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Resistant starches have been part of my daily routine, I just didn’t react well to potato starch. I have created a book called SelfHacked Secrets that details what substances and biohacks have worked best for my clients and I in helping us feel and perform our best. You can download the first chapter free by clicking here.

My experience with resistant starches

My experience with resistant starch, in general, started about a year ago when I was researching tools to increase insulin sensitivity.

I realized that I was eating quite a bit of food with RS already, which I had discovered based on trial and error of how I felt best.

But after reading about resistant starch, I decided to include semi-green bananas, as they’re a rich source of RS.  The impressive research on RS lead me to name one of my diets after this third type of fiber (though it’s really only one reason why the diet is healthy). See my modified Mediterranean  diet.

My Experience with Unmodified Potato Starch

I had tried it out once before alone and it seemed decent.  Since there seemed to be quite a few people using it and my initial impression was decent, I mentioned it as an option in my diet post, though I favored semi-green bananas because of potassium, other nutrients and other kinds of fiber.

After a fellow hacker on longevity started raving about unmodified potato starch, I decided to give it another test drive so that I can compare it to green bananas.

Well, it turned out that it caused me to have inflammation, which manifested itself by joint pain and fatigue.

These things never happen when I take my normal regimen and I’m well rested.

After the effects wore off, I decided to give it another go to make sure it was the potato starch.

Lo and behold I got tired and inflammation again.

Tiredness after a meal that doesn’t contain glucose is a sign of inflammation.

Read about how inflammation induces fatigue by suppressing orexin.

During this experiment, I made sure to take it when I was amped and wide awake, ready to kick ass.

But then 15 minutes after the potato starch the inflammation-induced fatigue set it.

The upside is that I didn’t get any gas from it – probably because my gut adapted to a boatload of fiber already.  It seems like everybody farts away when they take it.

Unmodified Potato Starch Vs Semi-Green Bananas

As far as the effects, I would say the Bob’s Red Mill unmodified potato starch is inferior to semi-green bananas.

These days, I try to eat about 3 bananas a day and it seems to be a sweet spot for me.

The bananas combined with legumes and the other types of fiber I consume have a cumulative effect that gives me the right level of cognitive oomph that I like.

I consumed 85g of potato starch and the effect was less than what I experienced with bananas and legumes.

So, excluding the inflammation, I think semi-green bananas still offer more of punch, and the fact that bananas contain potassium definitely pushes it over the top even if you don’t experience inflammation from it.

I haven’t seen any convincing evidence that there’s much RS in it from a scientific viewpoint, either.

The studies I’ve seen speak about “native starch,” which doesn’t translate into Bob’s Red Mill unmodified potato starch.

I emailed them quite a few months back and they said the potato starch was cooked.

Their method of cooking and preparation could definitely be confounding variables.

I’m willing to give the potato starch advocates the benefit of the doubt and allow them to post studies in the comments section that demonstrate the potato starch in the studies is the same as BRM’s potato starch.

Unmodified Potato Starch Vs Hi-Maize

The effects are somewhat similar, but hi-maize doesn’t contain the harmful lectins that the potato starch does.

How Unmodified Potato Starch Causes Inflammation

I’m guessing the mechanism behind the inflammation that I experienced was from solanine and chaconine, glycoalkaloids.

Various methods of cooking reduce these plant toxins.

Boiling and frying reduce these toxins because they are fat and water soluble.  Microwaving (and probably roasting) is only somewhat effective [Ref].

You CAN get enough resistant starch in your diet

Kresser, “the healthy skeptic”, a misnomer, in my opinion, mentioned in his podcast that it’s impossible to get enough RS in your diet alone.  As I’ve demonstrated, that’s blatantly false.

This post is not meant to be an assault on the guys at Free the Animal:  I respect that they’re willing to experiment and think outside the box (this is not an endorsement of their blog), unlike most other bloggers.

But I feel if I got negative results, then there’s a portion of the population who will also get negative results, so people must use caution and pay close attention to their bodies.

This doesn’t mean that one can’t benefit from it, though.  If you don’t get inflammation from it, then I don’t see why not.

But I think semi-green bananas, hi-maize, and certain legumes are better options.

FDA Compliance

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.


