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This post is X Rated.

Very little information exists on the web about injaculation and I feel like it’s something that can have a big impact for men in the long term.

See the first article that describes the benefits of semen, which you will be getting by injaculating.

I plan for these two posts to contain all the orgasm, sex and ‘gross’ information, lest this blog devolves into radioactive poison (may be too late for that).

Before We Start, Let’s Review Some Physiology


Semen is the liquid stuff that nourishes the sperm. So semen is like the pool and sperm is the swimmer.

Semen is produced in the seminal vesicle and prostate (see picture). The prostate produces the milky white stuff, which is 30% of the overall semen.

Sperm is produced in the testes or balls.

Sperm move to the epididymis (see picture) to mature and then the vas deferens (see picture), in which case it’s ready for ejaculation (or injaculation).

The sperm travels via the vas deferens to the seminal vesicle to combine with semen and it goes out through the urethra (see picture).  The semen nourishes the sperm so that it can do its fertilization biznass.

This coming together of the semen and sperm to create a fluid mixture happens at orgasm (blowing your load).

What is Injaculation/An Injaculator?

There are masterbators,decentbators and injaculators, the latter being the most prestigious.

Someone who is skilled in the art of injaculation is called an injaculator. My name is Joe and I am an injaculator. Hence, I’ve built a proud and successful reputation as “The Injaculator”.

Injaculation is a term used to refer to releasing semen inside your body through your bladder instead of outside your penis (ejaculation).

The scientific term is “retrograde ejaculation”. Retrograde ejaculation is most often associated with a health condition, whereby the muscle at the opening of the bladder (bladder neck) is not able to close upon orgasm, which it’s supposed to.  In this case, some semen goes into the bladder.

8 Reasons You Should Become an Injaculator

1) To cure ejaculation hangover

Doing this method will help cure the ejaculation hangover that you experience after orgasm.

The Taoists believed your jazz was an life essence, which they appropriately named Jing (could’ve been a stellar nickname for cum).

In my experience, when I ejaculate often I feel tired, weaker, less driven, lazier and have less energy.  It’s kind of draining on me.

I believe this is the case because semen contains quite a few ingredients that help cognitive function and give vitality. See the benefits of semen.

2) To help combat loneliness

During the periods in which you aren’t dating, life can get lonely without a companion.

Without injaculation, I’d lose my mind. Injaculation gives me more peace of mind, and allows me to pursue my passion by significantly lessening my desire/need for a companion (maybe by 50%).

And I can do it with the peace of mind that I’m not losing nourishing fluids or some essence/vigor from myself.

3) To lessen libido

My libido is generally out of control if I don’t injaculate often, at least every other day.

4) As an anti-depressant

The semen itself puts me in a better mood and over the long term, it seems to be healthy for me.

5) To prolong the time it takes you to orgasm

If done in the meditative way, it can be a useful tool to cure premature ejaculation and can help you increase the time until orgasm.

6) As a form of birth control

If you’re having sex then it can be used as a form of birth control – one that I wouldn’t solely rely on.  But if the girl was taking birth control and I worked my magic then that’s something I would do.  I have done this during sexy time.  Girl thought I was nuts.

7) So there’s less of a mess

Your gunk from your junk doesn’t fly all over the place during injaculation.

8) To help monogamy

I find that when I injaculate with a girl in mind, I become more attached to her.   It could be from the oxytocin causing this attachment behavior.  If you’re married and coveting other women, then you should injaculate with your significant other in mind and this may help.

My Experience With Injaculating

I notice a nice buzz when I injaculate, which is different from an ejaculation.

When I ejaculate, I’m tired for much of the day and feel weaker.

With injaculation, I do get tired a bit – and that’s from the act of orgasming, but it’s much less than if I’d ejaculate.

I feel a very nice buzz that I wouldn’t have if I ejaculate.  I notice a pretty strong anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effect, that I wouldn’t get with ejaculating.

