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New SelfHacked, SelfDecode, and Lab Test Analyzer Team Consultation

Note: Team consultation is now closed to new clients.

The rate is $1,000 per client, which will automatically include full memberships to SelfDecode and Lab Test Analyzer. The consultation process includes 4 appointments:

  1. An initial session with me and the rest of my SelfHacked consultation team (Dr. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD and Ana Aleksic, MScPharm)
  2. A genetic consultation with Dr. Brendan Swan, PhD and Ana Aleksic, MScPharm
  3. A lab test consultation with Dr. Biljana Novkovic, PhD and Dr. Jonathan Ritter, PhD, PharmD
  4. A follow-up appointment with me and the other SelfHacked consultants

Our goal with these consultations is to gather experience working personally with individual clients, which we believe will help us improve our services for all of our loyal readers and clients.

Please read this page carefully before you fill out the application and submit the payment.



The SelfHacked flagship book that covers the science behind reversing chronic diseases and becoming 100% healthy



The SelfHacked flagship book that covers the science behind reversing chronic diseases and becoming 100% healthy

Team Consultation Details

Because of the considerable amount of time and effort my team and I will be spending on each client, as well as all the background preparation and research time we’ll be spending on each case, we are not actually going to be profiting from these consultations!

By signing up for this consultation, you’ll also be enabling us to better help the SelfHacked community by:
Implementing the team’s recommendations to the best of your ability
* Giving feedback on how the recommendations work for you, including follow-ups at 1, 3, and 6 months after the consultations
* Having the consultations recorded and reviewed — solely for internal use — so that all of our team members can use your experiences and feedback to improve and update our products

Note: Team Consultation is now closed to new clients.


* After you apply, you will be redirected to a payment page to submit the consultation fee before your application is considered. You will hear back within a week if we decide to accept you as a client. If we decide not to accept you as a client, we will refund your payment. We reserve the right to decline your application for any reason at any time.

* Currently, the wait time to for an appointment after you’ve submitted your payment and intake form is around 1 – 2 months. The consultation spot is not transferable to another client.

* This is a research-based service, where we conduct literature research based on your case in order to provide summaries and recommendations. We are not medical doctors and cannot diagnose or treat diseases.

* We cannot recommend lab tests prior to the consultation. All recommendations will require that we review your case and go through at least one appointment.

* You will need to get your own DNA test through 23andme and blood tests at your own expense. The consultation fee includes a 1 year SelfDecode membership and a 6 months Lab Test Analyzer membership. You will have to make your results available to us before you can schedule your genetic and lab test consultations.


After you complete the application form, you will be redirected to a payment page. Payment can be made using PayPal or SamCart.


  1. Payment is made before you schedule.
  2. We reserve the right to reject you as a client and give you a refund at any time if I feel we’re not a good fit.
  3. Because I have limited time, there is no refund after we do the consult or satisfaction guarantee for a consult. You are buying time to pick our brain about your health issues. I can refund your money before I spend time on your case, but not after.
  4. Consultations are done through Zoom, which is computer-based but will also give you an option to telephone in from most countries if your internet connection is not good. I generally don’t do video calls.
  5. If you miss a scheduled consult without telling me 12 hours in advance, then we can reschedule and I will deduct 10 minutes off your appointment. If I miss a consult without 24-hour notice, I will give you 10 extra minutes.
  6. Keep in mind that I am on the timezone of Pacific Standard Time (PST)/California…(Time Zone Calculator to convert). The scheduling software automatically calibrates the changes in the time zone.


I get this question a lot. “Can you help me with this issue?” My answer is as follows: I can’t know for sure unless I look at your full case.

I am proficient in health issues such as inflammatory conditions, fatigue, brain fog, cognitive issues, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, mold illness, infections, weight issues and general wellness.

It also depends if you are ready, willing, and able to follow through with the recommendations.

See Disclaimer and Caveats


I am the founder, CEO and owner of SelfDecode, a tool that is transforming the nutrigenomics space.  It is also useful as a symptoms analyzer, which is why I make all of my clients use it, with or without their genetics.

