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The Kruse Protocol That I Am Doing


Being cold, taking cold showers, dipping head in cold…

Eating about a pound of raw wild salmon a day that has been frozen in industrialized freezers (to kill parasites)…I warm it up, but it’s not cooked.  Plus MCP, NAC, R-Lipoic acid, Chlorella to prevent heavy metals and toxins..

Wearing red glasses for at least 4 hours a day

Getting an hour of sun+8mg of Astaxanthin

Taking care of my circadian rhythm – getting outside in the morning, red glasses at night…

A shitload of dulse for my iodine

2 gallons of cold liquid.

EMF blocking clothing

Magnetico sleep mattress

I’ve actually done all of this stuff except EMF blocking before Kruse, but now I’m making it my business to do it together.


Normally, in podcast interviews, everyone is just jerking the other off and asking questions that make them look great.

I don’t like this jerk off fest that we now call podcasting.  It makes me sick.  I like asking tough and critical questions.

The problem with this approach is that people won’t like me very much.  Oh well.  Dr Kruse didn’t seem to mind much.  He’s able to confront criticism.

Compare this to “Science-Based Medicine” people, who refuse to be interviewed.  I reached out to 5 of their editors and not one seems to be ready to be challenged.

I suggest listening to this at 1.5X.

Interview on sound cloud…

About Dr Jack Kruse

I like Jack for a number of reasons.  He thinks out of the box, he’s willing to call people out and he offers very new and interesting ideas.

He has more of interdisciplinary knowledge  than anyone I know about physics, chemistry and biology.  He’s got depth and breadth.

Dr Kruse initially struck me as a tin hat member with all of his EMF spiels.  However, he’s said enough things that were spot on that makes me compelled to study what he has to say.

I like Dr. Kruse’s methodology in that he approaches the body in a ‘first principles’ way.

This approach has benefits and drawbacks.  On one hand, you’re more likely to figure things out that others haven’t. On the other, you’re more likely to be wrong.

He connects biology and physics in a way that I would love to do if I knew more physics.   To him, the health of the body relies on electrons (he’s not wrong).

I always realized that biology comes down to chemistry and chemistry comes down to physics.   Physics is how things get done in the body when it comes down to it.  But without knowledge of biology and chemistry, the physics is also meaningless.

I like that he offers experiments that you can test for yourself based on his theories.

Dr Kruse scored some serious points with me when I realized he doesn’t belong to any ideology and is willing to piss people off with his ‘sacrilegious’ ideas.  He has no qualms about dissing paleo or any ideology that he is associated with.

Not being a dedicated member of a group is the most important shorthand rule that I use when trusting an ‘expert’ or anyone that knows more than me about a subject. You should be suspect of believing any expert belonging to a specific group, whether it be paleo, vegan, SBM or other.  It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to them.  Rather, it just means that you should be wary.

The Interview

I am happy about the interview as he answered some questions, but many questions remain unanswered for me.  But I guess that’s what his blog and book are for – figuring out the details.

I’m more open to his ideas after the interview than before.

In the interview, I try not to be antagonistic even though my questions are critical in nature.  I try not to disagree much because that would kill the interview.

I was laughing a few times because I got a kick out of him dismissing other people and my own theories.



-We see and will continue to see a trend of disease explosion – especially of the brain, immune system and heart.

-The paleo and ancestral people -Chris Kresser, Rob Wolf, Matt Lalonde and Jimmy Moore don’t focus on the important things.

-In particular, we phocus too much on food and less on circadian rhythms, light, water, electrons and magnetism.

-We get too much blue light.

-We need more DHA if we get less sun.

-We need more DHA and ‘good’ water if we’re exposed to EMFs.

-Living in a city dehydrates us and therefore we need to drink more good water.

-We need more cold: Being cold, drinking cold water, cold showers and ice baths..

-I discuss my water biohack – distilled water+infrared light+hydrogen+cold….Jack says that putting the water on a copper pot on the magnetico is a good addition.

-Farmed fish is better than no fish.  Supplemental DHA is better no DHA, as long as it’s from a reliable company and not exposed to light or heat.

-We should try to get much of our DHA from raw seafood, especially oysters.

-DHA increase our DC electric current, which is critical to being awake.

-We need more iodine in the form of seaweeds if we have more EMF exposure.

-If people don’t do well with saturated fats, it’s because of environmental exposure to EMFs and the environment in general.

