malfunction? And how it improved them.
    Thank you

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Yes, it should help…

  • Denvill

    I used ICES on the sides of my head for about 5 hours – it did decrease anxiety significantly but it really reduced my ability to use working memory to all tasks. I would have to repeat something 10 times to remember something. Did you feel similar effect?

    How long do you recommend putting it on the head for someone without too much inflammation? When do you it is enough?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Thanks and no impaired cognition…

  • Robin


    Will ICEs trigger mast cells?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen


  • Daniel

    So, I use the ICES device quite often and today I had nothing better to do than trying to stimulate my vagus nerve and increase HRV. I read about TVNS where they put an electrode to the ear in order to stimulate the cagus nerve . So I ttaced the coils to my ears with no difference. on the sweetbeat HRV monitor. Next I put it on my gut. No or maybe insignifficant effect. i placed it on my aorta. and on my chest. Also tried another position on my head. I can feel it and it makes me somewhat tired while using it on my brain but I did not see any significant changes in my HRV.


    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Thanks Daniel, I will try it with an HRV device.

      1. Daniel

        Yeah, let us know your results.

        Have you tried tDCS? or do you think it wil lfry your brain? 😀

      2. Biomagnetic-Hacker

        Hi Joseph
        Have you had a chance yet, to try it with HRV, yet and if yes, what results did you notice?

        Also, please update us what you think of your Magnetico.

        Proponents of PEMF (vs Static Static magnet therapy), claim, that the body gets used to all static magnets, rather quickly, and it’s initial dramatic improvement disappears over time, with products such as static magnet mats or Manetico, but not with PEMF who’s pattern keeps changing, preventing the body from getting used to it..

        Please update us if your still using your Magnetico, and if you still notice any beneficial effect from it, even now. Since you have it since around January, it’s long enough to know if it’s beneficial effects are lasting, or not.

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          Magnetico…..I like it….I notice an improvement in sleep…

          1. Biomagnetic-Hacker

            ICES helps most people sleep better, so why the need for Magnetico?

            There seems to be many reports that static magnets work, but the body gets used to it over time and so there tends to be a diminishing return, the longer you use it but not with ices which keeps changing patterns, the body can never get used to if.

            As for the magnetic field of the earth, it isn’t a static field. Earth’s magnetic field, although it has a north and south poll, but it’s not a static magnet but rather pemf as can be seen on a compass, under a magnifying glass.

            Have you done an A B comparison, to prove to yourself, that even after using it for a long time, that the Magnetico helps sleeping better, vs sleeping all night with ICES?

            I think it’s safe to say that NASA would choose what works best for the health of astronauts and they choose pemf over static magnets.

            Although I’m skeptical of static magnets I’m still maintaining an open mind to the possibility that perhaps it has something to it which pemf doesn’t, but I’m looking for concrete reports and or A B comparison.

            “Trying it out” (returning it if no results), wouldn’t help, if the body gets used to it over time, because you could get impressive results initially until the body build up a tolerance for it, possibly.

            reply icon
        2. James Einert, ND, CH

          I use a permanent magnet size 4x6x1/2 inch on my back pain. North pole against my back, and it works for me. Usually leave it on for 30 minutes or so, and then only use it when I need it, which is not very often anymore. I have not noticed it working less over time.

          I am hoping to get a ICES PEMF device soon. My wife has chronic fatigue, tinnitus, a balance problem, plus brain fog among other problems, possibly mold problems as well. I am anxious to see if it may help her.

    2. Biomagnetic-Hacker


      May I ask, what was your reason for wanting to get the ices in the first place, unless “something was wrong” which needed ‘fixing’ and so did it work for that?

      If someone has a headache and takes an Asprin, he will most often observe that his headache went away, i.e. “it worked”.

      If someone doesn’t have a headache to begin with, and takes an Asprin, anyway, just out of curiosity, he may come to the conclusion that Asprin doesn’t work for him because “nothing happened” as a result 🙂

      1. Joseph M. Cohen

        He was taking it for MS, but MS is an infrared deficiency according to Kruse, not an electromagnetic deficiency. Daniel does very well with infrared.

  • Alex

    Hey Joseph, I’m really interested in trying this with my daughter. She has epilepsy and very low gut motility (gastroparesis). Obviously they are related and she has poor vagal tone. I’ve researched vns therapy but don’t like the idea of a surgical implant. Using this device seems like a far superior alternative. Would this be safe to use on a little one? Thanks so much! I feel blessed to have found your site 🙂


    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Thanks, yes it’s safe. I hope it works out for her. Let us know if it does or doesn’t. I welcome negative reports as well.

      1. Alex

        Thanks for the reply 🙂 what negative effects have been reported?

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          none that I’ve seen

          1. Philip

            How was the outome Alex?

            reply icon
  • om

    so I have put it on my back and my head but have not really felt anything yet, but I realize it takes time (i guess). Should I just have it on the X or H setting until I feel a difference? I tried finding where he talks about settings in the video but it looks like he says everyone should try them all out….so I was wondering if you could explain the settings at all? and to reiterate, if someone has been dealing with insomnia you would not recommend wearing it over night?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Don’t wear overnight…what are you using it for?

      1. Om

        Ok I won’t use it overnight. Lower back hernias/bulging discs…what is x setting for? Is that the highest setting? Also what’s a good way to test to see ‘if you feel anything’ different or an effect? Just want to make sure this baby is doing something

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          X=Highest, you prob aren’t using it right…watch the videos. Pain should decrease…Leave on all day, experiment w/ dif positions….

      2. Philip

        Why not use over night?

    2. Biomagnetic-Hacker

      I have extensive experiance with it, myself and with many other people. I have yet to see even one case where using it overnight is ever an issue.

      There will always be an exception to every rule but most of the time, even people with insomnia, sleep better with it.

      Some people can have a hypersensitivity, in which case they can use a lower setting of the power level. That’s why it has multiple power level settings.

      On the other hand, occasionaly you can have the opposit extream, where some people will experiance the benefits only after using it for a longer period of time, depending on their sensitivity and depending even more on the severity of the issue and depending on whether it is recent vs. a chronic and deeper embedded issue. Choosing the right spot where to apply it is sometimes key.

      It’s important to to apply the coils as per the instructions provided.

      1. Joseph M. Cohen


    3. Biomagnetic-Hacker

      I was saying, that from my experience, it’s not a problem to use it at night, even all night. Most people report sleeping better, If someone has insomnia, it could help them too. You don’t need insomnia, to notice that you are sleeping better.

      Regarding placement, try to put it on the spot which hurts most, first.

      If you don’t feel any benefit yet, leave it on longer, even if it means 24 hours a day (you can’t O.D. on it). If you don’t feel any effect from lower settings, try the highest setting.

      If it still doesn’t help, try a different spot. If you have lower back pain because of anxiety, for example. it can sometimes be relieved by putting it on your temples to relative the anxiety, rather than directly on the lower back.

      If your not sure, keep trying and you will find the right spot.

      Use the included coil tester to make sure both coils are working.

      1. Philip

        how can you say that someone can´t overdo it with that device?

        Even the inventor doesn´t really know how it works exactly. There are no long term study and just because some people use it all the time 5 years does not mean other persons cannot overdo it…

        Please be careful with such comment!