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  • Rob Picton

    I would be very careful with regular water enemas. Enemas expose the bacteria in your colon to oxygen. Bacterias like Akkermansia Muciniphila (sp) cannot survive exposure to oxygen and are critical for the maintenance of the protective mucin layer in the gut.

  • Veronica Varallo

    DID ANYBODY EVER EAT POTATO SALAD AS A CHILD. YOU DID NOT GET INFLAMMATION. As for the Potato Starch from Bob Mill check with his company. I have found that a lot of his products has Soy fillers or cross contamination with Soy from his equipment. Soy today in America is 90% GMO and will cause inflammation due to the fact our body cannot digest it properly and it confuses the immune system causing auto immune and allergic reactions.

  • Fred

    What kind of homeopathic ?

  • Sam

    So, what legumes do you also use?

  • Lesley

    I definitely have inflammation from potato starch and green bananas and green bana flour isreally awesome…I had to have long term treatment of various antibiotics ND the banana flour saved me!

  • Juniper

    There’s such a ridiculous amount of food dogma in the world right now…It refreshing to find an author who is balanced, not into preaching or converting, just sharing intelligently about what works. I’m anti- mainstream western medicine for the most part, into eastern medicine, but also pro-science and anti-superstition, so your approach really jives with me. I’m going to try green bananas now before buying potato starch. It makes sense to me that whatever is less processed/fooled around with is the smarter choice and if the bananas work why would I buy a plastic bag of potato starch – that just doesn’t seem as natural. Anyway thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience,much appreciated!

    1. evavbg

      So immature green bananas in “natural” food, and is ok to eat… No way.

      1. JBugg

        Yes way…OK to eat AND delicious :0)

  • Dennis

    ur opinion on hi-maize vs green bananas ? im sensitive to a lot of foods . dont know if i should try green bananas or hi-maize … hi maize is really expensive in europe so i will try green bananas first

    1. Joseph M. Cohen


  • Andy

    i also seem to get some inflammation from potato starch

    any idea how to get hi-maize starch in the EU? or other names for it? cant seem to find it on ebay/amazon etc.

    1. Dennis

      the only source i know is but its really expensive :/ do u find a better source ?

  • Melissa

    I forgot to add to my previous post, Please help, any remedies to get the BPS out of my body quickley, I can’t take the achyness sore joint and muscles and my lft hip pain, I am totally stopping it now but took it early today, what can I do to not feel so flu like ?? any ideas are welcome, thxs

    1. lise

      I accidently stumbled on cure for my joint pain which I thought was arthritis.

      I had read that taking ox bile capsules inbetween meals was good at erradicating stomach/colon bacteria so I began taking a few capsules on an empty stomach between meals. After about a day or so of taking the ox bile I began to experience a worsening of my joint pains and also flu like muscle aches, I also felt a bit more tired that usual. After three days of the increase in joint pain all my joint pain disappeared permanently. The so called arthritis was gone.

      A year later the joint pain crept back and once again I used ox bile in-between meals which it rid me of the joint pain for good. That was over five years ago and I have not had any reoccuring joint pain.

      I have since read that arthritis and joint pain can be caused by bacteria causing inflammation in the joints.

      Just a reminder my joint pain got worse before it go better which falls in line with the belief that when the bacteria die off the inflammation will temporarily increase.

      Hope this helps.

    2. lise

      Something else that might help relieve symptoms quickly is a water enema, possibly two or three times.
      This has relieved many types of pains immediately or quickly for me and others. It has something with clearing the reapsorption of toxins from the colon and activates the liver and gallbladder to flush its toxins as well.
      It works for pains like headache and also stopped pancreatic attack minutes after evacution of the colon.


  • Melissa

    I started BPS I have an autoimmune Hishimoto’s and I had increase body temp, which was not bothersome, and I hoped a weight loss d/t increase in metabolic via increase body temp, a great bld sugar control, Great sleep, BUT tiredness ,exhaustion really, brain fog, horrible joint muscle achyness, also big weight gain, no constipation or diarrhea or much gas. The symptoms started around day 2-3 and I have been taking BPS daily for 2 weeks, I was not understanding why I was feeling so aweful, duh…. thxs for this article OMG it is the BPS so I sit here now after having it later today wondering how soon by not taking it again I will feel better, do you know how long it will take to reverse these aweful symptons ?? I can’t even go to work tomorrow I feel so flu like. HELP THANK YOU for posting this all the BRS are so positive i just thought it was my Hishimoto’s and i needed an adjustment to my thryroid medication lol

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      My pleasure 🙂

  • sven

    Hi Joe, I like to test this. However, I find it pretty hard to find green bananas in the supermarket here. However, there is a small store here which sells green plantains. What is your opinion about plantains?

