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Semen is the fluid or casing that holds sperm. Sperm is a cell that floats around in the fluid and reaches the egg to impregnate the female. Semen is quite nutritious and has a bunch of interesting properties. Semen needs to have all of the ingredients to transport sperm to the egg safely. It needs nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories in order for the female not to attack the sperm. We can use the benefits of semen for various health benefits! Read on to see how to utilize some of semen’s benefits.

WARNING: This post is rated X, so make sure you’re over 18 and aren’t in the middle of eating. 

As you will see, being a man, I have a strong a conflict of interest with this post. Be skeptical 😉

How to Get the Benefits of Sperm and Semen


Before I delve into the benefits of semen, we should have some idea of how you’re going to get these benefits.

For Men

For men, there’s a technique called ‘injaculating,’ where the semen is not excreted, but instead reabsorbed in your blood.

It’s like getting an intravenous infusion of semen because it goes directly into your blood – the best delivery system.

Injaculating Diagram


***hand should come from the front of your body, not the back…

For Women

For women, there are 4 options: Swallowing, sublingual, anal, and not using a condom.

The swallowing method won’t produce all of the benefits because many of the ingredients in semen are destroyed or denatured by the stomach.

Sublingual or allowing it to absorb under your tongue and then swallowing is a better option, but still not perfect.

The anal route was suggested by a commenter (probably a guy…), and it might work, but I don’t know. Does the semen have enough pressure to get absorbed? Maybe.

The vaginal route is probably most effective, but for women, there’s a real fear of STDs and infections transferring through the semen as well as that whole chance of pregnancy thing.

Like anything you take in, make sure your supply source of semen is trustworthy and free of STDs.

If you trust your partner, you can use an IUD and get the benefits of semen (but that has its own issues).

Health Benefits of Semen and Sperm

1) Semen Is an Antidepressant

In a survey of 293 college women at SUNY Albany about intercourse with and without condoms, it was found that those who didn’t use condoms had lower levels of depression and better moods.

This is surprising because risky sex (i.e., without condoms) is usually associated with negative self-esteem and depressed mood.

Among women who “always” or “usually” used condoms, about 20% reported suicidal thoughts, but among those who used condoms only “sometimes,” the figure was much lower at 7%. Among women who “never” used condoms, only 5% reported suicidal thoughts [R, R].

Semen contains many ingredients that could be responsible for this effect.

Probably the most significant one is Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), which has potent antidepressant and cognitive enhancing effects.

Semen also includes mood enhancers such as oxytocin, progesterone, endorphinsprolactin, TRH, and serotonin.

2) Semen Is Anti-Anxiety


Semen includes anti-anxiety hormones such as oxytocin and progesterone. It also has serotonin.

Few people realize that a strong driving force of anxiety comes from oxidative stress, which is why it often goes along with brain fog and fatigue issues [R].

Semen contains a lot of antioxidants to combat oxidative stress.

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3) Semen Contains Antioxidants and Combats Oxidative Stress

Semen contains a number of antioxidants such as melatoninSODcatalaseGPx, glutathione , Vitamin C, vitamin E, pyruvate, and carnitine [R, R].

It also includes hormones/peptides that are antioxidants, such as NGF, oxytocin, and progesterone [R, R].

Semen contains uric acid, which is also an antioxidant, but I don’t know if it’s in a meaningful concentration to be medically useful.

4) Semen Is Antiinflammatory


I’ve suffered from a lot of inflammation until I went on the lectin avoidance diet.

Semen contains anti-inflammatories/immunosuppressants so that it’s not attacked when it enters the woman.

Nerve Growth Factor, oxytocin, progesterone, testosterone, and cortisol, and certain prostaglandins are anti-inflammatories. TGF-beta in semen also helps create tolerance to proteins.

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5) Semen Contains Many Healthy Hormones

Semen has many good hormones that people are often low in:

6) Semen May Help Prevent Cancer

Studies suggest that semen might reduce breast cancer by “not less than 50%.”