-Obese and really thin people have an energy problem and electron loss.  The obese people have it from neck down and the anorexics have it from neck up.

-You don’t want to use your magnetico in the day time, but you want to use it while you sleep.

Dr Kruse’s order of importance:

  1. Circadian Rhythm – 3
  2. DHA – 5
  3. Limiting blue light – 6
  4. Water  (spring water)
  5. Sleep – 1
  6. Cold – 7
  7. Psychological stress – 2
  8. Exercise – 4

Numbers at the end are my own rankings of importance.  I forgot to include sun, diet, EMFs and oxygen.  I assume limiting EMFs would be in his top 3.  Maybe I’ll message him.

Where Do We Agree?


He stresses the importance of the mitochondria, DHA, water, sleep, hormones, hypothalamus, circadian rhythm, light and sun in our health, among others.  I agree with him there.

We understand the importance of these from different angles.  I try to track the changes on the protein level and he’s seeing how the physics of these work.

Ideas That I’m Still On The Fence About

I still don’t have an opinion as to how much EMFs are harmful.  I think it’s certainly plausible that it adversely affects us and possibly in a very significant way.

However, I need more time to form an opinion as to exactly how harmful EMFs are.

Normally, I would do a self-experiment, but since EMFs are everywhere, it’s hard to stay away from them for prolonged periods and see how I feel.  It’s not an easy experiment to conduct.

See my post on the health effects of EMFs.


I didn’t stress our disagreements in the interview because I’m not interested in creating an argument when the point is to get his opinions.  I interviewed him to get his viewpoint, not push my own.

I think limiting psychological stress and getting enough and good quality sleep are more important than anything else – for most people.

I think mitochondrial dysfunction is the cause of the problems that we see and that comes from various kinds of stressors (including psychological stress).

Based on Dr Kruse’s answers, he never explains anything based on genetics, which I think is flawed.  He obviously agrees (I hope) that genetics plays a role, but he acts as if it’s relatively unimportant.

He mentions that people who have cognitive problems and are thin must be anorexic.  I don’t see this in my experience.  People are normal weight and have cognitive problems, in my experience.  I was normal weight.  My BMI was and still is 23.5, which is very normal.  I was never considered too thin or fat, yet I had a lot of mitochondrial issues in my brain.  The majority of people I deal with have a relatively healthy BMI, yet they also have many mitochondrial and energy problems.

Dr Kruse explains everything through magnetism, electrons and quantum physics.  While it’s good to have more than one perspective and I do believe that much of the biology comes down to these, I think there’s an immense value in understanding things on a biochemical level as well, because this is the discussion level that most mainstream science on disease operates on.

We can’t understand how curcumin, diet or any supplements work without understanding the biochemistry of it.

It’s true that the biology works via physics, but the language in which the scientific literature speaks is not at the physics level.

For example, when he speaks about inflammation, he talks about protons, but this isn’t how the science describes it.  If we think about protons, there’s no way to know which supplements will decrease inflammation.  The science has to discuss the supplements in terms of protons for us to understand how these supplements are useful.

It could theoretically be that an excess of protons causes Nf-kb and other proteins (transcription factors) to go to your DNA to produces cytokines and activate neutrophils, macrophages, etc…I’m not sure what he’d say about this.  It could either be that he’s describing the same process on a physics level or he’s completely discarding mainstream science and thinks inflammation is working differently.   If he’s just describing things differently, then knowing the language of biology is still important in order to understand the scientific literature.

How does PQQ work?  On the biochemical level it induces PGC-1a.   All we need to know is that term and the effects it has on gene expression.  There’s no need to know how PQQ fits with electrons, protons, photons, magnetism or whatever.   Still, it’s good to have multiple perspectives, so I’m not saying we should disregard this view.  I plan on studying physics and investigating it on a deeper level.

Dr Kruse says the reason why some people do better or worse with saturated fat is because  of  their “environment”, which means EMFs and the like.   But I’ve found biochemical, hormonal and a genetic basis for this, whereas EMFs does not explain anything on the detailed level.    It might be the driver of the biochemical processes, but the details are critical and they are missing.  I assume he’d say we need to read his book and blog to get the details.