    1. Lesley

      Green plantains have the same if not better results. Very healing for ulcerative colitis but yuk! You can get the flour on amazon.

  • Heather Boroughs
  • M!

    Great well balanced article.My experience has made me biased towards the last 2 weeks, with, taking RS, (potato) ive resolved the “20 second warning” diarrhea, that ive had for the last year and a half!!! Ive wasted a lot of money trying to figure out why, food in=FOOD OUT. been to gastroenterologists who have told me, that i have a “sensitive gut” or the past ive tried 50billion cfu multi strain PROBIOTICS. digestive emzymes…the list goes on…all of these things barely calmed the storm.

    My problems started when. over the period of 2 months, i got 2 massive swollen dental abscesses , and an infected welding burn……which meant 3 courses of antibiotics. it also didnt help that i have to repair equipment at some of the filthiest rural petrol stations in South Africa. im pretty sure that i had Giardia for 2 months….which i took another course of ANTIBIOTICS for 🙁 .it helped…my gut was still messed up.

    over the last year and a half, ive been able to keep it under control , by reducing starch, dairy, coffee, and fat. but a one day sugar binge, used to result in 2 weeks of misery.

    What i suspect ,is. the antibiotics and anti inflammatories(Dental abscess) murdered my gut flora,and intestinal linining, which resulted in a high ph .end result,”good flora suppressed,opportunistic bacterial/yeast thriving.crazy-expensive probiotics not able to colon-ize (YEP,a gut PUN ;-).

    Since taking RS ive stopped taking immodium, and ALL my poop are now solid!!!!!!!!!! doesnt sound like much of an achievement,But for someone who takes 12 immodium tablets ,a week, and still “wets ” his pants, once a month, at the most inopportune time, this is a miracle!!!!

    the only thing that helped me ,prior to RS is psyllum husk.but that only gave me 4 hours of poop-freeness, so since i discovered RS, ive been mixing RS with PH. I read somewhere that that is an optimal way of taking it, because it keeps the colon hydrated, and provides a gel substrate for the rs/ gut bacteria to attach to , also the gel mix allows the lactic acid to engulf the bacteria. NO CLUE ,if there is any merit in this , but it WORKS, and i dont have the “guts” to change my regimen

    OK RS isnt all peachy. since using RS, i have never ending CRAAZY GAS!!!!!!, and a bit of constipation, which im hoping will subside, as my biome adapts to process RS more efficiently!!?????? none the less, id rather have crazy gas, for the rest of my life, than loosing it in crowded malls, or rural petrol stations, which dont have a public toilet

    Hope this helps someone!


    1. ing

      M- have much RS are you taking per day and are you taking a probiotic in addition to it? Good to hear of your success! thanks for posting your experience.

  • Natasha

    Good morning! I thought I would check back here and let you know, that I now CAN eat potatoes. No more immune system response. No more swollen joints – fingers, knees, hips. No more crying and angry. No more extremely painful swollen hips.

    It took 6 months of working on my microbiota. I had to stop PS for a while, while keeping up with other forms of RS, more prebiotics and more SBO probiotics. Then, I tried potatoes again and NO SYMPTOMS. I had roasted potatoes and Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch. No symptoms.

    As a precaution, I am not eating PS or potatoes every day. Instead, I am limiting it to every few days. I want to be careful because I am enjoying being symptom free and because I am still building my gut colonies.

    But this proves it can be done. Food intolerances are a gut problem. Whether or not everyone can successfully alter their microbiota, is something else.

    It did take time, and I should not have expected to fix it quickly. I lost the ability to eat potatoes over a year while on a restrictive diet. Many diets today are restrictive and while that does alleviate symptoms, in my opinion, it anchors the “intolerance” because you lose the ability to process that food.