  • Judd Crane

    Could it be used to put on the nose and help with allergic rhinitis?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Try it out and get back to us

  • om

    I have a bulging disc/herniated disc and inflamed back. It has been around for almost a year and don’t know what to do. Would ICES help me fix the problem? I appreciate your honest feedback, I would normally believe this is wannabe magic or woo woo but since you are recommending it I thought I would ask given my situation.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I think that’s something well suited for ICES to help

      1. Good.vs.Bad EMFs?

        Why are the VLF/ELF (Very/Extremely Low Frequencies, including -20Hz Infrasound) of ICES/PEMF machines “good for us” whereas the VLF/ELF “man made” Frequencies, EMFs (such as what powerlines emit) are deadly? What is the difference?

        The body’s “natural, built-in” frequencies are below 20Hz (I’ve read between 2-18Hz, eyes being 18). But trying to duplicate (man made) what the body naturally has/does, I don’t know.

        Isn’t this a correct equation? >

        Radiation = Frequencies = Vibrations = Sound = Radiation = Frequencies = Vibrations = Sound (etc., continuous loop, meaning they are all the same thing)?

        I’m already being “beat up” by the “Smart Grid” AMI (“Advanced Metering Infrastructure”) which is pumping LF thru HF through the wall-wiring & underground powerlines causing not only the entire bldg. to literally “vibrate & hum,” but is also causing my body & internal organs & brain & eyes to literally vibrate (try eating with your stomach vibrating! or try sleeping with your brain & eyes vibrating!) This SmartGrid crap is nothing but sheer slow-kill torture. So how/why is ICES/PEMF a good thing (in comparison)?

        Airline pilots & machinists, etc., are exposed to ELF/Vibrations in their jobs & end up with death-dealing VAD which causes their internal organs to turn rock hard (research study from Portugal 2004 where they autopsied a man w/VAD).

        And HI-LF (high-intensity low-frequency) stimulates initially but crashes you later. HI-LF ramped up too high can literally cause internal organs to rupture from the Infrasonic vibrations/sound/frequency/radiation. Better keep those machines on Low/Mild-Intensity. 😉

    2. IntestinalIQ

      It has definitely helped my serious lower back problem, and I would recommend it for that purpose. I’ve been using it for a few months.

    3. George Manlove, DC

      Dr. Dennis says that it is especially important to place the coils side by side horizontally across the spine for spinal issues. There is some information on this in the manual which you can access through his site.

  • snk

    I was wondering if it would help for an elbow ligament injury. The ligament didn’t heal properly and it’s been almost a year since the ‘accident’ that gave my elbow a swelling and occasional pain, physiotherapy helped only a little. Has anyone with similar issues used the device?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I would guess so, but no one can say for sure….

  • Eduardo C.

    Do you know why they are shipping only to a few countries now? They are shipping only to 14 countries, in the past they had many countries on the list.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      “We removed the countries that never had people visited our website. I also removed the countries we had trouble with the Customs Clearance. Like Philippines we have to pay the shipping cost to have the package ship back to us or abandon the package. A few other countries we have to keep contacting the Customs, fill out extra forms and give detailed description about the package to have the package cleared out.
      If people live in the country not on our shipping list, but they want to buy our device, we recommend them have their friends or relatives who live in the US help them purchase the device (or they place the order at our website and ship to their friends’ address. When we ship the package to other counties we have to claim it as merchandise. When their friends/relatives ship the package to them, they can claim it as gift. They don’t need to pay the duty fee for gift and it’s easy to go through customs.”

  • Yaniv

    Do you know the 1020 location to target the hypothalamus? If not, do you have a picture of where you place it?

    1. Corey

      T3-T5. Directly above the left ear and about 2 inches back. That whole region is hippocampal.

  • affixthecrown

    @Joe how do you measure your level of inflammation? If i say “adding ice to a bucket of water cools it” that is easily verifiable because I can measure temperature. But how are you measuring inflammation?

    1. Biomagnetic-Hacker


      Why would you or anyone want or need to “measure”, inflammation (especially as it relates to the subject of this thread)?

      Before wanting to “measure”, you would first want to know if you even have any inflammation.

      If you already know you have inflammation, it’s because you can either see or feel or otherwise observe it’s symptoms and indicators.

      if so, then using anything which you suspect has a good anti-inflammatory properties, will immediately reflect the respective symptom improvement.

      For example
      It’s very common for it to cause redness, swelling or pain. You can easily observe the improvement. If the redness, swelling and or pain, seems 2x less red, 2x less swelling or you feel 2x less pain, – you have a “measure” of 2x improvement.

  • Johnny

    If anyone that already has this device shares my curiosity of its capacity in regenerating skin and potentially remodeling scars, And is willing to test this out on any scars that they have and document their progress (ideally with photos), I would be thoroughly grateful. I have a scarred face left over from acne that has brought me great distress in my life. The dermatological treatments that I used for scarring, and in which I had great hope, helped little to none in alteing the appearance of these scars. The removal remains a monumental hurdle in medicine, as even with all of our current technology, few people realize they we have made almost no substantial progress on this front.

    1. Deltrus

      It helped my acne a ton, but didn’t remove scarring. Potentially it would help if you used exfoliators combine with it, but I cannot say for sure.

    2. Joanna

      Have you tried tretinoin cream? It is supposed to increase skin turnover rate (growth) which may? help scarring. It is used to prevent acne and reduced stretch marks.

  • Csquire

    Hi, Joseph
    I watched your interview with Dr. Dennis with much interest and have purchased a Micropulse which I use effectively on sore and aching knee joints. During the later section of your Part 2 youtube interview, another machine from Dr. Dennis was mentioned with reference to brainwave activity (delta waves I think?) what is that device and have you tried it? what are the results?

  • Biomagnetic-Hacker


    In your most recent post, you mention many different tests. I assume you have done many of them on yourself and on your clients.

    I think it would be very useful to observe these types (and other types) of test results, differ, before and after pemf application, as an A B comparison – before vs after.

    This way, we can gain a better understanding of how and why pemf is such a panacea for just about everything and it also gives us an objective indicator, as compared to someone subjectively reporting how they feel.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      that’d be tough to do bec I use many treatment modalities and I don’t want to stop using it for 3 months..

      1. Biomagnetic-Hacker

        Don’t have to stop anything.

        2) The A B comparison doesn’t have to be “instead” of anything currently used only to notice the difference with the addition of ices.

        2) Also with new clients of yours, you have a general idea of which improvements you can usually expect with remedy “xyz” (which you can do anyway) but if you notice the improvements to be “off the charts”, you know it can’t be because of “xyz” because “xyz” never gives such dramatic results so it proves that it’s ices at work.

        3) I believe it can be used not only for someone who has a problem but even for healthy people, to maximize performance.

        It can be tested for possible effects for example:

        Accelerated learning
        Memory improvement
        Cognitive enhancement Nootropics
        Golf score improvement (also other sports)

        I haven’t had a chance to do precise tests in all the above yet, but from what I have noticed so far, (without precise testing) there is little doubt in my mind that it WOULD do all of the above.

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          Yes, I am paying close attention to these factors in myself and clients. Time will help me determine just exactly how much it can help and who it benefits….but right now it’s a good bet to say that it will very likely help with some health issue people are having. I will get blood tests when possible.