Dr Kruse tries to lump everything in his unifying theory of electrons, magnetism, water and the like, but he glosses over how our genes interact with this system.  He’ll say one person is skinny and one is fat because of electron loss, but he doesn’t explain why people are losing electrons differently.  It’s the details that are needed in order to fully evaluate his theories.  Again, I assume he’d say we need to read his book and blog to get the details.

While I think the Paleo people overemphasize foods, I also think Dr Kruse under-emphasizes it.  He could be right that in a different environment, food will affect us differently.  However, in an environment that’s constant, I found a very significant difference from eating different foods.

I also do not support a high fat diet if people aren’t getting into ketosis.

Kruse’s Ideas That I’m Leaning Against

He says we could use our BUN/Creatinine ratio to test oxidative stress.  He says he’s never see anyone with less than a ratio of 15 in the city.  All of my BUN/creatinine ratios were lower than 15 (I’ve checked it ~10X).  When I wasn’t doing very well healthwise and my oxidative stress was much higher it was at a 7.   So my own tests do not fit with his experience.

Creatinine is higher if you have more muscle mass and BUN will increase if you consume more protein.  So someone with a lower protein diet and a higher muscle mass will have a low ratio, regardless of the EMF environment we’re in or our redox potential.  When my diet was lower in protein my BUN was lower and it’s increased as I upped my protein, but during that BUN increase, I actually felt better.

In defense of Dr. Kruse, he will argue that the BUN/creatinine ratio is just one measure, but I think it’s a weak measure.

Dr Kruse mentions and seems to believe that too little superoxide is the more common problem in people with diseases like Alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, etc…  All of my reading of the literature goes against this theory.  He certainly knows things that I don’t, but based on the scientific literature and my own understanding, too little superoxide is not the problem.  And this is supported by genetic data and oxidative stress tests.  However, bursts of oxidative stress are definitely important and if we don’t exercise or get sun then we don’t get these bursts.  He seems to say that we need a magnetic field to create superoxide.  If I have too much superoxide, does that suggest that my magnetic field is too good?

Dr Kruse doesn’t believe ATP is very important, or as important as science makes it out to be.  He also doesn’t believe in the chemiosmotic theory of ATP production.  These ideas go against mainstream science.  I have no problem with ideas that go against the mainstream, but he’s a lone soldier with these theories and I don’t know enough physics to have a strong opinion one way or another.

Dr Kruse says that Alzheimer’s and Type 2 diabetes are circadian rhythm disorders – that our clock in the SCN is not working faster than our biology clock.   I think our circadian rhythm is extremely important, but there’s obviously a lot of other significant factors. For example, a disrupted circadian rhythm is probably a contributing factor to Type 2 diabetes, but it’s also a disease of too much calories, in my view.  I tend to think that chronic disease is caused by many factors, whereas Dr Kruse focuses overwhelmingly on a few.

How Much Does ALA Convert to DHA?

Dr. Kruse says we barely have any ability to synthesize our own DHA.

According to Wikipedia: “Because humans and other mammals are able to make their own DHA from other fatty acids, DHA deficiency is not common. But, if that DHA-synthesizing enzyme is defective, it could lead to problems with infertility.” (R)

The citation comes from an article that cites a researcher:

“As long as this endogenous system is working fine, humans can synthesize enough DHA in their bodies if they have the precursor,” Nakamura said. “But some groups [of people] may have a decreased ability to synthesize DHA. In this case the dietary supplements may help.” (R)

Another study says that 9% of alpha linolenic acid is converted to DHA, in young women. (R)

Now, I believe that people will do better by eating seafood and/or DHA, but the question is to what extent we can convert it.  I don’t know the answer to that yet.

Dr. Kruse sent me a study reviewing this topic in depth and the conclusion is that supplementation with ALA converts to EPA, but this doesn’t translate into an increase in DHA. Score one for Dr. Kruse.

Key Points:

“The majority of evidence from isotopic tracer studies show that the conversion of ALA to DHA is of the order of 1% in infants, and considerably lower in adults”

“Supplementation of the diet with high levels of ALA leads to small but significant increases in EPA and DPAn-3 although supplementation with preformed EPA is approximately 15-fold more efficacious in this regard.”

“Dietary DHA increases blood and tissue DHA beyond that achievable with consumption of usual intakes of any precursor omega-3 PUFA, against a background of western diets providing ample n-6 fatty acids”

“Present evidence indicates that EPA/DHA status can be improved by increasing their intake or by decreasing omega-6 intake, and a combination of the two is likely to be most effective.”