This effect is attributed to various proteins, selenium, and TGF-beta in semen.

7) Semen Is a Cognitive Enhancer: It Contains Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)


Nerve growth factor (NGF) is important for the growth, maintenance, and survival of neurons, including the axons (the part where the electrical signal passes). It also promotes myelin repair, which is the coating around the axons.

Rita Levi-Montalcini won a Nobel Prize for discovering nerve growth factor and she used NGF eye drops to increase her lifespan and health.

NGF is abundant in semen. Recent studies have found that it induces ovulation (the release of the egg from ovaries) in some mammals, which can help with fertility.

Stress and anxiety decrease NGF.

Low NGF levels are found in atherosclerosisobesity, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome [R].

NGF is an antinflammatory and antioxidant, and may be helpful for a variety of conditions including depression, MS, and schizophrenia, among others.

In case you aren’t in the mood for swallowing cum, other good ways to enhance NGF include yoga (even a single 20-minute session) and falling in love [RR].

For the whole-fooders, green tea/EGCG and rosemary (carnosic acid) increase NGF [R, R].

For the supplement junkies such as myself, my favorite substances to increase NGF include butyratezinc, lithiumberberinePQQ, vitamin D, and melatonin.

8) Semen May Keep Infections at Bay

Semen contains many proteins with potent antimicrobial activity against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

9) Semen Can Increase Lifespan

Semen contains spermidine, which has been found to increase lifespan.

Spermidine has also been found to reduce the amount of aging in yeast, flies, worms, and human immune cells by inducing autophagy.

Spermidine is a longevity agent due to its ability to regulate gene expression.

Other good sources of spermidine include grapefruit juice and tempeh.

10) Semen Can Prevent Hair Loss


If the men haven’t been paying attention, I believe I now have your listening ears.

Spermidine has been tested and discovered to encourage hair shaft elongation and lengthen hair growth. Spermidine has also been found to increase stem cells that lead to hair growth.

Your genes have a lot to say about your testosterone levels. SelfDecode lets you in on that conversation. It’s like having your own private geneticist on your computer.

11) Semen Increases Sex Drive


Semen contains testosterone [R].

Testosterone increases libido in both men and women.

Testosterone gets absorbed through a woman’s vaginal walls and even through the act of swallowing semen.

12) Semen Prevents Preeclampsia

I’ve spoken about inducing oral tolerance by ingesting a food with other substances.

Ingredients in semen such as TGF-beta can help induce oral tolerance.

When a woman swallows her partner’s semen, she will become tolerant to the proteins that are found in his sperm. This is thought to reduce the risk of preeclampsia [R].

A study shows that oral sex and swallowing semen may help make a woman’s pregnancy safer and more successful [R].

TGF-beta might also enhance brain function. High blood levels of TGF-beta are associated with increased thickness in certain brain regions in healthy subjects [R].

13) Semen Increases Fertility

Semen contains NGF, which increases fertility in mammals by increasing ovulation.

14) Semen Is Nutritious

I’d like to mention that most of the nutrients aren’t in meaningful concentrations when you look at each nutrient alone, but on the whole (no pun intended), it’s pretty good.

For example, a normal semen ejaculate contains 0.56 mg of zinc, whereas the average person gets probably 20 times that in their daily diet.

However, since the body only absorbs 20% of dietary zinc, the requirements for zinc should theoretically increase by approximately 2.5 mg after each ejaculation. But, if you are injaculating or swallowing, then you are getting some of that zinc back.

Zinc serves to help to stabilize the DNA-containing chromatin in the sperm cells. A zinc deficiency may result in lowered fertility because of increased sperm fragility. Zinc deficiency can also adversely affect sperm production.