  • Charles Farricielli

    I have seen your blog about PEMF, this is fantastic discovery for every disease. I am so happy because this is really advance technology in world. I have seen many blog there all of medical science team is telling, It is almost 10 years advanced technology!.

  • Deltrus

    Sorry for spamming so many posts, but I am pretty sure I’ve discovered the cause of my chronic fatigue, thanks to this ICES device.

    As I’ve already mentioned, I have had some sort of regional pain disorder in my upper right body. My right neck is stiff and makes slight grinding noises, when I smile my right side goes up more, my shoulder is stiff, my elbow keeps getting bad pain.Originally I thought this to be a secondary symptom, but now I think it may be a primary one.

    The ICES device makes my pain abate a bit and replaces it with a pressure along the frontal right brain, behind the nose and eye. The fatigue is still there but the pain is better.

    Using the device for a few more days, I’ve become more aware and sensitive of this pressure. I’ve been able to pinpoint it a bit better.

    It really feels like this pressure is coming from my c1/c2 vertebrae. Also, touching that area, it really feels like the c1 is in a weird position and the c2 is often sticking out ~2-3 cm more to the right and back. Pushing around on these areas affects the pressure sensation.

    I remember starting at like grade 4 my smile was always lopsided in school photos, and this is around when my symptoms started. (some fatigue, lack of focus, anxiety)

    I remembered seeing a related post on pheonixrising so I checked it out.

    And there is also the vagus nerve hypothesis:

    Dr.Amir, one of the experts in this area, says that after years of treating atlas bone problems (c1 vertebrae), he believes that most problems start with a temporomandibular joint dysfunction in the jaw, and that both the atlas bone and jaw bone have to be realigned in order to get long lasting good results.

    I’m looking into my options now, but really out of all the causes for CFS that I have read, this seems to be the most reasonable. I’ve never had symptoms of viral infections(sore throat etc), all my blood tests that the doctor give me come out fine, my genetic tests are clear, most supplements do not affect my fatigue.

    Also the three things that affect my fatigue the best, out of 60+ supplements are:

    – Coffee when drank very quickly + in high amounts. Drinking coffee in this way can stimulate the vagus nerve, which is possibly the entrapped nerve sending out aberrant signals.

    – Nicotine, which also stimulates the vagus nerve.

    – Phenibut, which is an analgesic.

    Modafinil, a stimulant that doesn’t affect the vagus nerve, has no effect on me. Coffee/nicotine in lower/slower doses have no effect on me. Immune stimulants wreck me completely, and immune suppressors only work a little, and temporarily.

    I also only got my food allergies after having fatigue / pain for over a year. It makes sense that the body was trying to find a reason for these aberrant nerve signals, and gained sensitivity to potential threats(plant proteins).

    Without this device, my pain/symptoms feel decentralized and it would be impossible to figure it out.

    1. Biomagnetic-Hacker


      Since in your case the issue seems to on your back, it’s a bit difficult to do it all on your own because you can’t easily reach every spot on your back.

      Based on my experience, one of the best ways of pinpointing the best spot where to place the coils is to have someone help and palpate apply strong finger pressure all over until he finds one
      one or more spots which hurt the most when pressed hard. That is the spot you should put the coil and by doing so, may find the pain from an entirely different location to be affected.

      This the technique often used by some of hose who practice acupuncture or acupressure or Reflexology. I found that this technique is effective in our coil application too.

      Please keep us updated with your results.

      1. Biomagnetic-Hacker

        I addressed Luigi but I actually was addressing the comment by Deltrus.

        1. Luigi

          np i guessed that 🙂

      2. Deltrus

        Alright, here is an update.

        – The pressure feeling was because of muscle tension putting pressure on various nerve systems.

        1. My hyoid bone was pulled to the right quite a bit, while my larynx was still in the correct position, resulting in a “hole” sort of thing above my larynx, because my hyoid bone wasn’t really covering it well. I think this caused quite a bit of stress on the nerves that innervate through here.

        2. My atlas bone was also being pulled to the right. There are lots of chiropractors that can “adjust” this bone, but like the hyoid bone, this bone is only supported by muscle. If muscles are tight, this bone will keep going out of place. I can actually self adjust this bone with minimal pressure by relaxing the muscles holding it, pushing my jaw and the bone in opposite directions. Or alternatively I can tighten the muscles that hold the atlas bone in, only on one side. This feels a lot like using the tongue muscles to push on the roof of the mouth, except a bit lower. Tightening the muscles in such a way will actually shift this bone into the correct position.

        3. My default posture made my lower back shift into a > shape while my upper back was in a < shape but my shoulder was still paradoxically being pulled up. I mostly discovered this by trying to reverse my "comfortable position". (which is resting my head on my right hand in a "thinking" pose)

        Overall, after correcting my hyoid bone and my atlas bone, the ICES brain pressure feeling goes away. After stretching etc and correcting my below neck posture, my shoulder and neck tightness is fairly alleviated. One of my best stretches is to sit in a chair and look over my shoulder, pushing with my hand on the back of the chair to stretch my muscles in my inner shoulder.

        – After being on the antibiotics for 10 days, 1 week later I am still having much better bowel movements and my food sensitivities are 90% gone. I don't have a huge improvement in energy with that alone.

        – I still believe my brain has a high glutamate / gaba ratio. This article explains it well:

        I probably experienced glutamate kindling with coffee combine with chronic stress, chronic pain, chronic glutamate release from inflammation etc.

        This would explain why phenibut is such a wonder drug for me.

        I quit coffee completely, it is weird because now I feel "drunk" when I'm super tired which never happened before, when I was drinking coffee. I think my sleep is improving. I'm taking 4 mg nicotine gum instead of coffee.

        I still have chronic fatigue, but I'm peeling off each layer of the stuff that is wrong with me, maybe one day I will get to the center.

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          Awesome, thanks.

    2. Jane Dignan

      So glad to hear someone talk about the frontal lobe feeling of tension behind the eys, “my pain abate a bit and replaces it with a pressure along the frontal right brain, behind the nose and eye.”
      As this has been my experience using the ICES. I also noticed an abatement in that sensation when applying the ICES on those upper vertebrae and had been really curious about it. I tend to hold tension in my throat and wonder now if that is a contributing factor. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and analysis.

    3. John Macgregor

      Deltrus, how are you doing with ICES now, a year or two down the track?

      Happy to hear from anyone else on this thread also.

  • Luigi

    how long is one cycle?

    1. Luigi

      never mind, its in the manual

  • Luigi

    got my ices yesterday, trying it on my long term chronic gut pain (9 years now), is this the only place to discuss this? forum anywhere? looking forward to playing with this device after listening to Joe and Dennis many times

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I’m going to start a forum sometime…

      1. Biomagnetic-Hacker


        A dedicated forum would be very helpful.

      2. Luigi

        that would be great as its difficult to discuss stuff in this linear column fashion 🙂

  • Nina Chrumov

    How long did you put it on your gut? what kind of coil placement (both sides, stacked, etc)?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      all morning and afternoon for optimal effects…I move it around…

      1. Nina Chrumov

        Do you recommend placing ICES all over the head for the same period of time? what is your experience?