    After that diet, I suffered many years of extreme and severe reactions to the slightest, smallest amount of potato AND potato starch. 6 months of re-building and another 6 months of cautious use, should have me normal. 🙂

    So, I disagree with you Joe – if you can’t eat a food, you definitely have a gut problem. The gut and the immune system are tied. So, I would say you are still a work in progress. You are “self hacking” not “self-hacked”.


    1. Joe

      Lol. I won’t disagree with you there. I will always be a work-in-progress. Perhaps you have some secret sauce I have never tried? I use/have used lots of RS, every prebiotic you can imagine and SBO’s, without much change.

      Also, care to be more specific than just microbiota? What in the the microbiota changes specifically that makes you less sensitive to lectins? Without a mechanism we don’t know how reproducible your experiment is even theoretically. Knowing little about you, there’s not much I can decipher from your case report. From the looks of it, it seems like you just had a problem with potatoes. Me an many people on this blog have problems with a lot more than just that.

      Lots of research out there about curing food allergies, but none about fixing intolerances to lectins. Your issues may have just been an IgE allergy or other allergy that is fixable, many times with microbiota changes.

      Thanks for the feedback, even if just to poke your finger in my eye.

      1. Joe

        Looked at your other post: “Since my reaction to potatoes started, I had not found anyone else who reacts the way I do. This page is the first time. I do not react to anything else, including all nightshades. I am guessing that the diet restriction on potates eliminated my abiltiy to digest them with triggering the immune system. Ironically (I think), I have no problems with wheat and glutens – when many other people do.”

        It seems like you had a very specific allergy to potatoes and changing your microbiota can definitely change this. That is not the case for most people with chronic inflammatory issues and multiple food sensitivities.

        Many types of food allergies and intolerances can be cured, but this is usually when they are confined to a handful or less of specific foods like in your case. While probiotics can definitely help people, they are not close to a cure for food intolerances related to lectins, which is the most common.

        1. ing

          every single food sensitivity I have began after being on intravenous antibiotics (just few days). Some probiotics have helped me become less sensitive

          1. Joe

            Your food sensitivites likely come from gut microbial imbalance then and are fixable. Again, different people, different solutions. This is why I always say every person is different.

            reply icon
          2. ing

            just wish I could find the total solution, while probiotics have helped a lot I am not able to get back to where I was before the antibiotics. Very frustrating.

            reply icon
        2. Natasha

          Hi Joe, happily, I had already healed up my other intolerances. It was only potatoes and potato starch that was still an issue.

          I had/have the diagnosis of CFS/ME, fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivities. I thought I would be in pain for the rest of my life. I lost over 10 years to this merry go round of problems, but pulled myself out of the hole. I spent a lot of money, tried a lot of things, followed some gurus and learned to think for myself. Went to university, got a good job and got married. Much better prognosis than where I was headed with my long list of health issues.

          I didn’t know if I could, but I did! It worked! I can have potatoes! I am still cautious, and not ready to take it everyday.

          I have been focusing on clostridiums (AOR), because of what I read on Dr. Ayer’s “cooling inflammation”. I am also taking Kefir, psyillium, inulin, green plantain powder, RS foods, store bought fermented vegies and now homemade ferments. 🙂

          I will continue to add more things, improve myself, proving these things. Interestingly, Prescript Assist seems to give me anxiety. So I will avoid it for a while and try it again later.

          Another thing I get to deal with, my husband has two auto-immune illnesses. One popped up last year and was so bad that they misdiagnosed him with cancer.

          So, “winning” my war with potatoes is a huge, huge deal. I have lots more work to do with myself and my husband.

          Regards, N.

          1. Joe

            I am glad that you have fixed your issues with these supplements. Unfortunately, I have tried everything you mentioned, to little effect (they helped a bit). The only thing that was completely effective was abstinence.

            reply icon
          2. ing

            Natasha are you taking probiotic 3 AOR? Can you say exactly how this probiotic has effected your health. I seem to get different benefits from differerent species. Am in need ot probiotic that with help with skin. thanks

            reply icon
    2. ing

      Natasha, would love to know what brands prebiotics/probiotics you used to recover your gut. Congrats and thanks!