Here’s Dr Kruse’s response to this:

“ALA in humans is not well converted to long chained DHA in humans because of the enzyme biochemistry in humans is not well developed. We now know because of the work of Kaduce in 2008, that adult neurons can make DHA endogenously, but its ability to do so is sharply limited. In adults humans, the DHA synthesis pathway is very inefficient and essentially stops at DPA omega 3, causing a sick brain to be dependent upon a constant source of new DHA from the marine food chain.

DHA is not burned for energy in humans because of this factor. That factor is this: bio-energics of this lipid due to it specific ability to conduct electrical signals. This theory was tested by Turner et al., who demonstrated a positive linear relationship between the high molecular activity of the enzyme Na+K+ATPase (the sodiumpotassium pump) and membrane concentration of DHA in the surrounding phospholipids in brain, heart, and kidney tissue of samples from both mammals and birds. Further, the highest concentration of DHA was found in the mammalian brain as was the highest activity rate of the pump. This is significant as the sodiumpotassium pump accounts for some 20% of the basal metabolic rate but approximately 60% of the energy utilization in the brain.” This is precisely how evolution got the extra energy for the brain and heart to work well in mammals.

Most of the energy in the brain is tied to phospholipid recycling for cell membrane recycling. This was reported by Purdon and Rapoport in 2007. Most people in the research circles think DHA is concentrated in the brain because of conformational fluidity of DHA, but this does not appear to be the case because melting points past the first three double bonds in PUFA’s does not alter melting point abilities of other PUFA’s substantially. Turner’s paper (cited below) has even deeper implications for humans. It appears that DHA lipids allow humans membranes to do some unique electrophysiologic things that few other mammals can do. DHA acts as a metabolic neuro-physiologic pacemaker to amazing biochemical abilities. DHA appears to directly impact and influence the metabolism of the whole organism via an impact on the basal metabolic rate because of the linear relationship in how the Na/K ATPase functions. Here is the Site.

Some Questions I Didn’t Get to Ask

Why is one person affected in one way and someone else affected another way.  Dr Kruse explains how our body’s function in a unifying way and he hasn’t explained why one person has one issue and someone else has a different issue.   I’m sure he’s got answers, but it’s hard to get that out in an interview.  These questions are very complex.  I will read his blog.

Is there significant longevity and health in the Gulf South, Louisiana, where Dr. Kruse lives?

What’s the solution to EMFs?  The world is over populated and technology isn’t going away. We can’t all move to specific locations, as that would then cause overcrowding and become an EMF hellhole.  I don’t think there has to be a good solution, but I should’ve dug more into what his vision of how we can live in a “better” world.

How is inflammation from protons?


I agree with Dr. Kruse on many of his ideas and disagree with him on some others.   I am on the fence about much of what he says.

I don’t think people should dismiss him or say he’s crazy because there’s much we don’t know.

Few people have a strong grasp of biology, chemistry, and physics as Dr. Kruse does.

Given that he knows significantly more than me about these, I can’t say he’s wrong.  But I also realize that all because he knows more, it doesn’t mean he’s right.  I have my own opinions.

We should definitely pay attention to what he says and I plan on conducting experiments based on his ideas and see what the results are.

The litmus test about his ideas is trying them out and seeing how they work for you.  All of the theories become irrelevant if they don’t work for you.

Products Discussed

Health Tools I Wish I Had When I Was Sick

At SelfHacked, it’s our goal to offer our readers all the tools possible to get optimally healthy. When I was struggling with chronic health issues I felt stuck because I didn’t have any tools to help me get better. I had to spend literally thousands of hours trying to read through studies on pubmed to figure out how the body worked and how to fix it.

That’s why I decided to create tools that will help others cut down the guesswork:

  • Lab Test Analyzer – a software tool that will analyze your labs and tell you what the optimal values are for each marker — as well as provide you with actionable tips and personalized health and lifestyle recommendations to help you get there.
  • SelfDecode – a software tool that will help you analyze your genetic data from companies such as 23andme and ancestry. You will learn how your health is being impacted by your genes, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • SelfHacked Secrets – an ebook where we examine and explain the biggest overlooked environmental factors that cause disease. This ebook is a great place to start your journey if you want to learn the essential steps to optimizing your health.
  • SelfHacked Elimination Diet course – a video course that will help you figure out which diet works best for you
  • Selfhacked Inflammation course – a video course on inflammation and how to bring it down
  • Biohacking insomnia – an ebook on how to get great sleep
  • Lectin Avoidance Cookbook – an e-cookbook for people with food sensitivities
  • BrainGauge – a device that detects subtle brain changes and allows you to test what’s working for you
  • SelfHacked VIP – an area where you can ask me (Joe) questions about health topicsire

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  • sylvanmoir

    To add to my last comment , words of Dave Ashton:

    Once you become severely electrosensitive, and your life is turned upside down, you will probably look at the world in a completely different way.