        1. Joseph M. Cohen


  • Deltrus

    Alright, this is pretty cool. Feeling great all morning, fasting, then I take:

    Vit C
    Vit E
    Alpha lipoic acid

    Then for some reason, after 10 minutes, I get a really bad tired but wired type of feeling. This is the type of feeling which normally ruins my days and makes me feel very mentally unstable / tired / stressed / unmotivated. The tired feeling also makes me slow, unable to type quickly, or think/move in a non-sluggish fashion.

    I feel like taking a nap but instead try putting ICES on different parts of my body. Arm, no feeling, head, no feeling, neck/chest, no feeling. Then I put it on my abdomen, I can feel my intestines moving a bit, and I start getting energy and wakefulness within 10 minutes. It gave me a bit more feeling in my head than when I normally put the device on that area.

    I can only assume that one of the supplements that I took increased inflammation in the gut. Because most of the stuff I took was part of my normal stack, and because they are mostly essential nutrients, it must have been the n-acetyl-glucosamine. A quick good search says:

    “Avoid in people with a known allergy or sensitivity to glucosamine sulfate or its parts. Glucosamine comes from shrimp, crab, and other shellfish, and should be avoided if allergic or sensitive to shellfish or iodine.”

    And the NAG bottle says it contains prawn and crab shell.

    So apparently I most likely have a shellfish allergy too!

    I find it amazing how I can only usually “feel” the ICES device on areas which are currently in pain or inflamed. It doesn’t always work on exactly the same body part every time. When I had arm pain, I felt it more of that sensation in my head when I put it on my arm, when I didn’t have pain on my arm, I didn’t get nearly the same magnitude of that sensation. When I put it on my gut, when I just had the NAG, I believe I felt more of the sensation in my head compared to normal. (normally putting it on my gut doesn’t give me much of the feeling at all).

    Of course, none of this is confirmed. The head feelings might be completely random / unrelated to this. But the “take pills -> tired -> put device on places -> put it on my gut and get great results” thing seems fairly real. The change was very pronounced. It has been 30 minutes and the tired feeling still hasn’t come back. Usually it lasts all day.

    1. Deltrus

      “A quick good search says:” meant to say google. This site needs an edit button! Also it has been a few hours and I’m still not tired again.

    2. Joseph M. Cohen

      Yes, I’m using it on my head, gut, thyroid, shoulder injury…and I’m even thinking of exploring testes to increase testosterone…

  • Joseph M. Cohen


    From my informal survey of clients, it seems to help very much for pain and also for fatigue.

    It still helps me a lot if I’m ever fatigued and for a shoulder injury.

    I also find it stimulates thyroid hormones, which is very good.

    ICES is part of my first line protocol for these two. As I get more user feedback, I’ll recommend it for other uses.

  • Deltrus

    I get a warm pressure in my brain when I put the device on certain parts of my body. The pressure feels like it is above the nasal cavity and around the area between/behind the eyebrows. I have no idea what this feeling is, hopefully it will make me a genius somehow (haha..).

    Areas on which I put the coils (figure 8 formation) to get the feeling:

    Lots of the feeling:
    – Upper neck, sides of neck, over heart, over forearms, over hand

    Medium amount:
    – Rest of front chest other than heart, legs, feet, spine, cranium (maybe low on cranium?)

    Low amount:
    – Shoulder blade, top of arm part of the shoulder, abdomen, pelvis area

    Taking the device off, if it was on the “lots of feeling area”, the feeling in the brain lasts around 30 mins.

    Even if I don’t feel it lots in the brain when I put it on my abdomen, it usually seems to increase gut motility.

    The “coil on each side” formation doesn’t seem to work that well for me. Haven’t experimented too much with the “coil ontop of eachother” formation.

    The device seems to have helped my acne quite a bit, I haven’t had any new acne since I started using it (4 days ago), and my current acne is healing faster.

    I still need more testing before I give my conclusive opinion on the device, but I have been feeling like I have more intelligence and moments of energy in the last few days. And it has some sort of effect on my sleep that needs more testing. I think I had more energy when I went for a run.

    On an unrelated note, my doctor found that I had a bowel parasite, blastocystis hominis trophs, which may or may not be responsible for my fatigue/gas/IBS. Depends on the strain, some are not pathogenic.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Thanks for your detailed reports!

      I wouldn’t use it at night btw. I found it can cause insomnia for me when I put it on my head. I only use on my head during the day…

      1. Biomagnetic-Hacker

        I’ve used it many times at night on my head, (actually my head is resting on top of it), sleeping with it all night, ok.

        No problem at all sleeping with it or without it but the benefit (of sleeping with it) I find is that I wake up much more alert with more energy and I feel like I slept far more hours than I actually did.

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          It’s good if you need to get little sleep maybe and function the next day.

          1. Deltrus

            I was taking 1 hour to get up before I got this device. Sleeping on the device, it takes 10 minutes.

            I usually got 8 hours of sleep. I don’t move at all in my sleep, which is good for once, I can just lay on this under my upper back without taping anything.

            I notice that I kept having nosebleeds from super thin blood in the mornings, now that disappeared.

            I feel like the lowest setting on the device works just as good, or even the 2 setting. Saves a lot of power.

            This device:

            – Made my acne disappear 90%
            – Lets me wake up with a decent amount of energy
            – Interrupts cycles of chronic pain, but doesn’t stop them from recurring when certain trigger stimuli occur
            – Removes big bursts of fatigue non-related to exertion
            – Is fun to experiment with

            It didn’t:

            – Remove my post exertion fatigue (a really big issue, 4.5 hours into my work I’m practically falling over and dead for the rest of the day, it is hell)

            – Remove post morning fatigue (my mind only works well in the morning, after that, I’m sluggish no matter what, but it isn’t too horrible unless I want to exert myself.)

            – Remove some types of fatigue which are like “background noise weakness”. It removes the extreme brain fog fatigue. But the constant, non-varying fatigue still stays.

            reply icon
          2. Joseph M. Cohen

            Thanks! I don’t know your case, but I’d recommend using it all over the body..If I knew your deal, I’d be able to recommend where to focus it, but it seems like you’re doing well on your own…I updated the post.

            ICES is a tool and as you see it’s a good tool, the best single tool in my toolkit. No body has reported negative results yet. I don’t screen comments and I welcome good or negative results.

            Keep using it and I think other things will improve as well. The studies show that the longer you use it, the better.

            reply icon
  • Jerry

    Hi Joe, thanks for all the great info on this site. I recently got both the LLLT device and ICES, I see in the article that you use both, but was wondering if there are any problems with using both on the same day, perhaps only hours a part?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      No problem….I think they can even be synergistic.

  • Deltrus

    – Battery life from a full alkaline battery from walmart lasted for 4 hours on 4 setting and another 7 hours on the 3 setting

    – Results on my brain were alright, but nothing that great. Seemed to enhance focus and make stimulants better.

    First night I tried it, the battery ran out during the night some time. I didn’t get to confirm the effects of the device on my sleep when put on the brain.

    – Second night. Putting it on my right arm, I noticed a feeling going up my arm and a tingling just below my right temple. This was intermittent and I could only feel it after a while.

    – Just a bit of backstory, my pain originated from a minor repetitive strain injury, and spread to my upper arm, then my shoulder, then the area just to the right of my spine, and then up my neck and jaw. With CBT and a few exercises, I keep this pain manageable, but my entire right upper body is always tense, gets muscles knots, and has a low level of constant pain.