      1. Natasha

        Dear Ing,

        Sorry for the delayed response. For my previous chronic health issues, what helped me is a classic (one remedy) Homeopath. A good one is hard to find. Everything resolved well enough for me to move on with my life and be generally healthy! Ex: I was on disability…and I got off. I live a full, active and busy life. 🙂

        The remaining issue has been potatoes – which I thought was a really weird issue. Also, I have been slowly but steadily gaining weight the past 5 years despite careful diet and exercise (25 pound gain, 5 pounds per year). I had previously lost 105 pounds and maintained that loss, so this slow gain has been quite upsetting.

        Now, these issues make sense….my microbiota was hit hard by anti-biotics and because of diet/lifestyle (low carb, low cal) I had not recovered properly, including losing the ability to eat potatoes.

        I ate roasted potatoes again today. Such a shock. I keep expecting horrible and dramatic to happen. I ate cooked and cooled roasted potatoes (higher in RS – Richard Nikoley’s work), with sour cream and popped an AOR-3 probiotic. I can’t advise you further with the probiotics. You will have to continue to research. Have you read Dr. Art Ayers on “Cooling Inflammation” or Grace Lui’s “AnimalPharm”?

        *** Whatever you do, don’t give up.*** Keep trying, keep doing. Health is possible.

  • Sharky

    I hate to be a party pooper… but if taking something like unmodified potato starch is causing all kinds of issues, perhaps there is something more important that needs to be fixed? I take about 3 tablespoons a day for almost 6 months now. Joint paints? Inflammation? Fatigue? I think it’s more to do with your body and resiliency than the starch itself. All plant foods have toxins in them, especially raw. Yet, we don’t advise people to avoid eating vegetables…

    1. Joe

      Ah….I see your logic.

      All raw plants have toxins and we eat raw plants with no health consequences. Therefore, potatoes, which is a plant, can safely be eaten raw with no health consequences.

      The fallacy neglects the facts that different plants have different toxins, with different degrees of toxicity.

      1. IntestinalIQ

        Also, different people have vastly different sensitivities. I think it was Thomas Huxley who said that human beings can be different from one another than some species. And Roger Williams (“Biochemical Individuality”) said people can differ in their needs for some nutrients by ten or a hundred times.

        I’ve been in this nutritional biz for a few decades. Some things can be a miracle for some, do nothing for others, and be positively harmful to another group.

        (That being said, I think resistant starch + probiotics is probably the most widely beneficial regimen I’ve come across. And the system it affects–the gut microbiota–is probably the most important system in our bodies.)

        I have no doubt that potato starch isn’t going to work for some. It’s a great source of RS2, but it likely has other things, even in minute quantities, that are going to affect some people negatively.

        1. Joe

          I agree.

    2. Joe
  • David

    I seem to be having a reaction to BRM potato starch also, how long did your bouts of fatigue and joint inflammation last? It seems to be affecting me for several days.

    1. Joe

      I killed it with supps

      1. David

        Joe, thanks for posting about this subject. It helped me isolate the PS as the issue. I also posted on the FTA website, but as others mentioned, it was not very helpful. I saw some comments about iodine, do you have a separate blog post on this or more info? Thanks again, David

        1. Joe

          Future post…

      2. Kris Pote

        Please elaborate on this?

  • mynameisjanie

    FYI: I’ve been on unmodified potato starch for two months. Horrid gas. Switched to 6 pm and did much better in that arena. But last week, starting getting headaches that I only felt when I bent down to retrieve something. Odd, since I never get headaches!! Six days of that.

    Next thing I notice, I’m REALLY tired physically. 2 1/2 days of that. I’ve been busting my brain, trying to figure out WHAT is going on. Then in hit me–the unmodified potato starch. It’s the only major change I’ve made in my life the last few months. And the ONLY other time I can remember getting a headache is when I had just started using Lugol’s iodine a few years ago and was raising it i.e. I discovered that detoxing gives me headache. So does using resistant starch cause detoxing? Or is it the plant toxins finally getting to me? I’m going to stay off it a week and see what happens…

    1. Selfhacked

      Your reaction to lugols and PS have nothing to do with detoxing. PS is because of toxins. Lugols gave you an issue because free elemental iodine is toxic and damages tissues, which is why it gave me a stomach ache when I took it and made me feel crappy. Its toxicity derives from its oxidizing properties, which make it able to denaturate proteins (including enzymes). This has nothing to do with detoxing.