    Most of us may not be scientific or medical experts – I’m certainly not – but even so, we reach a deeper understanding of what is going on around us; why we are treated as mere collateral damage in a much bigger game, and why our suffering is diminished – based on no reliable evidence – to the level of a psychological delusion.

    No matter the thousands of scientific studies showing that this radiation is harmful, and that it is harming everybody.

    When we try to warn people that it is not just us who are being slowly destroyed by the microwaves from wireless technologies, most of them look at us as if we’re completely insane, cross their arms, and refuse to listen.

    They continue giving their children wireless gadgets, and sending them to schools with WiFi, because it’s “essential” that they know how to use these technologies, so that they can keep up in today’s world.

    Meanwhile the number of suicides continues to rise, and for England and Wales, “in the youngest age group, aged five to 19, suicide was the leading cause of death”. (BBC)

    Wireless monitors microwave babies.

    Patients are “treated” in wi-fried hospitals, some with phone antennas on the roof, and are given wireless monitors to take away with them when they are discharged.

    DECT cordless phones perform their insidious evil 24/7, except for astute and concerned individuals who realise that there is a (somewhat) safer alternative.

    WiFi routers, phone masts and smart meters everywhere ensure that nobody can escape the electrosmog – not even in their own homes, if they should choose to do so.

    What an incredibly blind, ignorant, irresponsible, selfish and pitiful species we have become.

    Well, many of us, anyway.

  • healthvibed

    Great interview man!! I just recently came across Kruse, and his stuff is next level and absolutely worth the time investing into learning and implementing! Are you going to get out of New York asap, and where do you think you’ll choose to setup?

    Love the concept of your site BTW, I just started something similar and am looking to network with others in the area of “self hacking”.



  • Jurjen

    I wonder if the gut microbiome can be another explanation for inter personal differences in efficacies of diet, lifestyle, etc.

    Love it. Great site.Wish i’d seen it 2 years ago.

  • Gondwanaland

    Have you already watched Drew Berry’s animations of unseeable biology on youtube? They are all about “biology comes down to chemistry and chemistry comes down to physics”

  • James M

    Hi! Where do you get your “raw wild salmon frozen in industrialized freezers” from ? 🙂

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      health food store

  • Daniel

    I am more on the overweight side. Have been most my life and lost quite a bit but I do have MS and interestingly my Psoriasis is all above my neck. So this would be the exact opposite of what Jack Kruse said, no?

    My body’s water percentage is low even though I drink all the time. Probably need more electrolytes or something….

    How much DHA should one consume per day as a person living in a city who knows he is broken?

    Where do I find the list with all his tests?

    This was an intense interview. You could use an editor who writes a protocol of this.

    I would like to have a list with tests and experiments.

    1. Daniel

      Found the REDOX link..

  • Josh Lamaro

    i’d be interested in the MP3 too
    as a doc down in Australia I have been following JAck a couple years now and i can say it has rejuvenated my love for medicine when i thought it was all hopeless, it gives us a refreshing way to view the body and all disease processes become fundamentally clear as a crisis in energetics.
    looks like a long interview which is what jack does best. cant wait for the Mp3

  • William

    I’m vicariously enjoying the journey of discovery you’re on. Just keep posting stuff and I’m good.

  • jules

    pfffft our glasses look the same…

    1. Joseph M. Cohen


  • Bill

    Nice podcast. You should get Dr. Andrew Hill on next. I would like to see you guys debate the risks and benefits of racetam supplementation.