Semen contains:
Calcium (mg) 27.6 0.938
Chloride (mg) 142 4.83
Citrate (mg) 528 18.0
Fructose (mg) 27.6 9.25
Glucose (mg) 102 3.47
Lactic acid (g) 62 2.11
Magnesium (mg) 11 0.374
Potassium (mg) 109 3.71
Protein (g) 5.04 0.171
Sodium (mg) 300 10.2
Urea (g) 45 1.53
Zinc (mg) 16.5 0.561

I found this ingredient list on longecity and I added some other missing ingredients to this (the ones without amounts):

Chemical composition of sperm (In mg/100 ml)

There Are Probably Many Substances in Semen That We Don’t Know About

There are almost certainly other ingredients in semen that we don’t know about – perhaps some X factor.

Cultures and Semen

The Taoists have traditionally used injaculation to increase longevity and vigor.

Gross, but in some aboriginal tribes, the tribe elders have the adolescents perform oral sex on them and swallow their sperm because they believe it’s important for their masculinity.

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  • shawn campbell

    I use mine! and have for years

  • shawn campbell

    I use mine!

  • Singh

    Can a man too swallow his sperm and is this beneficial for him ??

  • Moogan

    Most women don’t even like giving head and find swallowing cum disgusting. Let a man do it. You’ll have one hell of an orgasm and you won’t have to deal with any whining.

  • magezi Samuel

    What happens to the pens when apply my sperms on it?

  • Fred Bairstow

    Don’t waste a drop. Eat all you can. Also try drinking your middle flow Urine. The first middle flow in the morning is best. Like olives, it is an acquired taste, but after a while you will love it.

  • Steve

    I have an issue. I have been injaculating and it is great. I can have multiple orgasms and they last forever. The proble I have is that I can’t always ejaculate when I want to now. It feels great to me but sometimes my wife wants to see or feel me explode and I can’t seem to control that. Any tips or tricks to help me out?

  • Joshua Hunter

    In all these comments I see nothing serious, no real scientific tests cited, no links provided, nothing, just a bunch of old books that ten thousand people interpret in ten thousand completely different ways just to support they’re own views and beliefs, leave this to real scientists with real testing methods and professional equipment that is time tested to provide real physical evidence and time tested facts that can only be interpreted in one way not ten thousand, and if you can not provide a proven scientific retort don’t bother because I won’t even read it and neither will anybody else with an IQ substantial enough to understand half of what I’ve already said, good day.

  • Jimmy

    I would be very interesting to write about POIS. (Sperm-Allergy) It’s a very big big problem for many people, that just “biohackers” can help 🙂

  • MGanon

    What are your sources?

  • Dr.Anil Ganvir


  • Yashvir

    I completely agree Josh, well said.

  • Gold

    I do swallow sperm but after doing that,the next morning I get weak. Please I need advice.

  • Hadassah

    Mr. Cohen,
    Thank you for the article. I was a bit apprehensive about even looking up the effects of swallowing, but your article proved informative and backed-up my own findings. Let me tell you a short story.
    My whole life I’ve never been regular with my periods and as I’ve gotten older they eventually dwindled down to maybe one a year (back in the late 1990’s/2000’s). (I am now 49.) Back in the early 2000’s I began having debilitating swelling (burning, itchy, red, hot) in my hands. Sometimes my face would swell from the top lip, down, and sometimes it would move down to my feet. The occurences ONLY lasted a week. Sometimes very bad, other times not as bad, but it happened every month for about 14 years. No doctor knew what it was, whether dermatologist, ER doctor, general doctor or even holistic doctor. Long story, short, I started dating a man in late 2013. We never used a condom (I trusted him because I had known him as a friend before.) I began to swallow his semen and once I began regularly doing that I began to have periods again! I fould out that if I serviced him and swallowed a few days before a certain date that I would start my period like clockwork and would not have the swelling! Doing that has literally saved my life and my sanity! (And he says I’m the best he’s ever had in that department, too!) I guess when it’s life or death… My theory is that the nutrients/ components in the semen itself are a missing piece of my personal biological puzzle. Thank you for confirming my theory!