      1. mynameisjanie

        Makes sense that it could be a toxin issue. I figure I’ll figure it out or not after I’ve been off the potato starch for several days. Today is getting close to being off 48 hours—still have some physical fatigue this afternoon, so we’ll see as more days off go by.

        As far as iodine, I’m not on enough to make it toxic. Lugols is more potassium iodide, which as I understand it don’t have the toxic elemental iodine but the more benign iodide.

        1. Joe

          It’s toxic enough to have a negative effect with the amount of iodine it has….

          1. mynameisjanie

            Joe, my understanding from Brownstein and Flechas is that the toxic effect from iodine use is from detoxing. But what I’d really like ideas about is why I’m so tired after two months of using RS….

            reply icon
          2. Joe

            I’d love for them to explain why they think this to be and their proposed mechanism.

            It’s not RS, it’s just PS and it’s from the toxins. Use Hi-maize, which has just as much RS and you won’t get tired, but you may still get a headache if you take too much.

            reply icon
  • Natasha

    Hello! Interesting post. I starting experimenting with Bob’s Red Mill PS last week. I was very reluctant to try. I have had an immune system response to potaotes for over 5 years. I did a low cal / low carb diet and lost 105 pounds. After weight plateaued I found that I could not eat potatoes or potato starch. Reaction – severe pain and swelling of major and minor joints, heat, crying and severe anger. Not fun. Reaction sometimes is within an hour but usally it is exactly 24 hours after ingestion.

    After reading Dr. Art Ayers of coolinginflammation, Richard at freetheanimal and Grace of AnimalPharm I decided to give it a try.

    I was on vacation and not eating my normal foods. Reaction was virtually none. Fear on injestion which dissapated. I did get constipation, which I haven’t had in years. I did have a few twinges of joint stiffness in next few days.

    I have plantain flour in the mail. I ate some fresh plaintains. Fine. Best in smoothie. Mouth felt raw when eaten straight.

    Since my reaction to potatoes started, I had not found anyone else who reacts the way I do. This page is the first time. I do not react to anything else, including all nightshades. I am guessing that the diet restriction on potates eliminated my abiltiy to digest them with triggering the immune system. Ironically (I think), I have no problems with wheat and glutens – when many other people do.

    I stopped the PS for a week because of the constipation. Now that I am home again, I had one TBSP last night and one TBSP this morning. My head is feeling a little strange and lips tingly. So….this post is extremely relevent to me.

    Now I am thinking that a potato starch sensitivity is one more variablity. I will stop potato starch and switch try the options.

    Thanks for the information. Honesty is appreciated. I have learned to live by the principle of not criticizing others but rather trying to understand where they are coming from. Thus….some people might not get benefit from potato starch, and need to rely on other forms of resistant starch.


    1. Selfhacked

      Thanks for your review. You’re reacting to potato starch because of alkaloids, such as solanine, in raw potatoes. Various cooking methods reduce solanine concentrations.

      1. Natasha

        Dear Selfhacked,

        Please explain better. Does that mean the BRM is not consistant with their process in your opinion? Why did I start reacting in the first place? Try telling elderly Ukrainain relatives that you can’t eat potato cheese perogies anymore. 🙁

        1. Selfhacked

          Everyone has a different level of tolerance to various toxins. If your relatives are eating raw potatoes, then they may have a higher tolerance to these toxins and not be so sensitive.

          1. Natasha

            Dear Selfhacked,

            No, my family does not eat raw potatoes. The food I am referring to is a cooked potato food.

            Everyone in my family eats potatoes, loves them. I am the odd one out.

            A lot more has been written on Free the Animal, just today. After doing some stool testing, it looks like those who have problems with potato starch still have a flora/fauna gut imbalance. If after a year you still can’t handle PS, I am thinking something is still out of balance…

            In your self experiment, have you been tested to find out exactly what is populating your gut?


            reply icon
          2. Selfhacked

            I do well on hi-maize, which is 60% RS.

            reply icon
          3. Natasha

            Dear Selfhacked,

            Your response of “nonsense” was not a helpful answer. I asked if you have had your gut tested. I didn’t pick on one type of test, as there are many, but it is a question that should have been answered. If this is your business and your self experiment, then you really should know what is going on inside….