    – When I took phenibut, I had amazing sleep, all my chronic fatigue symptoms were gone. One time, when the phenibut was wearing off, when I woke up, I felt amazing until I remembered that I usually am in pain, and then the pain came back. This makes me think that my pain is central in origin and has no peripheral cause. It most likely was caused by sensitization / kindling (

    – Anyways, back to the device. It is on my arm and I feel that subtle “tingling” ish feeling going up the nerve area. Pain is a bit better, sometimes the area feels warm.

    – I cut off the tube of a sock and use it to hold the coils in place (on my arm) while I sleep. 5 hours later, I wake up with a similar (but not nearly as pronounced/weird/sedating) feeling as phenibut. Lots of energy. Nerve pain returned when I assessed myself.

    – Just a theory, but maybe this device acts as “white noise” to afferent nerves which are sensitized? In this way, it can potentially drown out cytokine stimulation / pain in peripheral nerves. As an analogy, I get really annoyed by dogs barking outside(sensitised cortisol response), so I put on the fan and put in some earplugs.

    I’m thinking of trying some things to improve my sleep. I’m talking to my doctor about recent blood tests etc trying to find the cause of my constant chronic fatigue. I think I’m going to suggest gabapentin to help with sleep.

  • Joseph M. Cohen

    Someone emailed me saying they had the same experience and was searching the web to see if others had it and found this post. So that’s interesting.

    “I have an a9a unit just like you have and I’ve read every word on your blog about it and listened to both of your videos – all of which I found extreamly interesting, immensely informative, to say the least……

    Some of the very unusual health benefits, which you had personally, achieved by using the a9a, were identical, what I have found myself too.

    It’s because of your very unusual aplication of the a9a and because I was searching for anyone’s possible experiance in this regard – it’s how and why I found you.

    My hypothesis is that one of (many) underlying mechanisms is the almost instantaneous result we always get with pemf which is: increased blood suply, vasodilation, and most importantly (in my oppinion) the resulting increased oxygenation.

    That’s why you feell so much better and why it aleviates your symptoms when you put it on your head.

    Here is the scientific proof, to prove that my theory, above is probobly right and is st the very least “on the right track”.

    I slso have reason (I have some evidence to support this) to believe that pemf causes a very rapid tisdue alkalizing effect (which is ususlly synonymous with health and healing). But in light of all of the above better tissue oxygenation and alkalization, go hand in hand.

    Thanks and best wishes for the best of health.”

  • Deltrus

    Alright I ended up buying this thing.

    I’m mostly putting it on my head. I’m not going too far into the subjective effects today, as the placebo effect is in full motion, and it also will probably have different effects on sleep etc. I still haven’t stacked it with stimulants yet.

    Using it when I listen to music at the same time seems to improve its effects.

    It seems to help my pain. Might be placebo.

    I tried putting it next to my headphones, you know, for science, and the speaker magnets seems to make the coil magnets into magnets which attract each-other. And the coil beep gets louder. Yeah, better leave that alone.

    Putting the coils under a baseball cap seems to work well to keep them in place.

    They make just enough noise to attract attention. I’m trying to stay low key so I just put on the AC.

    Right now I have pretty good visual clarity, but most things that increase my visual clarity are not reliable from my experience. Need to try it longer.

    I will sleep with it tonight. I definitely see some effect in the first 3 hours.

    I also eventually want to put it all over my right arm. I have a longstanding dull pain / weakness along my forearm muscles from repetitive strain injury.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen


  • IntestinalIQ

    I got the unit yesterday. I’ve been having debilitating back pain for a few months. I was concerned I had a slipped disk or something

    The unit is not that impressive to look at, but I trust Joe to be honest about effectiveness, so I was skeptical, but open minded.

    I put the coils on my lower back, wrapped them with an ace bandage and walked around doing my normal activities. After about three hours I felt a warmth down my glutes and the upper back of my legs. I also felt pretty much pain free in my lower back for the first time in months. It was dramatically better. The relief lasted overnight for the most part, but I put the coils back on this morning and will wear them the first half of the day.

    I’ve been involved with alternative healing modalities for a long time. I’m comfortable that I can tell the difference between placebo and real effects. This is the real deal.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen


  • Johnny

    “It will rejuvenate any tissue you put it on – especially bones, but also joints, skin, etc…”

    I’m not exactly sure what “rejuvenation” consists of, as it is a vague and overused term. Is there any evidence (or does anyone have any experience) with this regenerating skin to the point that scarring is remodeled and eliminated?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      upregulates stem cell expression…also see video…Dr Dennis did a clinical trial showing much quicker healing of skin after surgery.

  • ArtyG

    Dear Joseph,

    Thank you for all the free information that you share on your blog. I really like your no b.s. approach.

    Do you think this device can help regrow cartilage in the knee? I ‘ve been struggling from Rheumatoid arthritis in both my knee joints since about 16-17 y.o.

    I understand, that in order to treat RA, one must try to look deeper and try to see the main reason for its development – thus i am not intending to treat RA with one device.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Good chance. Try it out and report back.

  • Phil

    Whilst I’m skeptical about this, it does remind me of a recent article in Scientific American about using bioelectronic medicine to create an “off switch” for arthritis, diabetes, cancer etc. Seems like this kind of thing is the future!

  • Jonas

    Hey Joseph, great article. Do you get kickbacks from products you promote?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen
  • Ellamo

    Just got my ICES device. Two questions – first, how frequently do you replace batteries (I intend to use it ~1-2 hours per day)?

    Can you be near a computer/screen when using? (I know it may damage the magnetic field)

    1. Ellamo

      Also – how long do you place it on the back of you head? Do you do the back also stacked?

      1. Joseph M. Cohen


    2. Joseph M. Cohen

      You have to change the batteries like every week. Get rechargeables. Not an issue.

  • William

    Can you really put it…anywhere? I’m curious like that.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I would


    I have severe Narcolepsy. The toxic medication only works for a few months and then I have to switch or go to the highest doses. I’ve had narcolepsy for many years but the last 5 have been bad. I am currently planning on switching to a low histamine diet but ran across this product article by a link in your article about Lectin Avoidance…. I am in crisis mode as I can barely hold down a job because Im so tired. The bills are not being paid some months. I’m a single mom of 2 adopted girls and am struggling beyond words. HAS YOUR UNIT BEEN USED FOR NARCOLEPSY? I’m willing to try anything at this point…..

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      It’s not “my” unit and I don’t know how much it will help narcolepsy.

  • Fritz.Harber

    Hi! I just ordered the device. But, as I really do not have an hour to hold it on my head, how exactly do you use it parallel to doing other things?

    How do you place it at the back of your head? Do you do it with the coils doubled?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      See the video I posted in the other comment

      1. Fritz.Harber

        Thanks! Also – what is the battery life of this device? Do you recommend to buy rechargeable batteries or can I just buy 9v energizer battery?

  • thepractice

    I bought it. Used it only once but I think it works. Felt clearheaded afterwards. I used the discount code for a free coil. Thanks joe. Ordered a long coil but they sent me a standard one.