  • Meemee

    Good experiment. Smart thinking

  • Emil DImov

    Right on point, brother!

  • Mg Anon

    How much melatonin is there?

  • Lucifer

    I always feel weak after injaculation anyone know why?

    1. Jason

      Adrenal Fatigue. Yes, it exists in spades, with different causes, HPA issues being just one. Don’t listen to anyone who says different.

  • Bernard

    This is natures way of rewarding us for attempting procreation.

  • Ashraf

    Human body is the greatest creation of god. Semen is one of the vital elements of the body. Someone is misusing it, someone not. Over wasting semen is harmful for surviving though someone addicted to get pleaser by vomiting. There are many opinions on this matter. Few are logical & few are not. But I’m confused. Who can give me a logical theory on it? I’m thirsty for that.

  • Josh

    Im guessing a lot of people in these comments are religious because they are all quoting ancient books, a lot of them even used the word “ancient”! These books are outdated and before our scientific era of discovery the people who wrote these books know nothing like we do now, in fact only a few hundred years ago In England people would be thrown in a river, tied up, with pockets full of stones to see if they were a witch, that’s magical bullshit, my point is back then, they knew fuck all of what we do now so please stop quoting them!

  • DSW

    This analysis would suggest that lesbians might have worse health than straight, sexually active women. Have you seen any research along these lines?

  • pacogoro

    what can I do if I did a vasectomy?

    1. Jade

      You will still have semen as it is made in the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland which are not affected by a vasectomy. It just won’t contain sperm. The semen or the fluid that normally transports sperm is where the benefits are. You’re good to go 🙂

  • Dylan

    Applying sperm on your skin or on your head can make you feel itchy and irritated.

    1. Omry Grinberg

      Then you are alergic. Continued exposure will clear it off.

  • Debra Hung

    You wrote: “For women, there are three options: swallowing, sublingual or not using a condom. …. The vaginal route is probably most effective, but for women, there’s a real fear of STDs and infections transferring through the semen.”

    You left out anal sex without a condom. The rectum absorbs nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Many drugs are given this way. It is a good way to get the benefits of semen into a body.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Good point.

    2. chris532008

      You are exactly on point then from there high being one of the best benefits of injection and only present in significant quantity till age 26. Most practicing sexual activity is backwards giver should be the younger older the receivet

  • Razonilov Égor

    Actually, even the taoists do not follow this practice as a routine. Even the injaculation makes the qi (will) leaves, disturbing all the alchemist process

  • AllNatural

    I eat my semen all the time, sometimes plain and sometimes with food. Regardless of whether the aforementioned benefits are true, its also healthy for the prostate to have regular ejaculations. Additionally, doing things that you enjoy and make you feel good are good for your mental health.

  • jackson7498Jackson

    gals says I looked , old , weird , creepy , can swallowing my own sperm make me looks brighter , handsome ?

  • jackson7498Jackson

    Will I be stronger , healthier , handsome etc swallowing my own semen , gal says I looked old , weird , ugly , creepy , tats why I am asking such question ,

    1. chris532008

      Probably too late

  • Jos. Marden

    This is ridiculous and unnatural; no animals but man believe this crap. Male seed is for female pregnancy and weakens the male by losing seed. More sex and both men and women generally get weaker not healthier. If people are not restrained and disciplined in this area they will not be in any other area.

    1. Shawn

      I honesty looked this up to see if it was a thing or not. I would have sex or masturbate and not clean the semen off of me penis before I went to bed. It would dry onto it and flake off. After multiple times of doing this, I started noticing hairs growing on my shaft. I have heard people in the past jokingly say something like, “If you masturbate too much, the sperm causes hair to grow on your palms.” Of course I thought that was just a dumb joke, but that dumb joke reminded me of the unusual hair growing on my shaft. Let me tell you, I’m almost 30 and I didn’t have hair on my penis a year ago. This could possibly be accurate. I am tempted to put my love nectar on my head and letting it dry overnight just to see if anything happens. Let the journey begin.

