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Etizolam is a drug that helps treat anxiety and panic disorders. While it can help treat other diseases, it is also illegal in many countries. Read more below to learn about the pros and cons of this drug.

Note: By writing this post, we are not recommending this drug. Some of our readers who were already taking the drug requested that we commission a post on it, and we are simply providing information that is available in the scientific literature. Please discuss your medications with your doctor. Etizolam is specifically a drug that we at SelfHacked would recommend against.


Etizolam is commonly used for a short term treatment for anxiety and panic disorders. While it is effective at treating certain diseases, it has also been a drug that has the potential for abuse.

Health Benefits of Etizolam

1) Etizolam Treats Anxiety

In a double-blind study, etizolam is effective at treating anxiety and depressive symptoms (R, R2).

It reduces anxiety and shows signs as an antidepressant (R).

In a double-blind study with 30 female subjects, etizolam was effective at reducing anxiety and depressive activity.

When paired with other treatments, it alleviates symptoms in a case of panic disorder (R).

It is also an effective treatment for hypertension (R).

2) Etizolam Alleviates Pain

It can alleviate pain for up to thirty minutes but is not the ideal form of treatment (R).

In young female patients, etizolam in combination with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug was an effective treatment for tension typical headaches (R).

This drug is also effective at treating irritable colon syndrome with concurrent chronic anxiety conditions (R).

3) Etizolam Reduces Schizophrenic Delusions

Acute administration impacts P300 latency (decreased cognitive function in decision making) (R).

When it comes to cognitive function with those have anxiety disorders, doses of the drug were no more significant than the placebo (R).

It mitigates auditory delusion seen in a schizophrenic patient (R, R2).

4) Etizolam Helps With Vertigo

Low doses reduce dizziness scores, functional and emotional scores in patients with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (R).

5) Etizolam Prevents Brain Disorders

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome is a brain disorder that can cause muscular dysfunction, unstable blood pressure levels, high fever, etc.

With the withdrawal of oral Etizolam, symptoms of Postoperative neuroleptic malignant syndrome was present in an elderly man who had undergone a lobectomy of the lung (R).

In a Parkinson’s patient, withdrawal of the drug induces symptoms of neuroleptic malignant syndrome (R).

Treatment can also reduce the recurrence of chronic subdural hematoma, which happens when blood pools in the brain (R).


  • Additionally, assessments made at baseline and after 2 and 4 weeks of treatment, used the Hamilton Rating Scales for Anxiety and for Depression and determination of the weekly panic crises frequency. The results showed that it produced significant improvements in chronic anxiety, phobic ideas, associated depressive symptoms and episodic anxiety, and was significantly more effective than placebo (R).
  • In the assessment of overall improvement, 4 patients (22.2%) were rated as markedly improved, 4 patients (22.2%) as moderately improved, 7 patients (38.9%) as slightly improved, 3 patients (16.7%) as unchanged, and none as worsened (R).
  • However, headaches improved significantly in female patients (p<0.05), and shoulder pain improved in young and female patients (p<0.05, p<0.04) in the NSAID-ET group (R).
  • In a study with eleven males, carbamazepine induces the drug’s metabolism (R).
  • Itraconazole prevents Etizolam metabolism and CYP3A4 plays an important role in metabolism (R).


Etizolam has sedative and sleep-inducing effects (R).

In contrast to adults, when children take Etizolam they experience excitation and muscle weakness (R).

Although it has lower possibilities of dependence, it should be taken with caution because the possibility of dependence is not eliminated only mitigated (R).

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FDA Compliance

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.


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  • Julie Heerebrand

    I discovered Etizolam by accident, thinking it was a natural alternative to benzodiazepines. I’m prescribed low dose Valium as needed but had gained a tolerance and it was no longer helping my anxiety. It’s the best anti-anxiety medication I’ve ever used but tolerance builds quickly and there is a compulsion to re-dose which I never really had with Valium. I now use them sparingly for extremely stressful situations and stick to Valium where possible. I do find that I’m more functional and less sedated on Etizolam than Valium so great for things like interviews and stressful social events. I’ts far more anxiolytic than Valium.