The Lazy Injaculation Method: Where to Press



This method of injaculation is the manual way, which is what I do.  This is also the lazy way.  This approach doesn’t build sexual stamina.

With the method I use, I cum just as much as I would if I were to completely ejaculate, but I hold a certain spot that doesn’t let it escape.  On average, about 15% of it escapes anyway, in my estimation.  Sometimes nothing escapes, while other times I botch it up and about 30% escapes.

It involves pressing on an area or “button” called the “perineum”, which blocks the semen from escaping through the penis and is instead redirected into the bladder, which then enters the blood stream.

As to the location of the spot, it’s midway between the anus (ass crack) and testicles (balls).  Look for the small “hump”, which can be pressed.

This no man’s land is known as the perineum and it bulges when you orgasm.  I press firmly on this spot with two fingers side by side- the index and middle.  

Even if you know the general neighborhood of the spot, there’s a good zip code there that’s ideal.  It’s slightly to your (the viewer) left.

Practice makes perfect.  It took me about 6 months to perfect the exact spot that needed to be held and the logistics involved, but now I don’t even think about it.  It’s like riding a bicycle.  A bit annoying to learn, but once you do, it’s easy as pie.

If it hurts then you know you’re not doing it right.  If you can’t get it eventually, then I suggest you quit.

If you’re right-handed, you will likely be jerking with your right hand and applying pressure under your balls with your left hand.

The Stamina Method of Injaculation

This method involves using thought and awareness and can be a kind of meditative exercise.  This is more of the Taoist technique.

This was the first method I’d tried and I’ve experimented with it for a bit.  The problem is I am too horny on it.  I may give it another go.

This method can be a boon for the girl, because it allows you to go for longer periods/prolong your orgasm time.  If you have a girl friend, I’d use this method.

If you have premature ejaculation, using this practice is an absolute must for you.  Your significant other, if you have one, will appreciate this.

This method can easily triple the amount of time you can last in the sack.  So whereas if you lasted 20 minutes during sex before, using this method will easily allow you to go for triple that or much longer, assuming your physical stamina is up to par. There’s no limit to how long you can go if you practice this method enough.

The way to do this is to be aware when you’re getting too caught up in the sexual act and right before you’re about to explode… stop and focus on your breath.  Keep focusing on your breath until your erection…becomes less erect…

You may also need to flex your penis muscles – the same ones you use to withhold pee – to keep the semen from coming out.  If you aren’t naturally the Schwarzenegger of penis muscle flexing, don’t worry, you’ll get there.

So you’ll be focusing on your breath while simultaneously trying to make sure nothing comes out.  The result, if you’re doing it right, is miniature injaculations.

Your sex drive after these miniature ejaculations should still be intact; You can do many of these without losing sexual steam.

It’s also a good practice to visualize a wave of energy traveling up your body to the top of your head as you cum.   

In the beginning you’ll surely mess up, which is why you should have a condom or tissue prepared.  As time goes on you’ll get better at understanding your body and becoming more aware about the point right before that moment when you got too caught up in the act.  Your penis flexing muscles should also improve.

How to Test If You’re Doing It Right

To test if you’re doing it right, after injaculating, pee in a transparent container. If it appears cloudy, you’ve messed up; if it looks like any ordinary piss then you’ve done it correctly.

Also, if you have pain, you’re not doing it right.

When To Do It

I do it before bed most of the time because I’ll be more tired in the day if I do it in the morning.  I still do some morning injaculations if my libido is out of control or am pining companionship.

I find injaculation is a good method to fall asleep and it improves my sleep quality.

Where Does The Semen Go?!?!?!

It goes in your bladder and it reabsorbs into your blood stream.

When you press the “button” and block the urethra, the semen has no where to go but backwards to your bladder (see picture). Theoretically, some could also go back into the seminal vesicle, but I think almost all of it goes in your bladder.

Can You Absorb Stuff From Your Bladder?