SelfDecode was made with the realization that too much data and input is required to offer ideal recommendations, which needs to be done with the aid of software.

In order to do a genetic consult, you need to buy 23andme, sign up and pay for SelfDecode. I only do genes as part of a more complete consult.

If you don’t have your 23andme yet, then it’s time to get it!  Get the $99 version.



The SelfHacked flagship book that covers the science behind reversing chronic diseases and becoming 100% healthy



The SelfHacked flagship book that covers the science behind reversing chronic diseases and becoming 100% healthy

SelfHacked Consultation with Nattha Wannissorn, PhD

A note from Joe: Nattha is smart, well educated and can give good information, but she has an accent that most people find hard to understand.  If you think you will have a hard time understanding her, don’t book a consult.  We have a included a video of her speaking so that you can see if you understand her.  I recommend that you do a written consult with Nattha.

Nattha is the Chief Editor at SelfHacked.

During her biomedical research career, Nattha became an advocate of natural medicine through her own health struggles with many Th2 dominant problems and hormone imbalances. She now helps clients with difficult chronic health issues by leaving no stone unturned and taking into account the more sensitive functional lab tests. She is also an avid self-experimenter and biohacker for all things related to women’s health.

As an integrative practitioner with a strong science background, Nattha is an advocate of holistic health and natural remedies that work, and of addressing the problems at the root causes rather than covering them up.

As a health and science educator, she is very passionate about science literacy and scientific integrity. She believes that the natural health industry should prevail through thorough scientific reporting and ethical practices.


* PhD in Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto

* Bachelor of Arts in Biology, University of Pennsylvania

* Certified Personal Trainer specialized in resistance training for women and injury management

* Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

* Registered Holistic Nutritionist

* Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

* Certified Superhuman Coach with Ben Greenfield

Genetic Consult with Brendan Swan, PhD

Dr. Brendan Swan has a PhD in Neurogenetics from the University of Auckland (New Zealand). Brendan is the Chief Scientific Officer of SelfDecode.

Brendan has had a fascination with human genetics from an early age. His PhD dissertation involved developing a method for identifying mutations that cause complex neurodevelopmental disorders, with emphasis placed on autism. He then investigated the causative mechanism of the mutations to gain insight to how these disorders arise.

To Brendan, SelfDecode represents the future of health and wellbeing – a tool that provides personalized information about an individual’s genetic variations. He sees it as a place for people to learn about how they can align their lifestyles with their genetic makeup in order to have longer, healthier, and happier lives.

You can watch Brendan’s webinar here.

Integrative Health Consult with Ana Aleksic, MSc (Pharm)

Ana Aleksic is a pharmacist with extensive research and health advising experience. After completing her M.Sc. in Pharmacy at the University of Belgrade, Ana went on to start a PhD in Pharmacology at the University of British Columbia. She focused on mental health research and worked with patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia on a daily basis.

During her research career, Ana started biohacking her own stress and anxiety, and found her way back to health through self-experimentation. So she decided to leave academic research and devote her time to holistic medicine and helping others achieve optimal health.

Ana’s approach integrates evidence-based medicine, the latest scientific knowledge, and natural treatments. She enjoys looking at the bigger picture, helping people understand how pieces of the puzzle come together in restoring health.

Ana is most passionate about helping people who struggle with mental health issues, stress, pain, and related chronic health problems. She believes in gentle, natural, effective, and long-term solutions, and that everyone has the power to restore optimal health given the right tools.

Ana understands that some people will prefer only natural treatments, while others may need to stay on medications, and how to assure the safety of combined, integrative treatments.

Ana also loves writing, teaching, and communicating science. To her, SelfHacked is the most comprehensive resource that exists for educating and empowering biohackers.

Refund policy

Consults are the only service sold on SelfHacked that doesn’t come with a refund or satisfaction guarantee. This is because people spend time and they can’t take it back. Once the service is rendered, there is no refund.