            Generally improved health is a good indicator of a healthy gut… but in your “about” page you explain that you still have dietary issues with “all dairy, yeast, eggs, caffeine, theobromine, alcohol and other foods/substances”. If we add potatoes/potato starch to that list, I think it is clear that there is something still amiss in your gut. I don’t have a problem with dairy or yeasts or eggs, just potatoes.

            The statement that potato starch “may cause” inflammation with the inference that it *does cause* and your use of the BRM packaging is an criticism worthy of Bulletproof. Why the drama? I am glad that hi-maize works well for you, I will try it too. But shouldn’t there be a variety of cheap, natural sources of high RS?

            All of the allergens and sensitivities that people have today are not normal. There is something wrong with all of us if we can’t eat normal things – dairy, potatoes, eggs, etc.

            Thanks for sharing your issues with potatoes. I will take it into consideration. However, I kindly object to the conclusion.

            reply icon
          4. Selfhacked

            I think there are some misunderstandings here.

            Being sensitive to certain foods in my opinion is often not a gut problem that can be fixed. I’ve certainly tried every way to tolerate foods like casein and gluten, without success. I’ve taken every probiotic, dietary fiber and supplement that heals ‘leaky gut’. At this stage I’d recommend staying away from foods you’re sensitive to. You can induce tolerance if you have IgE related allergies, however (not my situation).

            Some people are sensitive to potatoes, but my post wasn’t even referring to that. BRM’s potato starch is RAW, which means it contains more plant toxins than regular cooked potatoes. If you are sensitive to cooked potatoes, you are more likely to have a reaction from raw potatoes like potato starch. I think people who aren’t sensitive to cooked potatoes may be sensitive to potato starch.

            People need time for their gut to adapt to RS, which is what I had assumed you were talking about. But the health of my gut doesn’t correlate with how well I tolerate foods.

            There is no test that I’m aware of that reliably measures the health of your gut. uBIOME doesn’t tell you much useful info.


            reply icon
          5. Selfhacked
            reply icon
          6. Bea

            I only took 1 tsp of PS and my mouth burned most of the day. Within 10 minutes of taking it my heart started racing and a neck injury that hasn’t bothered me for 5 years flared up. No sleep that night also. I never had a problem with cooked potatoes in my life. Raw and concentrated spud to me is not good. Problems may pop up in people if they take it in high doses(4 + tbsp) long term. I wouldn’t risk it.At FTA they do like to tell people their messed up if they can’t take it. I do not have an autoimmune issue . I used to eat green bananas just because ripe ones made me gag. Now I just eat a variety of veges, meat, eggs, berries and nuts. My gut bugs will have to find something they like from that.

            reply icon
          7. Joe

            “At FTA they do like to tell people their messed up if they can’t take it.”

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  • evey

    I am so glad to read this. I have developed severe joint pain (knees/hip) where as previously to Unmodified Potato Starch, I never encountered. I am giving it up as of today to see if I experience improvement. I am hoping this will reverse my condition. Before this, I was the epitome of great health.

    1. mynameisjanie

      evey, did you get the improvement you sought by being off the potato starch?

  • Adriana Gutierrez

    Count me in on those not responding well to BRM potato starch. Even after 4 weeks “adaptation” I had numerous (6xa day) runny bowl movements, excessive room clearing noxious gas and zero improvement if fasting vlood glucose. Tapioca starch on the other hand brought my FBG down from 110 to the 90s.

    1. mynameisjanie

      Adriana, I find that interesting that tapioca starch helped you as compared to potato starch. What have you read on other sites concerning tapioca starch?

  • Pill Scout

    I seem to have evaded the side effects you mention with the unmodified potato starch by taking a tincture preparation of turmeric every day. Obviously that’s not a good long term solution if the orexin connection is true here and I honestly hadn’t thought of that.
    The guys over at Free The Animal seem to recommend plantain and banana flour in addition to the green bananas.
    I read elsewhere (probably on Free The Animal too) that cooked-then-cooled rice and parboiled rice are good for RS. Generally I avoid bananas in the morning as in the past it caused me to suffer hypoglycemic fatigue. Occasionally I do eat a banana before bed and it seems to help me fall asleep quickly and wake up well-rested in the morning like taking honey.
    Any suggestions for keeping bananas from ripening quickly?

    1. Selfhacked

      Nope. Thats why I’ve introduced plantains.

