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Dr. Dennis is a professor at the University of Michigan and UNC-Chapel Hill and worked as a consultant for NASA and DARPA. He’s the foremost expert on PEMF and electromagnetic therapy. He discusses the technology, why the PEMF device you have is inferior and the best device to get.

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See my post of the ICES device

Current and Previous Positions of Dr. Dennis:

-Associate Professor, School of Medicine and College of Arts & Sciences, UNC – Chapel Hill (Current)
-Founding Chair: Curriculum in Applied Sciences and Engineering (CASE) at UNC – Chapel Hill
-Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at U-Michigan, Ann Arbor
-Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

My Take Away

Dr. Dennis is a really sweet guy and is a better person than me.

I got the sense that Dr. Dennis is doing this to create the best invention possible to benefit the maximum number of people, and as long as he’s got what he needs to live, he doesn’t care about more.

I’m not easily fooled, as I think the 99% of the world is full of shit, but this Dr. Dennis seems sincere.

What We Discuss Part 1

-The problem with clinical science and the benefit of self-experimentation.

-Dr. Dennis describes his run-ins with greedy investors and marketers, the inefficiencies of academia and the stifling climate of innovation as a result of regulatory bodies.

-Why ICES is the best PEMF device to get.  Dr. Dennis says that much of the NASA research that most people base their device off of is outdated and much of the knowledge is in his head.

-How Dr. Dennis is not in this for the money, but rather uses the proceeds from sales to fund further research.

-The makers of expensive PEMF devices actually use this device.

-Are EMFs harmful and how Dr. Dennis optimized ICES to emit the least amounts of it.  Also, some EMF mitigation techniques that Dr. Dennis uses for himself.

What We Discuss Part 2

Some of the things discussed in part 2 of the video:

-What he thinks of DIY PEMF devices

-What are the specs of the low, medium, high and X setting?

-Why most PEMF devices don’t have the right configuration

-Why more power is probably worse

-What he thinks of static magnets

-How much of the information about the development of ICES has not been published

Discussion of studies done on ICES:

  • Rabbit study…bone healed that should’ve never healed
  • Pain in animals was lower
  • Alexandria clinical study on facial reconstruction
  • Healing in half the time, sweeping wasn’t there
  • Much of the inflammation is pathologic and doesn’t need to be there
  • Pain pill addict didn’t need pain meds after ICES
  • Quality of healing was better

-It works by suppressing unnecessary inflammation.

-Why he thinks we have unnecessary inflammation

-How ICES is working…..Which genes are upregulated and which are downregulated.

-Why is ICES not insanely popular?

-Why ICES isn’t trying to get FDA approval and the cost involved

-ICES actually doesn’t suppress cytokines

-Dr. Pawluk uses it every morning when he goes running because it clears his head

-How ICES interacts with cancer treatment

-How to know which settings to use

-Which rechargeable batteries to get

-What to do if it’s not working for you

-Why you need to replace the coils frequently


ICES® DigiCeutical® A9a Model System

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  • danimal

    so far just listened to part 1, need to write this before i forget it.
    I think one of your vital roles should be connector-making scientists aware of other scientists work. At least the ones you really believe in. For example, Jack kruse mentioned in the most recent interview i could find that Michael hamblin looked into the work of Gerald Pollack and I think he’s working with him on a review article. Remember when you interviewed Hamblin he wasn’t aware of Gerald Pollack so one could say you introduced him to Pollack.

    I think Pollack (gilbert ling) and Robert Becker should be mentioned to every one of your interviewees (esp with Dr Dennis) as I think their work is revolutionary. I’m sure you agree at least somewhat.

  • Luigi

    @Daniel do you have a link to the infrared led device?

  • Charles Farricielli

    This is really fantastic blog. I have appreciated your informative blog.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Thx 🙂

  • Luigi

    Do you think it would help with gastritis? (inflammation duodenum)

    1. Nicholas Mathews

      Yes it will. I have IBS and SIBO. I have been using it for several weeks now and it has been the most powerful treatment.