      1. Josh

        So are you saying if I cum on my bald head I could grow hair…

      2. Nimmish

        So what is the result?

      3. Andrea Scappini

        Well yes if you can prove sperm can regrow hair, Spermissimo Shampoo will be a great product !

    2. Chuckie

      Most animals don’t believe this because most animals don’t read very well; only man believes it because only man can read it… And stop being a homodefensive cad with your tone of faux-macho authority as if you have special insight you clearly do not. Now, why don’t you go eat something? Something salty and alkaline.

      1. Joseph M. Cohen


    3. Gematria

      What’s your source? Where did you read that Bologna?

  • Marie

    This worked for after we conceived our first child. I read a scientific article about swallowing whilst pregnant. It did in fact stop my severe morning sickness and i felt better overall.our first born is really quite intelligent and she’s been able to talk and read from a very young age. We didn’t do the same for our second and there was a noticeable difference in pregnancy. My second daughter’s reading and speech are not at the same.level as pur first daughter; howe’ve, she has hearing problems and it is hard to say if that obstacle wasn’t in the way, how she would have developed. Besides, everyone is different.

  • Abdulrahman


    This is not a logical medical statement. To swallow one’s own semen leads to consumption of a substance that is then remanufactured in the Testes, on demand. The more you take semen from the Testes-prostate, the more these organs have to remanufacture new semen to replace the old and keep it ready for later sexual activity….at least that’s the normal biological function of these organs.

    As a result, to manufacture this highly complicated organic substance, the body is forced to obtain all the prime nutrients involved in its production, from the bloodstream. These nutrients include minerals, vitamins, oils, hormones, and many natural chemical substances. This effort is not simple at all……when the organ such the testes cannot obtain all the nutrients from the bloodstream, then it resorts to signaling for the release of catabolic hormones to dissolve the nutrients required from other locations in the body, and send them into bloodstream for use at the testes. This is a drain on the body.

    So as you can see, there is no free lunch her and it’s a waste of time for men to conceptualize that ingesting their own sperm leads to extra health; it more superior to keep the sperm in the body and infrequently release that. This is the best health provider. Ancient Chinese medical texts from before the birth of Christ strongly advised the Emperors not to engage in frequent sex with their concubines as this would cause them to lose their sperm and the resulting need for the body to remanufacture new sperm led to early aging and disease. The ancient doctor’s recommended that the Emperors have sex as much as they liked, but withhold releasing sperm for the majority of time. They encouraged men to release sperm only once weekly to best preserve health. By the way, this works………:)

    On the other hand, do women gain unusually high nutrition from consumption of men’s sperm? Yes. However, while having sex, a woman is losing her unfertilized eggs which are also a highly nutritious but complicated biological substance that requires many resources to be taken from the body, to manufacture the eggs just as sperm is for men. So again, it’s almost a zero sum game.

    1. Joanna

      we lose eggs when we ovulate

    2. AllNatural

      Sperm in the body is constantly being created and destroyed. Regular ejaculations are needed to help maintain good prostate health. Eating your own ejaculate merely recycles the seminal nutrients that would otherwise need to be broken down instead of simply digested.

      1. Ruff

        I watched my dog eat any food he through up. Nature is like that.

    3. Omry Grinberg

      It’s actually very healthy, it’s not like filling up a bottle and then you stop until you used the bottle.

      Semen and sperm are constanty produced. And when you force the System to stop by no fap no sex, you damage it. With no regular ejaculation, that whole system Atrophy. This is a damage to your hormones. Constant use, keeps your hormones high.