    Question Joe: says this device has a frequency of 10 hz or 100 hz. how do you change it? Does it correspond to the low, medium, high, extra high power setting?

    The maker of the earthpulse device says in the comments below that 100 hz may be harmful.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Great, keep me updated.

      With all due respect to him, I would ignore what the Earthpulse guy says. Dr Dennis is more of an expert and the device works better for wakefulness.

  • Samson Alin

    Hy Joseph,
    Thanks for sharing your discovery.At a certain point you said that ICES is way much better than other alternative -therapies(LLLt comes in mind) and supplement aid(pregnolon,nootropics).So ,if I undesrsood correctly at the present time you are using only ICES or ICES in conjunction with some other form of therapy or supplement intake?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      In conjunction

  • chris

    The manual states that the device should not be used near the brain, eyes, and ears. Do you know the specific medical reasons about why you shouldn’t?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen


  • lordlol

    the guy commented below had a very interesting question
    Do you think itd help with anxiety/overactive stress response?
    you didnt answer that, and actually i am very curious about this question, since inflammation and stress have a link.
    i guess the question will be,
    if you put your self in a very stressfull situation and use the ices afterwards and before, how will it compare to non ices usage,?
    aka can u expect the AFTER effect of the event to go down?
    based on KEITH comment i would say yes, but
    this anxiety/stress will determine for me how soon i will get the device, i feel like anxiety gets me too much in a social situtaion. it holds me back, and if this indeed helps with stress and anxiety i am going to get it now, if not i will probably wait few monthes .

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I believe it will help with anxiety because it feels relaxing.

  • jblez

    Since I trust you I trust this device. However, the obscurity and self-promoting nature of it alarms my quackery intuition. On top of that, it is not a widely discussed device in science, and the science seems to be contained within the circle that promotes it.

    If this is so effective why is it not INSANELY popular? Think about all those people on chronic fatigue forums that would be raving about it.

    Something tells me it’ll work but only so much. I’d like to hear what you have to say about this.

    Basically, I WANT to buy it but I’m curious why this product seems like its in its own little bubble.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Maybe bec there’s so many varieties and configurations of it.

      I’m curious, what would a 400$ device have to do for it to be worth it for you? If it helped you 10%, would that be worth it?

      1. jblez

        I don’t think 10% would be worth it because I am a student and cannot waste money, esp considering the time invested from using it for an hour instead of just popping a pill.

        Do you think itd help with anxiety/overactive stress response? I have a hard time TRULY relaxing and get mild fight or flight responses from all sorts of things.

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          If you can’t accept a 10% benefit then I suggest you don’t buy ANYTHING based on my recommendations. Maybe go for the cheapest stuff like NAC, Zinc or whatever.

          With my mindset, even a 5% benefit has returns over a lifetime and I will be paid back 100X my money with this investment. It’s all about return on incvestment. But if you really don’t have any money and you can barely afford to live, then I don’t recommend it.

          1. Joseph M. Cohen

            Why things are the way they are requires post. Nothing that I do is accepted by the mainstream. Most doctors think all supplements are placebos.

            When you evaluate the effectiveness of something based on if it’s mainstream, then you will not get results different from what the mainstream are getting.

            reply icon
          2. Rollia

            You write that you can place this device parallel to doing other things (working, typing walking), could you please elaborate on how exactly it is done (or post a video)? The reason is that I do not have an hour a day in which I could simply hold it on my head,

            reply icon
          3. Joseph M. Cohen
            reply icon
    2. Siouxsie Slayer

      Why is it not INSANELY popular?
      Maybe because the company is run by an exemplary scientist with impeccable credentials who is not a snake oil salesman and who refuses to make excessive claims.
      ICES is brand new technology that is just emerging into the market. It will become INSANELY popular.

    3. thepractice

      Assuming it works, I think it’s obscure because it doesn’t fit into the paradigm of modern medicine- treating specific symptoms with chemicals or surgery.

      The device claims to improve health globally and treat multiple different symptoms. Such claims are typical of pseudoscience and doctors are highly skeptical of them.

      That said, I plan on buying one and I would love to hear more user reviews. I’ve found a few good ones and not a single poor one.

      1. Joseph M. Cohen

        Because it functions as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant it will help pretty much every chronic health issue or disease.

        Read my post on “Science Based Medicine

    4. Paul Becker

      If i might help Mr. Cohen because you raise an interesting point. As it seems i’m stuck in the same little bubble. Electric/magnetic stimulation of the body scares the pants of BigPharma because it erases most of the need for chemical medications.

      FDA puts up huge barriers of entry if you want to get approvals. $30MM worth of barriers if you’re lucky.

      All the rich people own big pharma stock, why would they want to back a company or basket of companies to put big pharma out of business?

      The mass media won’t dare print anything about the technology (anywhere it’s likely to be seen) because they get so much money from BigPhama in advertising, plus the big 8 media companies are all part of the same cabal. all very rich. all own stock in bigpharma/monsanto.

      PEMF is the most potent technology ever discovered for restoring/maintaining health. it acts as an electron donor just like an anti-oxidant.

      Our research finds certain frequencies tune the mitochondria so the enhanced healing or improvements in mental, psychological and physiological states are benefited by organically produced ATP. not simply as an electron donor.

      The Dennis device set at 10 Hz will do this based upon his research at NASA. there is also a study by Tong and one by Hood that helps explain how the NASA/dennis/goodwin quadrupled tissue regeneration.

      Our system was designed after 10 Hz research in Russia. We began sales in late 2002. became aware of the dennis research in 2006. while micropulse/somapulse includes 100 Hz for no apparent reason, we don’t go over 14.1 Hz as 15 Hz causes negative behavioral modification as shown in dozens of studies.

      20 Hz causes stress hormone production. not very therapeutic wouldn’t you say?

      All the other PEMF manufacturers include 20 Hz and some higher still.

      No, unfortunately you won’t hear about PEMF unless you’re lucky. Mr. Cohen did you a great service by opening the door for your research.

      The micropulse set at 10 Hz should give you far more than 10% improvement if you are able to use it enough.

      1. Joseph M. Cohen

        Thanks Mr Becker,

        1) I mentioned that I thought it was closer to 25%, but it’s hard to know how it will affect other people. For me it’s really good and so far for a the few clients who have tried it.

        2) I Googled your name and you seem to be the inventor of the Earthpulse. I actually received that last night and will be experimenting with it and comparing it to ICES.

        I can say that the effects are different, but I need to try it at least a few more times before I evaluate it and see how they’re different and the benefits of each.

  • Keith

    Update on my personal experience: I’ve had this unit for three days now, and it’s a game changer for me. I’ve been using it on my head after meals, whenever I start dipping energetically, and (sometimes after a brief lull) — it’s as if my brain suddenly “locks in” and I’m focused and able to think clearly – for hours. This is a big deal for me. So, if you’re on the fence, it’s so worth a try. Heck, I have a $4000 fancy Tens-type machine sitting gathering dust under my bed, and this little thing does way for me than that ever did.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Thanks Keith,
      other client reviews have also been positive so far.

      Given that your issue has been so intransigent, it’s good to know that my experience has been validated by someone with your level of fatigue.

  • Bierak

    Hello do you believe that they can enable shipping to other countries?
    I’m from Chile South America, and I wan’t to get this device

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      They have intl shipping.