You are capable of absorbing various substances through the mucous lining of your bladder, including many drugs. (R) (Including Salicylates (R))…

Normally occurring urinary substances are also absorbed by the bladder, including amino acids and glucose. (R)

If you hold your urine in, you’ll absorb more urea, salt, water, phosphates and sulfates, among other stuff. (R)

Some factors that affect absorption are the state of the bladder mucus, the extent of bladder distention, and the concentration of the solution. (R)

Whatever the science, I notice a strong effect, which tells me at least some of the good stuff is being reabsorbed.


As far as safety,  I’ve been injaculating almost daily for the past 2-3 years now.  I haven’t noticed any negative effects.

This doesn’t mean it’s safe, but I do it because there is no sufficient evidence of it being dangerous and there are certainly health benefits for me.

Anyway, I decided to bring down some theoretical concerns:

1) Injaculation may increase anti-sperm anti-bodies (R).  The immune system is important to clear unnecessary material. I don’t know if this is harmful in any way, but it could activate the immune system in some ways.

After reading that study, I started to injaculate every other day.

As far as infertility, I’m not so worried because the testicles normally keep the sperm away from the rest of the body and the immune system.

So if there are antibodies to sperm in your blood stream, it shouldn’t attack the sperm stored in your testicles.

The cited study speaks of a condition where there’s a blockage of the vas deferens (where sperm exit), in which case fluid overloads the testes and breaches the barrier to the immune system, causing sperm antibodies to form and attack it.  Now the study does show that when sperm comes in contact with the immune system, it produces antibodies to it.

Antibodies aren’t harmful if they don’t have the stimulus (semen/sperm in this case).  So when you do injaculate, there could be an immune response, but I haven’t noticed negative effects from it, if it occurred.

2) Some say the technique may cause long term damage due to the pressure put on the nerves and blood vessels in the perineum.  Never had an issue with this. If it hurts, don’t do it.

3) It may cause some inflammation of the urethra leading to increased risk of urinary tract/bladder infection.  Never had an issue with this. If it hurts, don’t do it.

4) It may change the pH of the urine in the bladder (it’s usually mildly acidic, but prostatic fluid and semen is basic) which might affect things.  I do feel slight sensations in my bladder sometimes, but no noticeably negative effects.

If you’re aware of any other potential side-effects/risks, leave a comment.  I’m not omniscient, so I could’ve definitely missed stuff.

What makes me more comfortable about this is that it’s been traditionally used by the Taoists, which is one indicator of safety.  But obviously this doesn’t prove its safety.

Do Orgasms Decrease Lifespan?

No, read my short post debunking this myth.

Health Tools I Wish I Had When I Was Sick

At SelfHacked, it’s our goal to offer our readers all the tools possible to get optimally healthy. When I was struggling with chronic health issues I felt stuck because I didn’t have any tools to help me get better. I had to spend literally thousands of hours trying to read through studies on pubmed to figure out how the body worked and how to fix it.

That’s why I decided to create tools that will help others cut down the guesswork:

  • Lab Test Analyzer – a software tool that will analyze your labs and tell you what the optimal values are for each marker — as well as provide you with actionable tips and personalized health and lifestyle recommendations to help you get there.
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  • Lectin Avoidance Cookbook – an e-cookbook for people with food sensitivities
  • BrainGauge – a device that detects subtle brain changes and allows you to test what’s working for you
  • SelfHacked VIP – an area where you can ask me (Joe) questions about health topics

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  • Rahul

    Hi this is an interesting topic. I am an yoga enthusiastic and I read some stuff about it in one of the sacred texts called . SIVA PURANA where a wise Yogi’s don’t loose there siemen . These techniques are called thantras . Even they talk about the same thing . LOOSING YOUR SIEMEN MEANS LOSING YOUR LIFE AND LOOSING THE EXPERIENCE OF LIFE. this is one of the best hidden secrets in Yogi’s life. I will give an asurenc that it increases the quality of life. HAVE ANY DOUTS TRY READING. SIVA PURANAM BY JAMES MILLAN . HE IS FROM ENGLAND .