  • Karen

    Etizolam plls is good to treat anxiety and panic attack also you can buy etizolam online at primerxmart.

  • John

    Hey Nate, you dont like them I’ll buy some from you. Could use it

  • Angus

    Yes any benzo mixed with alcohol is probably a bad idea..yes taking unknown dosages of anything is a bad idea..if you have any kind of brains to understand what you are putting into your body then you should already know this. Etizolam is effective for a great many things as evidenced by it being prescribed in other countries around the world. And finally, the title of this article is ” effects and where to buy it” yet only has ONE link for somewhere to get it? check which is supposed to be up soon as an alternate source. Just my 2 cents.

  • nate

    I’ve tried it 4 times so far. First time I did it at work and I almost got fired because I passed out and someone had to literally shake me to wake me up. Every other time it literally just made me pass out for the entire fucking day and just waste the day away. You can’t have anxiety if you’re not conscious I guess. But these things are like roofies or something, I bought like $100 worth and now I don’t even want to use this shit any more. Such a waste of money. I just woke up from taking them earlier today and I feel 5x more anxious and I feel like I want to puke. And I don’t want to take anymore of this shit to cure my anxiety so WTF am I supposed to do???? Geez this drug is the worst, don’t bother with this shit. I really wish this drug was advertised as a sleeping pill, and not one that treats anxiety

  • Wolfie

    To those of you who have quit diazepams and still suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, depression or insomnia, I would suggest kratom. You don’t even have to take it more than a couple of times for it to work. I suffered all of the above and more. Once I quit the diazepams, I tried a couple of doses of kratom and it was the very best, actually truly working, antidepressant type of substance ever. And a whole year later since my last dose and I have not suffered one panic attack, I feel no anxiety or depression and I sleep great! And that’s all it took for me.

  • Fox

    Read that Etizolam is useful for skeletal pain, but find very few references to that. Does it help in skeletal as well as soft tissue pain? How well? Have a client with acute myofascial pain syndrome which also affects the connective tissue.


    I agree this article is VERY irresponsible!!!!!! My 19 year old nephew just entered my home and could not walk, talk, write, see or focus his eyes on anything and could not hold a glass of water. This lasted for MANY hours. He bought Etizolam online in liquid form and “guessed he took one drop too much”. He is ALSO on Adderall, Katon, Wellbutrin, and caffein pills. etc etc etc. All taken in an effort to counteract the horrible side effects of each of these drugs to the other. THIS is the drug cocktail DISASTER that we can thank psychiatry and the 20 billion dollar annual psychoparmaceutical industries for. These kids turn to the “experts” for help and get turned into drug ADDICTS instead. Patients aka “customers” for life for Big Pharma. More RUINED young lives that were seeking help. They got BETRAYAL instead of real help. These drugs, with their FDA Black Box warnings of homicidal and suicidal ideation, are THE reason young men go on shooting rampages and men, women and children kill themselves in greater numbers than ever before. We should all be DISGUSTED at this cash cow industry living off the backs of young lives. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

  • Erin

    To EXU: Thank you for that. People need to know that it an be deadly when taken in uncontrolled (and potentially high) dosages and when mixed with other substances, such as alcohol. I know. I ended up hospitalized for two days. When paramedics arrived my oxygen was already dropping rapidly. They kept me for two days and said I would have died without intervention in about 3-4 more hours. Thank God I wasn’t alone and had someone to call 911!!!!

  • Erin

    Etizolam is deadly when combined with other drugs and alcohol. I have ended up hospitalized when I mixed it with lyrica, gabapentin, and clonidine and these are uncontrolled medications.