      1. pamoja

        Yes, but to 22 countries only. Mine, Austria, as many others, isn’t one of them …

        1. Joseph M. Cohen


        2. Joseph M. Cohen

          They added Austria and the rest of them

          1. lordlol

            well i am from israel and they dont have it.
            what should i do>\?

            reply icon
          2. Joseph M. Cohen

            Email them if you’re from a country they don’t ship it to…

            reply icon
  • Thomas

    Is it primarily the lack of stress response which makes this better than LLLT or is there more?

  • Johnny

    Skeptical, but intrigued

  • Thepractice

    Do you think this would work to clear my sinuses? I have chronically blocked-up sinuses.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      no clue

    2. Thomas

      Here’s a technique you can try

  • Pete

    Here’s the most relevant paper I’ve found on this ––TP-2003-212054.pdf?dl=0

    It was the first study done at NASA on the ancestral precursor to this technology, and determined the effect on the phenotypic and genotypic expression of neural cell cultures.

    It is a nice resource, particularly in that it describes the degree of up/down-regulation of particular genes, so you can research about the downstream effects of the most altered gene expressions to get a better picture of what the widespread biological effects are.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      That’s awesome, thanks!

  • Sabrina

    Do you happen to know if the electro-magnetic energy travels via the blood, the connective tissue or some other pathway for systemic effects?

  • Sabrina

    You said you can place the coils anywhere for systemic effects — could you please explain how that process works exactly? How does placing the coils on my foot affect my whole body, for example? Thanks again.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Electro-magnetism travels throughout the body

  • Sabrina

    You said you use the micro pulse for systemic effects. How / where on the body, do you place the coils for systemic results? Thanks in advance!

    1. Joseph M. Cohen


  • Sam

    Being that inflammation assists in muscular repair after exercise. Would this device be counter productive to a serious athlete?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Only some types. Some types slower healing. I would guess that it would overall be good.

    2. Siouxsie Slayer
  • Deltrus

    It ends up being $700 Canadian, and the free shipping code doesn’t work outside the US. Dam exchange rates and taxes! One Canadian dollar is .78 USD.

    Right now I wanna buy semax + selank: ~100 dollars

    This device: ~700 dollars

    Stuff to supplement based on 23andme data: ~60 dollars

    I’m going to have to get a 3rd part time job! Or maybe I can make some sort of blog. At least NAC seems to be treating 90% of my chronic fatigue, so life is quite a bit easier.

    I’l have to hold off on the hi-maize and 4-aco-dmt experiments for another few months. Ah well, I’l get everything eventually.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      They will be offering international shipping next week! I will speak to them regarding free international shipping!


      1. Daniel


    2. Joseph M. Cohen

      Sounds great.

  • Brian

    Have you had a chance to compare this with the effectiveness of the method used by the guy at ? He suggests you buy the exact replacement coils for the Somapulse which only cost $20 and then hook them up to a MP3 player that can play FLAC files that you can load with various wave patterns for different therapeutic purposes.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I would be surprised if that works. Dr Dennis claims it doesn’t. He claims that you’re risking breaking your MP3 player/iPhone and it won’t work. He’s the NASA scientist that invented this shit, so I believe him over some random dude.

      See Dr Dennis’s video – the details matter and having a DIY machine will have very different details. He’s been hacking away at this for years, for his own benefit as well!

      I personally would not do the DIY PEMF, even if I was poor. I don’t trust the DIY PEMF. But you are welcome to try it and report back your results. If you do it and also do ICES, I would particularly be interested in what the result would be.

      The DIY stuff always looks cool, but when we’re dealing with our brain, I want to know I’m getting quality.

      Here’s what Dr Dennis Says:
      “Can I just plug a set of ICES coils into my iPhone and use it as an ICES pulse generator:
      We’re fine with it if you want to try it, but it really does not work. Here’s why:
      – First, the ICES coil impedance is too low, so it could damage your iPhone.
      Try it at your own risk. We think you’ll probably destroy your iPhone with prolonged use.
      – Second, iPhone audio output amplifiers are limited to audible sound frequencies (20 Hz to 20 KHz),
      this is way below the high frequency spectrum required for the physics of ICES.
      We’ve tested it ourselves… it just does not work. Seriously, using the best electro-
      magnetic test equipment available anywhere… it really does not work.

      – Your pet deserves better than that if they have a serious injury.
      – *BUT*, if you don’t mind risking your iPhone and doing something that is unlikely to work anyway,
      our coil accessories would be an excellent way for you to use an iPhone as a sinusoidal or triangle
      wave generator, to replace the other much more expensive, much less effective PEMF systems out there.
      But those systems really do not work well anyway, so why risk your iPhone to do something poorly?

      Answers in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Pete

    This sounds amazing… could you describe a little bit about its effect on your cognitive state, dimensions like energy, attention, clarity etc and how the effects manifest in the short-term/medium-term?

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention :]

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Energy – up
      Attention – up when used after meals
      Clarity – up when used after meals

      Short (5 minutes), medium (hours) and longer term (days) seem to be good.

      1. Pete

        Could you elaborate a little more? Since you esteem it highly I hope that won’t be too difficult :] How does it effect your general cognition, mood etc. Is there anything that particularly stands out to you in your experience with it?

        By the way, I found a nice concise yet informative written description of the efficacy of this technology –

  • lordlol

    and also will there be a post on, why does this stuff works and helps u?

  • lordlol

    wait ,arent you hyping it a bit too much?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I said it’s not a cure…but it’s the single best tool. Is that hype if it’s true? I consider hype to be something inaccurate…Please post what may seem inaccurate and I’ll reassess.

  • Deltrus

    My father has skin cancer on his face and degenerative disk disease. This sounds like something that can really help him, judging by those regrown bones that have been shown. It’s gonna be awkward trying to convince him this isn’t hippie shit. Haha.

    What effect do you think this advice will have on cancer? I’m guessing that the increase in growth would also apply to tumors?

    Of course, chronic inflammation can create cancer, so it balances out a bit. Just, probably not for existing cancers.

    At any rate, I am buying this for myself. There goes next week’s paycheck! Normally I would wait for more people to try it but I’l take your word on its effectiveness for inflammation.

    1. Deltrus

      instead of “advice” I meant “device”. Time for bed!

    2. Joseph M. Cohen

      Cancer is something that is an unknown even on the theoretical sense as to if it would benefit or not. I hope to look into it more, but at this stage I wouldn’t recommend it for cancer.

      Cancer is often driven by inflammation, but once you have it the processes are different.

      I’m most excited about using this for issues that have inflammation at a local level, but also systemic level. I wouldn’t personally buy this for cancer.

      So inflammation locally in your hypothalamus causes fatigue, etc…Which is why I aim it at my hypothalamus…..It’s also great to use it on any kind of pain or injuries.

      It also works systemically, but the beauty of a device over a pill is that it can be concentrated locally…

  • Clarice

    I recently bought one of these devices for my daughter, who has lived with chronic back pain for 20 years. She has tried all sorts of things to reduce her pain, including physio, massage, acupuncture, yoga, drugs, and steroid injections, but nothing really helped. Now, after three weeks of using ICES, her back pain is significantly reduced, she has some pain free periods, she is sleeping much better, and her quality of life has dramatically improved. We are so grateful to Dr. Bob Dennis for all that he has done to create this technology!