  • Edison

    I have been an injaculator for years. I do not recommend it as I have experienced negative results (on my self at least). First of all, injaculation will cause your bladder to burns. I have a burning sensation after orgasm multiple time (one red flag). I have notice my penis will smell foul or fishy, could be a result of a urinary tract infection (second red flag). Think about it, if any pipe get stuck and clogged over time, there would be some form of corrosion. Another negative thing I experience is that your cum quality would decreas significant (third red flag). I measure cum quality by looking at its texture. The more thick and white the cum is the better. Injaculator have clear and vague milky cum. I have notice this on me and another injaculator. I also experienced clumsiness in speech if I injaculator or ejaculator many times. As in my voice and speech is clumsy and not smooth or clear and attractive. Also there is social anxiety. All these red flags go awa when I do not masterbate and injaculate in anyway.

    Hopes this get to the reader and the writer

  • Edison
  • Damian

    Do you perhaps know why it takes me longer to ejaculate in the morning or laght night rather than the afternoon where i come quickly

  • Steve

    I have been injaculating for about a year. My orgasms are more intense, last longer, and I can have multiple orgasms. It is wonderful. Except that I have become accustomed to it and now I can not always ejaculate when I want to. It feels great. I can orgasm multiple times. And I can keep going until i am physically worn out. But, sometimes I want to ejaculate and I can not control when I do it anymore. I would love some tips or tricks to help ejaculate after after getting used to injaculating. Thanks.

  • Scik

    I’ve been doing this for 17+ years, probably 2-3 times a week on average. Primary motivation is to not have to clean up after masturbating, because who wants to do that? I’m married and have two kids, both conceived very quickly, so pretty sure it’s not affected fertility. I’m also the least anxious/depressed person in the world, so maybe there’s something in the mood benefits too.

  • Sean

    Hi Joe,

    What are your thoughts on still being an injaculator after a vasectomy? Any downsides? Thanks!

  • R

    The stories are metaphors and not literal implications that one will be immune to a weapon blow, but I suppose could be immune in the sense of increased awareness. The energy is not directed to the head, but rather circulated and refined through what is referred to as the water wheel. Someone describing how to practice the microcosmic orbit on this site, or on the web, likely does not comprehend it, and is wasting his/her/your time. Best!

  • Alex

    So what is/are decentbators?

  • John

    I’ve never done this, and I don’t know about how it feels or how healthy it is or isn’t..
    But I can definitely say that if you somehow managed to cum inside your bladder it would not go into your bloodstream.
    Urine is blood filtrate, it is what your kidneys -on a healthy state- let go because it didn’t need it or to balance things up in the blood. The bladder has NO reabsorptive capacities as this would be counterproductive. The only way out is through your urethra.

  • Anton

    Hey Rusty, can you elaborate on that energy rush and micro cosmic orbit u’re talking about. Seems that u r doing it right according to taoists’. As far as I could understand the taoist are striving to transform the sexual energy and the actual seamen/sperm by directing them somehow up the spine to some center in the head. And this refined substance/energy is utilized further in different tissues of the body, strengthening them. (One of the results of the advanced practice of this ‘injaculation’ and transformation of the seamen is the achievement of so called “iron shirt” amongst the buddhist monks, who thereby become invincible to different weapons). …unless its just a fairytale from the ancient times

  • Nejc

    Check this autoimmune condition out, Post orgasmic illness syndrome:

  • Trey

    I’ve been doing it for 10 years, daily. I’m blind as a bat.

  • JW Crum

    Have you gotten your sperm count checked? I did it for 5 years now I have asosperia (spelling it’s my sting suit) I went to 3 specialist and no one can figure out my infertility… I haven’t shared the injaculation part.