    4. Andrea Scappini

      Well folks, then I wonder if you eat your own Sperm is the nutrients and energy going back into your bloodstream and being re absorbed into your body? Or are those nutritious sperms so weak that are being destroyed by oxigen, or other factors?
      What about the Chi or Sexual energy is it wasted, like the mystics claims, even if you swallow your own sperm? Anybody perceived a difference?

  • Kieron

    How is it like getting intravenously , it does not go straight to veins, It can only get there as fast as the baldder allows,

    •Sperm can remain in the epididymis for about two weeks before being delivered up as ejaculate, or broken down and reabsorbed by the body. That’s another way to get the benefits of sperm

  • lordilol


    i was acutally inejaculating

    few observations

    1) i am not tired as much as after normal fap (+)
    2)my prostate hurtt a bit (-)
    3)semen that escapes is close to like 5% (lol)
    4) what does escape lack sperm.

    there is virtually no sperm coming out i am inejaculating
    i went as far as tasting my own semen and after inejaculation there is no white sticky parts, and there is no taste of sperm what so ever.
    is this normal? when u inejaculate does it lack sperm as well?
    also i tried pressing various point, middle, more forward,more back , not sure what is better.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen


      1. k

        is there scientific evidence that it gets reabsorbed?

  • Joanna

    “involves the injection of a polymer contraceptive directly into the vas deferens.”

    Ouch! Looks great though, 6 months from a single treatment.

  • SH

    Many old vedic and ancient texts talk about the benefits of not having sex because losing semen would be equal to losing vitality (the 40 drops of blood is equal to one drop of semen shebang). Your article and independent research of my own leads me to the idea that these folk might not be too crazy after all. Your article posits that injaculation is a method to reabsorb semen but can abstinence perhaps result in reabsorption of prostatic fluid and the fluid in the seminal vesicles Joe? I haven’t found any papers on this but I would be interested in whether the prostrate and seminal vesicles produce fluid continuously or only at the point of ejaculation. If it’s the former, then perhaps abstinence leads to reabsorption of these fluids, an increase in NGF, and the benefits of a “clear mind” of a celebrate that the old texts talk about.

  • Zazie

    It is possible to have sex without a condom if you have a solid relationship and/or when you are on birth control (not so healthy) or want to have kids. A bit stupid post because being in a solid relationship is also really healthy and you will probably produces more of the above mentioned hormones too even with condom. The study of the antidepressant effects of semen, who were the women who had sex condomless, the antidepressant effect is maybe due to other factors… I would love to have sex without condom and try the benefits but hey I don’t want to get a STD or a child (not just yet). It easier for men they don’t have to worry about getting pregnant they just loose their business and are done with it.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      You may be misconstruing what I said. I did not vouch for either men or women not to use a condom.

      I agree that being in a solid relationship is healthier and better option if you can find someone that suits you.

  • jules

    Lol. First, is a thing. Second, the correlation between orgasms and mortality is super lame! Orgasms universally make me feel like utter shit for up to weeks afterward. It’s like an extended hangover. If a partner was involved, it’s even worse because I get so sick of them and I have 0 desire to be with them. This effect is covered in Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow– if I hadn’t read this I’d still think there were something seriously fucked up in my head. Third, the porn industry is shit (I’d rather tell you in an email if you’re skeptical but it includes rampant abuse, trafficking, violence, coercion, and rape of women etc) and so I’m disappointed to see you vouch for it. Fourth, damn it’s too bad semen tastes like a rotten potato salad lol.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      ha, the mortality study was only done with men, but I think your reaction is unique.

      1. jules
        1. jules
    2. Joseph M. Cohen

      1) Do you have evidence that there’s rampant abuse, trafficking, violence, coercion, and rape of women? (in the US or Europe)

      2) Trafficking is illegal and the FBI works to curtail this.