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Oh wow, great to have another user experience!

    2. Thomas

      Ever heard of the Ghokale method?.

      1. Joseph M. Cohen

        No, but I looked it up. Something to try out for back pain, but I’m skeptical.

        1. Thomas

          Here’s her book if you wanna try:

          It’s all the correct information on what good posture is with a chapter by chapter “how to” section.

          Her assertion is that good posture relieves pain via decompression of spinal discs.

    3. Kurk

      Not to say this machine doesn’t work, but this review is most likely faked. There are telltale signs in this and the way it’s structured as almost a marketing post.

      Joe I really hope your not promoting this to make a profit but truly believe in the effectiveness of this device that has nearly zero human studies to back it.

      1. Joseph M. Cohen

        Kurk, you talking about my review or Clarice’s?

        I promote products that give me good and noticeable effects.

        The percentage commission I make is similar to what I’d make if I were to promote any other product or supplement. So there’d be no reason for me to promote this one over another. Sometimes I promote products that don’t give me any commission.

        If people try a product out and aren’t helped by it, then that ruins my reputation a bit, which I wouldn’t want.

        Does this mean everyone will be helped by it? I don’t know. People’s issues are different. But I think it will help people who have fatigue.

        Will this cure your fatigue, if you have it? Not by itself if it’s severe, but I assume my audience is mature enough to realize that nothing is ever a cure by itself.

        1. Kurk

          I was referring to Clarice’s post. I would bet a good amount of money it’s non genuine.

          1. Pete

            Enthusiasm =/= Disingenuity

            reply icon
  • Keith

    This is awesome intel, thanks! I clicked immediately to order — I’ve been looking at PEMF devices for a long time, and everything about them is confusing – from the pricing to variety of machines/frequencies, to the claims made. Thanks for finding a device so straightforward and targeted to my needs…

    1. Joseph M. Cohen


  • Joanna

    shame that “ICES” sounds so much like….something else 😛 cool none the less.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen


  • lisa

    Thank you for the update! Where have you been using this tool on your brain? Are you simply placing it on the crown of you head for an hour or are you changing the location every several minutes?

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      All over.

      1. Biomagnetic-Hacker

        I’m the one, whose email you quoted and posted.

        Here is some more interesting info on the subject.

        I can confirm that all the findings which Joseph mentioned about the potential therapeutic effect of the device is true, plus much more. I would go even further to expect that most likely, just about any disease, most likely has a very good chance to be helped by it and clinical testing of even much more crude type of pemf devices (20 to 30 years before nasa even made any experiments) has long before already proven this to be true.

        Although most the usa pemf device makers claim they are based on nasa work, which implies “nasa (actually Robert Denis) invented it”, in truth it was used medicinally and effectively, decades before nasa even thought of it.

        By The Way
        It’s quite inexpensive to purchase test strips to test ph in urine. Anyone can try to repeat the following experiment to see if they get the same results:

        First test you ph for several days in the morning to get a consistent idea of what your baseline ph typically is.

        After you have established your usual baseline, go ahead and apply the coils in whichever manner you have found benefits you most and sleep with it all night.

        Test again after 8 to 12 hours of non stop pemf usage and you will likely find significantly lowered urine ph.

        I have “a unifying theory” and hypothesis as to how and why the device works.

        It’s a bit long and complex to explain in a brief comment however for all those of us who are already thoroughly familiar, in depth, with the innovative theories of Gerald Pollack and of Jack Kruse, they will be able to note some common ground between them.

        To put it in very simple words:

        One of the most important factors of all living cells and living organisms (and which is most neglected by most scientist ) is the importance of the electrical charge of water, without which it can’t function properly in living cells. This is sometimes referred to as “structured water”.

        My theory is that the reason why all types of biomagnetics (including static magnets like a Magnetico, works) in general and pemf in particular, is so very broadly effective in any and every aspect of cellular life and can cure just about any and every condition, is because it effects this most crucial aspect, of the often diminished or lacking (of the much needed) negative charge in the water of the the cell or tissue etc.

        It’s the only way to explain the incredibly rapid response where pemf almost instantaneously reduces edema and inflammation. It’s the exact reverse process and reasoning of what causes the often observed, nearly instantaneous edema and inflammation, as explained by Robert Pollack.

        To over simplify even more, we could say that pemf produces “structured water”, right inside the tissue, when applied in close proximity to the cells and to the water which comprises the edema etc.

        My theory is that all cells and tissue will instantly become more negatively charged, (as per R. Pollack and J Cruse) and that the pemf instantly will raise the ph in the tissue and thereby instantly bring about greater oxygenation, blood flow and lymphatic system flow – precisely in line with the effect we see with e-z water.

        Robert Cruse explains that it’s nearly physically impossible for the heart to be strong enough to pump through all of the very small capillaries, (unless its possibly because of the ez water effect) but pemf greatly increases microcirculation instantly! It’s the ez water effect!

        I would expect, that if Robert Cruse would set up an experiment with one of his ez water demonstrations, then if tried to energies the water with an external pemf device, he would observe the same increase in the ez zone, just as it happens when energized by light.

        To put it another way: pemf produces ez zone water right inside the body. And when you put it on your head that’s exact what happens. Ez zone water is instantly created inside your brain, your brain become instantly more alkaline and more oxygenated, and the brain micro circulation becomes optimized instantly with pemf because of the ez water effect.

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          Thanks, I was thinking about PEMF creating EZ, but it’s unlikely I’ll find evidence for it unless Dr Pollack checks…

          And I agree that I was being too conservative. I started putting it on other tissues and it’s been helpful…I’m going to start recommending it for a range of uses now…

          1. Biomagnetic-Hacker

            I don’t think that we really need Dr. Pollack to check.

            Ez water is something most people never think about but we don’t need to go to a lab to get it or create it. We live with it right in front of our eyes every day but we just never pay attention.

            I believe it’s really quite easy for anyone of us to easily set up a glass of water and easily observe the ez phenonium effect, just as Dr. Pollack did. Then we can experiment on our own, rather than wait for Dr. Pollack to have time for it.

            reply icon
        2. Santino

          I used the device for 3 days now and used it all night.

          i test my ph every morning since a months now because I monitor my ph, red blood cells and Leukocythes because of an autoimmune disease of my kidney.

          And I can tell you that ICES did not change it. It is exactly the same each morning, because I eat exactly the same each day due to intolrances.

          I guess your ph just changed because of other reasons 😉

        3. Jane Dignan

          I appreciate your comments in re: EZ water and pH. I have noticed what seems to be a direct relationship between amount of use of the ICES and an increase in pH. Not scientifically undertaken, but interesting. I’m going to keep up with this testing and see what happens. I’ve been using the ICES for about 2 weeks now. Many interesting effects to note. Most notably a dramatic decrease in pain. I appreciate so much your detailed and analytical analysis of your own experience. Thank you.

      2. Ross

        Hello, Joseph, great post. I was also wondering how to use it on the brain as an alternative to treat anxiety/depression symptoms. I read your post on how to stimulate the vagus nerve but you don’t say there how you use the ices there. Can you share a suggestion of protocol? Thanks, I’ll be buying mine this week.

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          Use on gut

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