  • lordlol

    Joe i have a last point! sorry for the rant but i just wanna cover some stuff.

    i thought about it and:

    “physics is fundamental” and you joe agree.

    however you did some progress with your body till now, am i correct ? did you use physics or know physics?
    no. am i correct?
    then physics isnt fundamental to do the same kind of progress you did.

    what we are concerned here are particular facts that we can use to optimize our bodies and health and resources to set it up ,other wise its just a waste of energy just covering it up.

    its sounds like a good definition
    and if some physics fact fit this definition then its all good.

    but covering shit load of physics aint gonna happen same with reading ton of books.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      You don’t need to know physics to heal, or know the best recommendations, but biology works via physics.

      1. lordlol

        i didnt even doubt that.
        i just dont know how much it iwll be useful to look at it from physics point of view as it seems too low level.

        i mean how da’ fuck do you get rid of excess protons?
        and even if atomic mass increases in cells,
        what do you do about it?

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          It certainly has its uses, but like I said, since the science is not written in that language, you also need a grasp of biology.

  • rachel

    I wonder what his take is on melatonin supplements.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      He doesn’t like em, but he’d say they’re a bridge…

    2. Jack Kruse

      not a fan except in two cases.

  • Joseph M. Cohen

    From Dr Kruse:

    “The most radical lesson I hope you got from our podcast done yesterday is that we should not extrapolate scientific experience beyond its own realm, for any reason. Assumptions can put us on the road to oblivion. It turns out fast moving things do not behave as slow moving ones do. Moreover, it holds that more massive objects, also act differently than those without much mass. We never account for these differences in biology experiments, but physics experiments should warn us that the effect is a lot larger than we all expect. The podcast and many of the analogies I used with you shows you how big a deal circadian signaling really can be when it is off for any reason.

    When we do make this error in assumptions, we lose our focus and objective of what really is driving biochemistry at the smallest scales of motion in mitochondria. It is not food. It is accurate circadian signaling. Light’s effect on nitrogen in the photosynthetic cores of plants and at cytochrome one (NAD+) should focus our attention to light and away from food.”

  • Jason

    Good interview. Stop assuming so much.

  • lordlol

    lol, do try to test his theories please,
    i tried reading his posts a while ago and quite frankly
    i didnt understand any of it.

    you cant argue with him because you dont understand his argument.

    its somewhat crazy.


    if he ignores genetics as you say he does,
    and he managed to break down biology to physics
    wouldnt that make sense that he will know alot about genetics? yet he seems as he doesnt as it is non existent?
    something sounds fishy but i cant pinpoint what
    because of the
    “i dont get his argument thing”.

    and why dont we see more about biology to physics literature? i would love to understand biology from physics view but first u gotta break it down to chem and then to physics.

    its probably so complex and taking acount the human body complexity, its doubtful cruze or anyone for that matter can handle the complexity.

    that said i am a bit curious and yet there seems no way
    to tell if he is right or wrong like he is a magician that makes his arguments immune to testing.

    lol number three.

    1. lordlol

      there is of course a backward way, start with physics
      try to construct chem with it and then try to construct biology with it and then try to construct our human body.

      as you notice btw physics and our bodies there a lot of leap and faith involved…… so much leap that u will be lost before u get to the body.

      its like programmers try to connect low level and high level language.
      too much leap at some point its necessary
      for u to forgot the low level for the high level becasue its just to complex. u get lost in translation.
      and thats why we need computers.
      so if we can make a computer program
      to break down biology to physics with all the complex calculation stuff or construct with physics biology it self
      then we might get something other wise i am suspecting its too god damn complicated. there is needed automatic calculation method. lol. alot of rant. maybe i am wrong through?
      and so can cruze make all those complex caclulations?
      doubt it. or maybe there is a simpler way?

      1. Jack Kruse

        anyone who thinks physics is not foundational is hard to argue with. I would suggest you read Jim Al Khalili’s book, “Life at the Edge” It addresses your concerns and details why my approach is warranted. It is written by a bonafide quantum physicists who agrees with my ideas that all of biology is quantized. HE also has some excellent BBC documentaries you might have a look at that show you how these processes work .

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          Excellent. I put some links up to his videos and book. Physics being foundational is obvious, in my view.

        2. lordlol

          so in the end you didnt adress what i have said
          and instead you send me to read a large chunk of information so you dont have to deal with what i wrote yourself,and then you site the authority “physicists agree with me”.

          you also distorted what i have said by saying that i said physics dont matter.