  • lifehacker44

    Does resistant starch preferentially feed probiotics? If you consume too much will the spillover feed pathogenic organisms? What about people suffering form SIBO? Should you do a round of oil of oregano and lauric acid before starting the diet? Also, why would humans evolve a taste aversion to unripe bananas?

    1. Selfhacked

      I had SIBO. Most people with IBS have SIBO. It’s fine. If you follow the diet, it includes lots of antimicrobials, which should take care of the bacteria in teh small intestine. I would especially suggest ACV and kombucha. You can take the anti microbials with the diet.

  • PhilT

    Potato starch is about 55% RS, it’s ~20% moisture. states “550 g RS/kg” for raw potato starch.

    1. Selfhacked

      Thanks, that would accord much more with my experience. I realize now that I get RS and prebiotics from bananas, which probably makes it equivalent to more RS alone. So 55% would make sense – 30% was a low figure. I also do believe that it’s raw based on how inflammatory it is.

  • Sam

    Powdered starches are useful when the shops don’t have green bananas. I wonder if tapioca starch has the same effect.

  • Kayla Towles

    Except Portland Roasting charges $12 shipping so turns out to be about the same price…

    1. Maverick Raj

      He also charges shipping($5.95) for his coffee, and portland roasting charges $11.30, so pr’s coffee is still cheaper. PR’s coffee is a lot cheaper when ordering multiple bags because the $11.30 shipping is flat rate.

  • Maverick Raj

    I can already see “bulletproof” RS coming:
    1. No third party verification of superior benefits whatsoever relative to “normal” RS
    2. Probably Bob’s RedMill RS packaged in a pretty new bottle
    3. Charge $20 more for the above
    4. Sheep line up to buy after the multi level marketing and blog partners hype it up

    Seems to be the tried and true formula.

    As for RS itself, it has not given me any problems but I will be on the lookout more carefully for the symptoms you described. I find that getting green bananas is a problem as most stores I check don’t stock them. Where do you get yours?

    1. Selfhacked

      Lol, I was thinking the exact same thing. Hilarious.

      I just go for the greenest ones. If they’ve got even a little green on it I take it. I need to buy them every other day or every day depending on the season.

      1. ing

        Something that myself and friends have noticed this past year when purchasing green bananas..
        usually I purchase all green bananas (green but not overly hard/dark green) and they will ripen by themselves at room temperature over a few days however this year I have had to switch to purchasing the more yellow /green bananas because the green ones wont ripen- no matter what.

        1. Selfhacked

          I don’t recommend those types of green bananas.

    2. Selfhacked

      You forgot to mention that he’ll tell you the premium is because he had to source it from some place in the amazon to guarantee that it’s mycotoxin free and only by consuming this will you be bulletproof, like him.

      1. Maverick Raj

        Haha. Yes, I forgot about the mysterious midichlorians, oh wait that’s star wars woo, mycotoxins yes the source of all ills. BTW, his coffee is just Portland Roasting’s Guatemala, notice the 100% markup!

        1. Selfhacked

          And he claims he doesn’t make any money, lol.

          1. Maverick Raj

            Shattering the mycotoxins myth:

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          2. Selfhacked

            Lol, I tried his coffee out and was still allergic to it.

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  • ing

    Interesting post. Do you think perhaps you are allergic to nightshades? I could sleep as well on the potato starch and am thinking of trying the bananas. Can you say just how ‘green’ your bananas are for the right effect? I only like semi green bananas but never noticed any effect from them. Also do you need to purchase your bananas often? If I buy bananas the way I like them (semi green or about to be semi green) they are good on for a day or two.

    Have you tried green banana starch?

    1. ing

      “could NOT sleep”

    2. Selfhacked


      -I don’t get that result with potatoes I make

      -As green as I can find them


      -Not yet

      1. ing

        thanks. So as green as you can find them – you mean nasty starchy tasting?

        1. Selfhacked

          Most of the time they are mostly yellow, but I do it eat them mostly green sometimes.

          1. ing


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          2. aj

            What about keeping them in the frig? I noticed they stay greener, are harder to peel and eat when in the frig. I don’t have enough energy to buy them everyday or other day.

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          3. Selfhacked

            Never tried

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          4. Charles

            Keeping them in the fridge keeps them green.

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