      1. Luigi

        What configuration do you use with the coils

        1. Nicholas Mathews

          Side by Side AKA Figure 8 centered on belly button (area of discomfort). Power levels are still a bit of a mystery for this issue for me. Sometimes X works great, sometimes not. Sometimes need to use low.

          1. Luigi

            I have noticed the same with power levels, I tried Max and it hurt more

            reply icon
          2. Nicholas Mathews

            Good to know. How long have you been using it? I have had it for a month now. Originally I was using it on the stomach when I had discomfort. But then I thought more about how tied in the gut is to health like Joe has said. Last week I started wearing it at work on my stomach and have it on for about 6 hours 5 days a week.

            reply icon
          3. Luigi

            Had it 3 weeks

            reply icon
    2. Joseph M. Cohen

      In all likelihood it will…

  • Sam

    Do you think there is any potential increase in cancer risk from ICES Joe? With LLLT you said cancer risk may theoretically be increased – could you please give your opinion for ICES?

    1. Sam

      Fantastic interview BTW, am looking forward to part 2.

      1. Sam

        I know someone with a severe slipped disk who will be interested in testing but need to know about cancer risk before buying

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          There is no evidence or theoretical framework to say that it increases or decreases cancer risk.

          1. Sam

            Thanks. If he tries it out I’ll post his results on here.

            reply icon
  • Nicholas E. Woods

    Been fairly impressed with the device thus far. I find it definitely works for pain in joints and muscles with relief usually within 30 minutes to an hour. Back seems a bit trickier. Sometimes treating areas on the spine that don’t hurt works better than the area that does. (could be referred pain) Overall excited to try using it for leaky gut and the occasional soreness. Also have to say after the interview I really think Dennis is a real genuine guy and it’s great to see his passion and hear about the technology from him directly.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • Dylan

    Is it me or is the video playing in fast motion? Could be a youtube bug, and not the video.

    You should have your logo in the beginning of the video to brand it.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I sped it up 1.3X

      1. lordlol

        lol english is a third language and i spend mostly reading online, no exprience in speaking and listening, so i had some hard time with the video!
        wanted an original speed.

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          Sorry about that, I usually listen to video and audio on 2X or I get impatient. I figured 1.3X is what people wanted, but I’ll put it on 1.15X for part 2 and see people still don’t like it.

          1. thepractice

            I also thought audio was too fast. I think normal speed would be preferred by most.

            reply icon
          2. Joseph M. Cohen

            Will make it normal speed for part 2

            reply icon
          3. lordilol

            just discovered html 5 in youtube video,
            problem solved.

            reply icon
  • Sean

    This is awesome Joe! Really looking forward to watching it later today.

  • smurfed

    Very insightful interview Joe. You look much more natural on screen and your interviewing skills were much better, well done!

  • Daniel

    Dear Joe,
    I have MS and I would like to apply as a beta testet for this cortical matrix thing. If you could consider me as a tester even though I live in Europe I would be very very very grateful.

    In regards to the ices device I feel much more pain relief from infrared LEDs than from the ICES. I will try to keep it on my wrist for 2 weeks and and See what it does but the lllt got rid of the pain while i listened to this podcast.


    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      He mentioned he would allow some super readers as beta testers…and you, Daniel, are a super reader 😉

      Good feedback. It could be specific to MS, as Kruse claims it’s a disease of leaking light and LLLT contains that light. I’ve heard many reports that LLLT doesn’t work, so it’s good to try both.

      1. J

        I would also like to apply to be as a Beta testet, if of course I fit into the “super reader” category!

      2. Daniel

        That sounds great. I look forward to testing this brain scan device. I participate in a clinical trial for Boswelia on MS and in the begining I had monthly MRIs. Lesions appeared and disappeared every month. I would be eager to find out what happens on a daily basis. This would be so great. 🙂

        That is interesting news. I haven’t read about light light leakage from mitochondria in MS yet. I got me a UVB device that also had a huge impact on mood in the beginning. More than Vitamin D alone.

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