  • Tyo

    I have been doing it for more than 10 years. Almost everyday. So far no negative effect felt.

  • JoseThePlumber

    Omg I somehow got on the first try

  • Philippe Dumoulin

    Hi, I have been doing this for while but not anymore as I think it could bé harmful to your body and especially your prostrate. I have been reading a lot about it and from my understanding what you’re stating is not quite right and antagonist. It seems that you confuse retro ejaculation (which is ejaculating in the bladder) and injeculation (which is having the sperm going back to the prostate). You say if you do it right it goes to the bladder and then into your blood. This just not true. When in the bladder it just becomes part of your urine. When it doesn’t, it just means that the sperm went back to your prostrate which I don’t believe is a healthy thing. Of course the whole Taoist concept stating that doing injeculation takes the sperm into the bloodstream and makes you stronger and healthier. That’s a nice idea but unfortunately a romantic, naïve and false idea.
    I first discovered this injeculation thing by first reading the Tao of love and then A LOT OF things about it. I was really in phase with this theoretical concept but it turns out not to be what I hoped it would be and actually even potentially harmful.

  • Steve

    I’m not saying injaculation is unhealthy or wrong, but it strikes me as something that would require the advent of complex thought, such as Taoism or any other advanced cognitive system, to conjure up, without which it surely is not instinctively natural.

  • An old pervy dude :)

    I have been using this technique, unknowingly for too many years to count.

    I achieve my result by sort of (I’m analyzing this as I type) using the Señor Wences Kiss-y Hand under my testicles.

    While masturbating, I then massage the area mentioned with pressure from the back of my thumb, the section closest to the hand, (SW’s lower right lip) and sometimes the back of the hand where the thumb continues (SW’s lower right jaw) and also utilize those knuckles surrounding it. (SW’s center lower kisser)

    Interestingly as I approached my 50th year, I was having concerns that I was NOT PRODUCING ENOUGH EJACULATE, not realizing, I was spoiling so much to my bladder with this quiver inducing technique.

    Interesting. I will be making note of new techniques and results.

    My latest kick is using a “WAND” type massager to grind this area while I masturbate. This tends to produce a cum splash fest of various viscosities. WARNING, if you press too hard with the wand, it can burn or irritate your skin. I use some cloth or a towel between me and the head of the wand. It may also produce some temporary (hopefully, not too rough cowboy) numbness.

    A small vibrating butt “plug” (or anally inserted vibrator) (easy) can also produce interesting cum results during masturbation or sex. (lube)

    Don’t get me started.

    Old Perve

  • bob

    I don’t do injaculation…but I do practice prolonged sexual meditation. I find that self-knowledge concerning basic sexual response (not involving other people) to be enlightening as far as understanding the influences there are throughout life concerning one’s sexuality. The flood of “endorphins” or whatever helps as far as working through mental-emotional-physical blockages acquired in life….and not just those sexually based.

    My belief is that whether it’s your mother wanting grandkids…your “buddies” talking trash…women “charming or uncharming the snake”…or your invisible “friends”…somebody is usually wanting to run the show sexually. Your job would be to sort all this out.

    Prolonged pleasure plus awareness equals…..what?

    1. Choosing Now

      Hey there Bob, I love your comment and wonder what type of prolonged sexual meditation you practice. Everything you said resonates so please share if you are willing. What in your experience has it equalled? I’m finished with “somebody” running the show, as well as “nobody” too.


  • goon67

    What about calcification of the prostate? It might lead to this. Did you get an ultrasound?

  • Peacefulsoul

    Better not to try the lazy mehtod. It could be a lot painful .

  • K

    Masturbation downregulates certain androgenic receptors [in the brain] and upregulates certain estrogenic receptors and this is why we get the feeling of having lost testosterone – being weak, being feminine, etc.
    It takes 3-4 days to recover from this receptor change and personally it always takes at least 3 days for me – 3 days of SLEEP.