If for any reason we decide to decline your application, we will issue a refund for service not rendered.

If you choose to withdraw the application before your first appointment, we will issue a refund, less a processing fee of $50.


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Testimonials and Reviews For Joe

All of these reviews are legit. I write the field/profession people are in to show that my clients are a very diverse group of people. It happens to be that almost all of my clients are highly intelligent.

“Joe Cohen of is one of the brightest minds in natural healing today. His level of scientific research, personal experimentation with supplements and clinical experience with clients is profound. I have consulted with more well-known nutritionally-oriented M.D.’s & naturopaths, but Joe’s coaching got me far better results. Working with Joe was the literally the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. His website & health coaching guided me up to an astonishing level of relief from chronic fatigue, anxiety, inflammation, and sleep issues that had stumped other experts and stole my life away from me. The diet and lifestyle changes Joe suggested took effort and adjustment for me to comply with 100%, but it was well worth it: I feel like a new man! I got such tremendous value from working with Joe that it would have been a bargain at 10 times his hourly rate.”

-Brett Andrew

“I discovered Joseph’s blog when I was searching for information on brain fog. After working closely with Joseph for the last few months I can strongly vouch for everything covered in this blog. I’ve been battling morning brain fog for as long as I can remember and have tried everything under the sun, seen various doctors, specialists, naturopaths, taken a myriad of expensive tests, etc and spent many many hours researching but nothing has worked. Brain fog is difficult to diagnose and treat as there are so many potential causes and these are very poorly understood by conventional medicine practice and most naturopaths. Joe’s blog post on “The Causes and Cures for Brain Fog” captures the underlying essence of brain fog and his story of curing his own brain fog condition really resonated given it was nearly identical to my own. I ended up paying Joe for consulting services to dig deeper into this and boy what an incredible and valuable investment. After following his advice, my brain fog is practically cured now. The rate was cheap for the level of service and expertise and the value and time that Joe has invested in my condition has been disproportional (in my favor) to the money paid. I was also diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (a cancer of the bone marrow) last year at only 34 and Joe has been instrumental in putting together an effective and well-researched strategy and protocol that deals with the MM, Brain Fog, and IBS symptoms I also suffer (it’s highly probable these are all connected). I’ve been able to treat and reduce the level of MM without chemo or conventional treatments. I have had my cancer markers dropping while I’ve been taking nothing but natural alternative treatments. I can email Joe with questions any time and he is constantly sending me useful information relevant to my conditions. I’m forever indebted to him for giving me a new lease of life. I feel confident that I can deal with any health challenge that is thrown my way through Joe’s expert guidance and diligence in determining what is best for those that seek his help.”

-Dave, CTO (big tech company)

“Joe has exceeded my expectations. He took his time in answering responses to email, constantly offering additional feedback and is checking in on my progress. I’m feeling much better after consulting with Joe. Joe’s dropping a lot of cutting-edge knowledge in nutrition/diet/mental health that would improve many people’s lives. My energy levels have improved, concentration is better, mood is good, and I’m much less irritated. For a bit, my libido dipped, but normalized after Joe took out a supplement (which helped me a lot in other ways). Not to gross people out, but my stools have been the best they’ve been since I was 12 years old: poop once a day, very solid. One final point: the psoriasis that I’ve had on my body the last two years (and which wouldn’t go away) has just completely disappeared, even though I stopped treating it weeks ago. I didn’t realize it at first as I was just so used to it for so long. This for me is huge because nothing would get rid of the rashes, save nasty prescription stuff (Protopic). I don’t know what I was doing caused the psoriasis, but it doesn’t matter.”


-Insulin resistance has gone down dramatically. I barely get the eyes-hurt/brainfog after a meal anymore. I’ve stopped consuming R-ALA because of this improvement

-Digestion has improved a lot. Solid stools almost everyday. Fartage down by at least 50%. RS Diet has definitely done a ton, but I think the probiotic (Dr. Ohhira’s Pro) I use has helped a lot too.

