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Natural Stacks Interview: Reducing Anxiety, BDNF, Nootropics, and Optimal Performance

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There’s a correction that needs to be made….I mentioned a high fat and high sugar diet in relationship to BDNF.  I didn’t make it clear, even though it’s obvious, that this diet decreases BDNF.

What You’ll Hear From Joe Cohen

  • Fact Of the Day: Sprints & High-Intensity Exercise make you SMARTER!
  • What is SELF HACKED? “Nobody knows what the hell they’re talking about – I’m doing this myself!”
  • Joe’s Big 5 Framework
  • You’re either ambitious or you’re NOT – no supplement will do the work for you!
  • Using Tao Te Ching, Samurai’s & Zen philosophy to increase performance
  • The problem of too much glutamate (even if you don’t eat MSG!)
  • Forskolin to help reset your circadian rhythm and when to take it for the best results
  • Why Joe LOVES magnesium.
  • Why Joe says NOT SO FAST on the racetam family of nootropics…and how he unfairly became the “Enemy Of The State” in the bio-hacking world! (For the record, he’s NOT against the racetams.)
  • SSRI’s, sexual dysfunction, and Joe’s favorite supplements for performance. (HINT: Make the body work right and you’ll function optimally!)
  • The 2 best wavelengths for infrared light so you can speed recovery, energize mitochondria, and kick more butt!
  • PEMF, magnetism and gut health to fix digestion, increase wakefulness, increase testosterone, speed wound healing and supercharge your performance.
  • BDNF – what is Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor and how it impacts sleep, intelligence, and performance (like driving!).
  • Joe’s Top 3 ways to #liveoptimal

Links & Resources

  • Magnesium,
  • Zinc,
  • Forskolin (40%), Forskolin (95%) or Forskolin (40%)
  • Luteolin
  • Hi-maize Resistant Starch (50 pounds)
  • Infrared – LLLT (light relief) -850nm-  I like that you can take off the rubber part and more easily use it over broader areas of the head/thyroid.  I use this on various parts of the brain and on my thyroid and thymus. Good for arthritis, too.   The ratings are bad because of bad customer service and over-hyping their product.  It definitely has an effect, though.  My only problem with this is the blue light it gives off…so I use Black tape to cover it.
  • Infrared  -LLLT 660nm….Has different effects than the other one that I recommend.  Get both.  This is a good 660nm grow light.
  • Infrared – LLLT – 850nm (CCTV camera).  This one only has infrared, as opposed to the light relief.  I like both of them. I like the light relief device better, but you need to cover the blue light on it with black tape.  I use both…
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Get YOUR DNA sequencing at 23andme
  • Where You Go, There You Are – Kabat-Zinn – Stress Management/Self-improvement….

Interview With Christina Bell, Registered Psychologist

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  • Lucas N

    Hey Joe, I have just the light relief device. Do you think that I have to buy the CCTV device also? Do you think that I have to block the blue lights on the light refief device for LLLT on head? Thanks

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      CCTV can get through head hair better. Block blue lights.

  • Andrew

    im currently using the GPro from Grenco but i found the Paxv2 to be amazing are you going to do the blog post bout MMJ & Vape in one big post or two seperate articles just curious cause im all for MMJ

  • smurfed

    “Hello everybody… hahaha” Now you’ve made me aware of it, the first thing you say is quite obvious! 🙂

  • Andrew

    Joe would you consider medical marijuana a natural nootropic & will you ever have a blog story on your hack with using medical marijuana & its affects on the brain & our bodies

    1. Joseph M. Cohen


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