    Prolactin is increased after orgasm which causes a decrease in dopamine. Technically, if prolactin was all there was to it, all you’d need to do to regain the strength you had prior to the orgasm is to consume a strong dopaminergic agent or a prolactin inhibitor such as vitamin B6 (which is a strong inhibitor in 200+mg dosages).
    Yet, having tested this myself, taking vitamin B6 does not cause me to feel well again sufficiently, though it slightly does.
    This suggests, as mentioned, that the problem is really to do with androgenic receptors in the brain, amongst other things, and sleep really is the best way to recover.

    Notice that downregulating of the androgenic receptors leads to “poor confidence,” “passivity” and other unwanted side-effects.

    So the tired fealing you get aftven when orgasm injac or ejac this happends

  • manofstoke

    I was doing the lazy method for years when I was in my teens. I believe I came upon it in a desperate attempt to not make a mess when I was masturbating in a rather inappropriate place. It worked and I began to use it most of the time. Though I can’t say if there was much of a difference energy levels afterward. I think eventually I worried that the practice might be bad for me and ceased. These days I go for the stamina method.

  • Rusty

    I’ve been injaculating for some years now. It took me a few months initially to get it right, but it was worth the effort. I don’t have cloudy urine so i’m not sure where it goes, but the point you should be pushing is the indent between your ball sack and anus. If you do it right there should be little or no leakage and i’m not sure about anyone else but I feel a huge rush of energy travel up my spine. This feeling is quite euphoric and is to do with the micro cosmic orbit every human has. My wife likes watching me injaculate after I withdraw too. Really turns her on.

  • Zain

    I have been trying injaculation method for about a month. I was doing nofap for 2 yeara but always relapsed. After I started doing injaculation method. I have more energy. But the main thing is that I want my congnitive abilites back..brainfog lack of motivation i wonder when will my injaculated sperm reach my brain.

    Also.did anyone gain muscles mass from injaculation method?

  • Dylan

    Had never heard of this until I read your post, gave it a shot and somehow managed to reduce emissions by at least 85% first time. I noticed a moderate but noticeable anxiolytic effect, an almost insatiable thirst (for water) and a mild headache until I satisfied that thirst.

    I have involuntary seminal emissions going on after urinating. They don’t propel out, but rather, after urine stops coming out, the sensation of needing to continue emptying my bladder persists until the emissions slowly make their way out. I tried implementing this injaculation technique immediately after I felt I had finished urinating and it did allow me to buckle up without the usual ensuing bs.

    I’m guessing this is happening due to chronic HPA activation/stress/sympathetic overtone etc.

    Any reason I shouldn’t do this and any other advice?

    Thanks for sharing all your amazing research! I’m undertaking pre-study for (mature age) entry into bio-medicine and have been meaning to ask you; if there was a single under-graduate degree that best prepared one to develop advanced comprehension of all these topics you write about, what would it be? Hopefully biomedicine is not too far off the mark, as what you do is ultimately what I’m passionate about!

  • Ruben Proost

    The first method I can’t make work. It hurts and then the stuff still comes out after I let go. The second method you describe is called edging. I’ve been doing that since I was 13. Nothing to do with injaculation, you’re just not pumping it out. Stuff stays where it is. After edging for 2 hours I can still explode with a normal or (more common) a monster load.
    I don’t buy the explanation that the mere act of semen leaving the body would be the draining factor. The energy and nutrients are already used when making the sperm, which is a 24/7 job.
    It must imho be something else like a hormonal response.