          1. lordlol

            also “physicts agree with my ideas”

            i already stated that
            I DONT KNOW YOUR IDEAS this was my main issue.
            i read some of your stuff and i didnt understand any of it.
            too long, vague and full of technical jargon.
            just perfect for covering stuff up.
            for example

            what does that even mean?
            what do u look for under the label physics.?

            “same with how cells can organize in your body”? what? what does that even mean?

            reply icon
          2. Jack Kruse

            you clearly need to read those things based upon your comments. I am trying to help you thru your ad hominem attacks. Read it then come and tell how wrong I am.

            reply icon
  • Ellamo

    how does the effectiveness of ICES corroborates with Kruse’s ideas?

    1. Jack Kruse

      They are quite compatible. I am coming at the problem of nnEMF through disease generation and Denis is coming at it through disease reversal. It is like two machine driving toward one another to make a tunnel. We are working on two sides of the same coin. the key as Denis has said is the Rosetta stone of frequencies behind the work. I think I am pretty far along in that aspect because I am honing in on what happens when mitochondria break down because of excessive blue light. As my ubquitination series continues I think you will sense why I believe that.

  • masrecortes

    Oh my…

    Kruse knows about quantum physics, let alone QED, the same as Lance Amstrong’s secret training methods based on thermogenesis Kruse was boosting to know some years ago. At the end, it was not really cold therapy.

    Out of the tough questions, did you ask him why he was suspended for lying under oath?.

    Joel, if you are not able to spot a guy with zero credibility, what type of credibility do you expect to have over the content of your site?.


    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      That’s a ridiculous argument and demonstrates a lack of sophistication on your part.

      His character should not be the basis for us to judge his ideas, as it has no impact. If Einstein was “immoral” it wouldn’t make him wrong. Now I’m not passing judgment on him because I don’t know what his behavior was – nor do I care, and I don’t see why it’s relevant for my readers.

      I look at and judge people’s ideas, not their credibility.

      1. Jack Kruse

        Joe regarding nnEMF risks: Read Dr. Andrew Marino’s classic book “Going Somewhere” Once you do I think your views might change. Maybe we discuss that on the next podcast. Modern cities are dangerous place, not only because of what someone might do to you there but because of what you are allowed to do to yourself, just saying’. People and their intentions come whole and leave broken because of something they can sense but not perceive. As for NOLA. Read this. Number ten exists because people down here eat a ton of DHA. i would remind you longevity and wellness is a function of how well your cells can organize based upon the physics present in the city you live.

        1. Jack Kruse

          Regarding your beliefs about DHA from wikipedia. You need to stop using crowdsourcing your info from wikisites. To prove I might be correct read Stephen Cunanne’s book on human brain evolution. It has all the key research data on human DHA synthetic ability. Michael Crawford is the world expert on this. He wrote the chapter on this ability in this treatise and has written hundreds of papers on this topic.

          1. Joseph M. Cohen

            I’m going to read more on this before I repost the DHA information

            reply icon
    2. Jack Kruse

      I’ll answer it, Joe. I turned a fellow surgeon in to PEER review who I felt was doing some nefarious things to patients in my community over a decade. As a result that surgeon lost his privileges at all hospitals at that time. As retaliation he said that I lied about the size of a screw used to harm one of these patients. This was sent in to a professional society we both happen to belong to that police our specialty within our confines. Mind you, the screw size had zero to do with what he did. In neurosurgery there is unwritten rule that you do not testify against another surgeon. This is why this profession conduct committee exists. It has nothing to do with medical licensure. It is a good old boys club for NS to police themselves. They did not like the fact that I protected patients over a fellow surgeon, so I took their punishment. I knew what their modus operundi was but I felt it was the right thing to do. The community hospitals did too because they acted to remove him from their medical staff way before his retaliation case against me was even complete. The AANS knew I was right about the merits, because they saw the actions of the hospitals unfold, yet they decided to slap my wrist for turning on a fellow AANS member. That is taboo in NS. I lost a battle but I won the war because that surgeon is no longer able to hurt patients in my community. I also realized I did not need to be part of specialty society that puts its members above patients.

      1. Joseph M. Cohen

        Thanks! I believe your story as you seem like the person to put higher ideals above cronyism.

    3. annaliese

      Grow up, masrecortes.

  • Deane Alban

    Do you have any plans to make this available as an MP3? I like to listen to podcasts in the evening. It’s a good way to minimize blue light exposure at night. 🙂

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Yup, will do that soon

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