      3) If I am to stop using porn because of abuses, I should also stop:

      -Using electricity and fossil fuels because I’m raping the planet and causing ill health via pollution.
      -Using plastic
      -Buying apple products because foxconn is shit and they use child laborers, who work in shitty conditions.
      -Stop eating animal products because I am directly murdering animals
      -Don’t have kids because that causes the most pillage of the planet (kids will grow up and watch porn, consume, etc…)

      The list goes on and on. Any time you consume anything, you are raping the planet in one way or another.

      So if people live life like this kudos to them, but I’m assuming >99% of people don’t.

      My carbon footprint and animal consumption is actually very low by US standards, so I’m doing my part.

  • Rachel B

    I was wondering on the mechanism of re-absorption into the blood and found some papers that explain that it is macrophages that break down the sperm cells and that the patients had anti sperm antibodies. It says that this localised immune response would have detrimental effects on the structure and function of the epididymis, which could possibly lead to infertility if this is the mechanism by which the sperm are absorbed. I just thought as well, that this localised immune response could lead to an increase in inflammatory cytokines in the blood. The paper is detailed below I just wanted your opinion.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Good find, I will have to look into this.

      1. lordilol

        this is interesting as i was thinking to actually inejaculate.

    2. Joseph M. Cohen
  • Deltrus

    Very interesting.

    Still, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    This article really goes against the social grain.

    Props for not caring what people think! Your standpoint on this really made me think about how other’s views influence my thinking.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I’m so out of touch from the social grain that I’m not even sure what it is anymore.

      Can you elaborate?

      1. Deltrus

        I’m totally open minded and think your article was pretty cool. I’m just talking about the perspective of others.

        Even telling someone you take “stacks” of drugs would be a little weird, at least in North America.

        Then you have:

        – Suggesting men eat their own semen. This sounds really gay to an average person, and would make themselves feel uncomfortable.

        – It also sounds like some sort of snake oil thing that someone would tell you as a joke in order to get them to eat their own semen every day. Admit it, if this article was fake, it would make a pretty good practical joke. It’s a lot like that “semen makes your skin perfect” thing that males tell females in order to get more blowjobs.

        – I know that you have proof that semen contains NGF and can potentially increase neurogenesis. Just, “semen makes you smarter” sounds a bit ridiculous at first, to an average person.

        I’ve seen a few posts in various areas trying to discredit your blog because of the initial ridiculous impression people have when they hear of “injaculation”.

        I still think this blog post was good, screw cultural stigmas, I want a better brain.

        1. Joseph M. Cohen

          There will always be haters. If you don’t have people trying to discredit you, it means you aren’t popular enough. As the blog grows, the haters will grow. I welcome anyone to challenge me about any topic and if they’re right I have no problem conceding.

          I have no stake fixed deeply in the ground. I encourage people to prove me wrong – it’s a great way to learn.

          If they want to discredit me, let them comment on the blog and challenge me here. I can’t discuss a topic if I don’t see it.

    2. jules

      things that are against the social grain =
      1) the science
      2) the presentation as a blog post vs formal article
      3) author accepts that his advice for women is unwanted since he is not a woman

      things that are firmly with the social grain =
      1) dude writes blog on the pros of swallowing (author acknowledged)
      2) the implication that men need to get off like they need to breathe and drink water
      3) dude using women for his own sexual gratification via porn without giving a shit about what this does to women in the porn industry, women as a whole, or how it affects his own perception of women (
      4) dude acknowledging that he uses porn because objectified women are easier to deal with (no messy emotional connections) since they’re always available and never say “no”
      5) the implication that you need to either be in a relationship or have orgasms to be content

      1. lordilol

        like women care when men suffer, why the double standard?

      2. Gregory Payne

        Oh, Jules! If you didn’t exist we’d have to invent you.

        You’re a sweetheart.

      3. Joseph M. Cohen

        First, if there’s a porn that causes aggression, it’s violent porn, which I’ve never watched. And if this does have an effect, it’s small to non existent.

        You’ve brought down one study, but let’s look at a review of the literature by ferguson.