  • Kieron

    how do you know that its not just a placebo, where you think your not losing any and simple feeling better because of that

  • k

    Moreover, preventing ejaculation may have bad effects. Of some concern is retrograde ejaculation, or “injaculation,” in which semen backs up into the bladder. One way to determine if this has happened is to collect a sample from your next urination. If the urine is cloudy, it probably includes semen. You may be able to prevent this from happening the next time by moving your fingertips closer to your anus, stopping the semen before it reaches the point where the bladder feeds into the urethra. This adjustment requires very fine tuning. However, even if you prevent semen from entering the bladder, seminal fluids will still be forced back through internal valves designed to control flow in the opposite direction, with the full explosive power of ejaculatory contractions. Study of prostate problems among men of all ages suggests that retaining too much unexpelled semen or “necrotic fluid” inside the body may contribute to serious health problems. And the famous Dr. Drew Pinsky of MTV’s “Loveline” has said injaculation is a bad idea and can possibly lead to fertility problems, though we have no idea where he got that information.

    1. John Pierre

      Thats what i was thinking and about to say…Thank u for ur great advice 🙂

  • k

    Right this is what I don’t understand, so it goes in to your bladder and gets absorbed, or it goes to the bladder and then gets pissed out, how does it go into the bladder and not get pissed out if there is only one way of doing it, I see you got your pics from vice, apparently its meant to go somewhere else and not the bladder, where’s the scientific evidence semen will get absorbed there, stopping the semen before it reaches the point where the bladder feeds into the urethra, its not to go to the bladder at all mr self whacked

  • k

    yes but what is the absorption rate in the bladder who knows? compared to the body then having to replenish the lost stock in the balls id say the injaculation wouldn’t cover the cost of the sperm needing to be replaced in the balls that’s my theory, Id say its better to save your sperm in your balls so you are fully charged all of the time, vent your libido on exercise and mentally challenging tasks, sextransmutation, masturbation can also put you off trying that hard to get a partner, maby that’s why your need is reduced by 50%?

  • k

    But if you pee straight after to find out if you did it right, Surly the longer you hold your pee in the more of it you would absorb even if you did it wrong?

  • Frankie

    Whenever I pee after injaculation I get bubbly, cloudy pee; is it normal?

  • Kieron

  • K

    Also would your testosterone levels be higher or lower post injaculatation compared to abstaining, As how much testosterone would you absorb would even be significant, can you not just absorb it naturally from the balls and let the body do it its self.

  • kieron

    If it goes to the bladder surly you will piss it out? And then it never being perfect id rather just store mine up instead

  • K

    What about the dht increase wont that go straight to the scalp?

  • K

    Could this damage the perineum, well I had to injaculate last night and o my gosh I feel so much better today, but I have to use two hands, and I press quite hard well some what, I know I may sound like a hypocrite but the reason is the last time I was celebate or I was abstaining from all sexual things I had a realy good clean diet and I beat almost all of my food addictions and was running at a high level plus exercise and a steady job, social aspect, which I don’t have at the moment, It was just the next logical thing do do, But am only getting my deit in order again ect, and the whole orgasm thing and well injaculation I feel makes it easier to withstand the desire for junk foods so that’s a good thing at least for me anyway,

  • K

    What about just abstaining and retaining semen? after 1 week there is a large spike in testosterone, to combat your libido and mood just exercise more, after about 2 months the last time I tried it id walk up always with an erection as long as your healthy of course and my need for a relationship lowered some what, when you think about it, ejaculating or injaculating is really no different than a drug/addiction/orgasm effect in the brain, you probably get withdrawals but they subside and then u end up stronger for it plus all the benefits of your semen and not having to service your self all the time as well, and you feel different when shaking some dudes hand because you know u don’t spank your monkey anymore but chances are he probably does, and maybe even had his finger near his ass as well.

  • Steve

    I tried again last night. Pressed the bump firmly, but it looked like a normal load came out.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Steve, ostensibly you lack the necessary skills.

  • Ben

    I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and have not seen any negative effects. Now if I ejaculate it takes me longer to recover (mostly mentally) and if I do it a few times in a row I seem more susceptible to colds ( immune system goes down maybe?). In any case it seems to have a positive effect on me

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Thx 🙂

  • majkinetor

    I wonder is it possible to re-absorb some substantial amount of zinc this way from the bladder since semen has it x1000 then regular cells.