  • Erin

    I actually tried Etizolam with the intention of tapering off of klonapin and Valium. In the US, Etizolam is not prescribed by doctors and is not FDA approved. When Etizolam is purchased online it comes as a liquid or a powder, which I converted into a liquid. The danger here is that it is difficult to measure a controlled dosage as a liquid, but even more so when in powder form. While in a country where it is prescribed in pill form, Etizolam may indeed be beneficial and used to treat diseases and disorders and may not be as habit forming as other benzos, I quickly built tolerance and became dependent. I also had no way of being absolutely sure of how much I was taking and ended up falling asleep standing up, and so I would fall onto the floor. There were many times when my significant other came home to find me on the floor. In the kitchen, I also accidentally turned on the gas stove and then passed out onto the floor. I imagine I must have taken a very large dose if I didn’t wake up when I hit the floor. I also ended up in the emergency room and spent two days in the hospital after overdosing. I was completely unresponsive and my oxygen was dropping rapidly. According to the doctors, without intervention I would have died. While it’s sensible to consider the benets of Etizolam, I think it’s important to know the dangers of this drug. I found it as equally, if not more addictive as Xanax, Klonapin, and Valium when taken in liquid or powder form. It’s just as deadly and habit forming when taken in large, uncontrolled dosages.

  • Paul

    Mixing Etizolam and/or true benzo-class drugs with alcohol is completely safe, providing you do it sensibly and in moderation, however it’s important to remember that alcohol and Etizolam/benzo’s work on similar pathways in brain so they will potentiate each other (make the effects stronger). Very dangerous if driving or operating machinery/cooking etc, as you may just nod off…

    However taken in low doses and alcohol in moderation, there’s no risk really if you have tolerance to both.

  • Paul

    Etizolam is nothing like Xanax trust me, I’ve seen Xanax addicts who have been on it for a decade or more, and I’ve seen people use Etizolam many a time as a sleep aid. Used responsibly and occasionally Etizolam is a useful drug to help you sleep, but used regularly it will mess your sleep cycle up and become habit forming. And it’s definitely not suitable for treating anxiety disorders.

    Xanax is a true benzo-class drug, Etizolam is not, it’s a benzodiazepine analog drug that works differently.

    Xanax has a short-life and is perhaps the most potent of the benzo-drugs which is why it’s so effective for treating anxiety (but also why tolerance and addiction develops rapidly).

    Xanax will knock you out if you take 2-3mg and don’t have a benzo tolerance, but it will takes a while to put you to sleep (many hours) whereas Etizolam is much more effective as a sleep aid and will knock you put usually within an hour, even only a low dose (0..5 to 1mg) unless you have a tolerance. Tolerance to Etizolam develops much slower as its an analog drug like I said, and works differently to classic benzo drugs. However, if you use it daily for sleep you will develop a tolerance and dependency on it.

    The thing about Etizolam too to remember is that, whilst it’s a very useful drug for helping people with insomnia get to sleep quickly, it’s not a good drug for keeping you asleep or improving quality of your sleep cycle. On the contrary. Like its benzo cousins, it disrupts sleep cycle over time and you’re less likely to enter the deep REM sleep phase, so when you wake up you don’t feel fully rested.

    If you’re looking for a sleep aid, try Valerian a natural herb, it’s as potent as Valium, and does help maintain sleep cycle if taken inconjunction with other sleep-aid herbs.

  • exu

    this article is irresponsible, etizolam is effectively xanax, DO NOT MIX WITH ALCOHOL, YOU MIGHT DIE. it wears off faster than xanax its extremely habit forming, i quit etizolam in 2015 and 8 – 10 months of insomnia later i am still suffering from extreme anxiety disorder (agoraphobia)

  • Nate

    Wow, great post on etizolam. Very comprehensive. This is why i love self hacked 🙂

  • Jake

    Great post on etizolam thanks for the info I’m suprised to see it helps pain?

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