        “Victimization rates for rape in the United States demonstrate an inverse relationship between pornography consumption and rape rates. Data from other nations have suggested
        similar relationships.”

        This means there a correlation between more porn and less rape.

        The effects of pornography, whether violent or non-violent, on sexual aggression have been debated for
        decades. The current review examines evidence about the influence of pornography on sexual aggression in
        correlational and experimental studies and in real world violent crime data. Evidence for a causal relationship between exposure to pornography and sexual aggression is slim and may, at certain times, have been exaggerated by politicians, pressure groups and some social scientists. Some of the debate has focused
        on violent pornography, but evidence of any negative effects is inconsistent, and violent pornography is comparatively rare in the real world. Victimization rates for rape in the United States demonstrate an inverse relationship between pornography consumption and rape rates. Data from other nations have suggested
        similar relationships. Although these data cannot be used to determine that pornography has a cathartic effect on rape behavior, combined with the weak evidence in support of negative causal hypotheses from the scientific literature, it is concluded that it is time to discard the hypothesis that pornography contributes to
        increased sexual assault behavior.

  • Joanna

    /*TMI*/ but I’ve been doing the sublingual semen, it doesn’t seem to work as well as not using condom but it still works. Its also oddly numbing to the bottom of the tongue.

    Birth control has been a headache. Unfortunately I can’t time my cycle. I’ve resorted to buying misoprost which I hope I don’t have to use. It makes more sense to me that I resort to using that if I have to rather than permanently taking contraceptives. If you somehow figure out a better magical solution to this do let me know 🙂 You men out there are lucky you don’t have to think about these things! /*TMI*/

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      Lol, thanks for your input. I don’t have the solutions to your dilemmas 🙂

      1. Carlyn Rider

        hahahaha (at Joe) … Joanna, if you’re in a monogamous, low to no risk for STD relationship, I recommend an IUD.

    2. Sam

      There’s always vasectomy. It probably has the least side effects of any birth control.

      1. Joseph M. Cohen

        I wouldn’t do that.

        What about an IUD, Joanna?

        1. Joanna

          I guess call me a hedonist but I’ve considered a IUD and have asked friends about it. Apparently they “feel weird” during sex for both parties.

          I should try it but its a high chance i wouldnt like it and it’ll be a waste of money. But yes this technically would be the best solution.

          Lol xD vasectomy! We are only in our 20s though. I should ask him just to see his reaction.

          1. Carlyn Rider

            I didn’t find any difference with using an IUD. If I had those years to live over again, I’d use an IUD again and much earlier in my reproductive years.

            reply icon
  • Steve

    I’ve been swallowing my own sperm for years now. I also suspected that much of the beneficial substances are destroyed in the stomach, never thought about sublingual though (even though I take many supps this way).

    How long do I have to keep it in there?

    I tried injaculating once and failed.

    1. Joanna

      I have usually kept it there for 10-15 mins, but I’m not sure what is optimal. You could probably alternatively put it in an oral syringe and then put it in your bum. I actually think that method would have higher absorption.

      1. Joseph M. Cohen

        Great advice!

    2. Joseph M. Cohen

      A lot of people fail. It’s a talent 😉

      I don’t do sublingual, bec I get enough from it being reabsorbed.

      If I did, I would do it for 10 seconds maybe and swallow because of the ick factor.

  • Maureen

    You are all sick and sad. Goodbye!

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      How so?

    2. david

      Its alright, can’t blame you from being programmed by society to deem this discussion in a negative manner.

  • Lex Fur

    LOLOL. My experience with injaculating is that orgasms get weaker the more you do it. So fuck that, i’ll just buy my supplementes & work out for the testosteron 😛 Funny article tho!

  • Jean

    Interesting. I can injaculate without pressing or touching my penis. I can just stop the pulse somehow. I am sure that you can do it too.

    1. Joseph M. Cohen

      I’ve tried that.

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