    If that was the case It could be expected that there are side effects of this method, for instance higher or lower libido:

    1. Joseph M. Cohen
  • lordilol

    no pain
    no cloudy piss
    success have been achieved. good.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      You deserve an injaculation medal

      1. lordilol

        are u lolzing me?

  • george

    so I gave this a go after first reading about it here then looking up on the details on the web. I think I managed to do it correctly, although I did have some “leakage” (which btw was quite more… viscous than the usual full load). I tried it a few times, with varying degrees of success of… keeping it in. My experience with the experiment was interesting. I certainly didn’t get the lengthy “crash” associated with a regular ejaculation, but I wouldn’t say I was “up and running” immediately afterwards. However, I’d say I could go back to it after 5-10mins without any pain or annoyance. With a regular ejaculation I could feel discomfort up to 12hrs or so on the penis when getting another erection.

    My second observation was that the orgasmic sensation was very different. I’d say it was dampened compared to a full proper ejaculation and the sensation was akin to an strong urge to… pee(!) combined with a pleasant filling.

    As it is, I’m splitting my…. sessions depending on the mood and of course I can’t do it yet during sex with my better half but at some point maybe I’ll give a go to the taoist approach.

    My main concern about all this would be what kind of effect it may have on the prostate, given the delicate nature of the instrument and how so many men end up suffering from it during their lifetime… What I mean is there a risk to increase the possibility of occurrence of prostate-related problems later on?

    1. lordilol

      there are a lot of men with prostate problem , but you can bet that none of them use in inJACULATOR.
      lolz. so what does apply here is probably different.
      but who knows? maybe you will find out some new condition humanity didnt know about after 10 years of injaculation. super cronic disease that no man yet have seen.
      dont take it seriously though.

      1. Joseph M. Cohen


  • david

    Thank you for this insight to the ways of injaculation. As you said theirs very little info on the web on this. Been doing this methods for a couple months now and its amazing how I never get that shot feel as I do when I bust out lol.

    1. ik

      Pls guys,which one feels more exciting?injaculation or ejaculation?I’m still skeptical to injaculation. Thanks

      1. Dylan Monahan

        Would your skepticism not be best explored yourself? Your own conclusions drawn concerning excitement? Would arousal not be mostly intrinsic and subjective in nature?

        Nonetheless I’ll humour you … ejaculation is a function of pro-creation; would it not then be logical and reasonable to conclude that evolution would dictate its intensity of excitement exceed that of injaculation; which in no way promotes the genetic survival of your lineage?

        Self-pleasure, regardless of what mind-fantasy is entertained in its pursuit ought not to exceed the pleasure one has access to through the natural sexual expression of love and the corporeal act therein between a man and a woman. Though this is not the topic of debate nor the question at hand, think about the connection and connotation I am making between the evolutionary necessity of preference of ej vs in.

        Nonetheless, the power of the mind could dictate any conclusion in contradiction of the most logical by basis of expectation preceding evaluation and the reality of mind over matter.

        Food for thought.

        1. ..

          You’ve certainly got some shiny vocabulary over there, but what exactly is the relation between ejaculation being a survival necessity and its estimated pleasure?

        2. BOB

          Pleasure is evolutions way of encouraging activities that reproduce the species? Some humans being somewhat intelligent might be able to reasonably over-ride this basic drive to reproduce. Injaculation might be going too far?

          Self pleasuring avoids the many potential complications of involving another person in sexual activity. Much info online and in books encourages involving others.

          Society and religion seem to want to control sexual activity…which is somewhat understandable if it involves other people. If it doesn’t…then society and religion have little business in your business?

    2. zafiro2010

      When I visited the urologist, his poking my prostate produced a splat right there and I think he laughed, (since he sees this all the time)….. food for thought, when you “pump” the prostate it really makes you cum (hard or not!) Maybe we can combine these two techniques for a new version of injaculation.

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