-Joints don’t hurt as much.

-Brain fog down considerably, but I’m still having difficulty motiviating myself and concentrating. My work environment is definitely a big contributor. This is where I’ll need more help.

-Stamina much better. I was skiing for a week in Italy a few weeks back, and by the end of the week I could ski down the whole mountain w/o stopping. Wasn’t even breathing hard.

-No need for naps anymore. Before I could barely keep my eyes open in the afternoon. I now am awake the entire day w/o feeling drowsy.

-Need for caffeine greatly diminished. I now can only have two cups of green tea, after which I start to get really jittery. Before I was drinking two dark cups of coffee to get going.

-My sleep quality has improved tremendously. I never wake up during the night anymore.

-I haven’t gotten sick this cold/flu season even though everyone around me has been sick multiple times.

-Mood is much better. Don’t get really angry anymore. Generally happy with low stress level, even though work/personal life has not changed at all. Can handle much more stress than before. “

-Dan, Bank Director

I’ve been to many different specialists, doctors and therapists, tried many different supplements and have found little relief from my symptoms. Since seeing Joe, despite my situation being a complicated one, I am starting to see good progress through personalised experimental supplementation with him. He has been extremely knowledgeable, understanding and empathetic towards my problems which is hard to come by these days. The service Joe provides is certainly unique, what he does is essentially detective work, especially with my case as I’m a CFS sufferer where all my tests came back fine. But since working with Joe we’ve been slowly but surely piecing the puzzle together. He seems to have an excellent grasp of knowing what supplement, device or practice would best suit each specific problem. All of this has saved time, money and general stress of trying to piece everything together with my cognitive dysfunction.

Highly recommended.


“Hey Joe, I’m doing much better. My anxiety levels in general are down considerably. I’ve been getting better sleep. I didn’t receive all the supplements at once in the mail yet and haven’t implemented much of the protocol yet, but I do definitely feel something immediately. During the day time I am noticing a notable boost in energy levels. I’m noticing that I can also think better as my brain fog is down (maybe also due to better sleep). As a consequence of this I can also look at situational anxiety and stress with a more clear mind. I take the day stack all after breakfast. Haven’t been following the resistant starch diet though as I’ve been at home so I’ve been eating home foods. Will start once I get back to the apartment. Once I receive all the supplements in the mail I’ll try them and let you know how it’s going after that too. But so far things are looking up. Now with all this energy I just need to find a way to channel and direct it haha. “

MA, fouth year pharmacology student

“I’ve suffered from severe insomnia for years and it harmed my ability to function during the day. One night, lying restlessly in bed, I thought someone in the world must know how to fix this. After some Googling, I found Joe’s site. Joe helped me to resolve my chronic insomnia after years of trying exercise, restricted diets, affirmations, Lumosity, and a homeopath. The secret was a balanced combination of nutrients, lifestyle changes, and meditation that Joseph Cohen knew because he had been down the same road. He knows what works and what doesn’t. If my best friend was suffering from insomnia, chronic fatigue, or brain fog I would recommend Joseph Cohen.”

SH, Management consultant

“After years of nutrition research I came across Joe’s site. The depth of knowledge here as well as scientific verification was something I hadn’t seen anywhere else. I booked a consult with Joe and found it extremely useful. Through my conversation with Joe I realized I needed to address my gut health immediately and Joe gave me a great diet and supplemnation routine for addressing these issues. I would highly recommend Joe as an expert on gut health issues, bio hacking, brain fog and insulin resistance among other things.


“I recently met with Joe over the phone to discuss the brain fog I have been suffering from over the last year. I found him to be quite knowledgeable on the specific supplements and life style choices that would best help my situation. He is well versed in the scientific literature and I was impressed by his depth of overall medical knowledge. I consider myself a skeptic, so I was hesitant to solicit advice from other brain fog websites. What struck me about Joe was his pragmatic and science-driven approach to my issues (i.e. no quackery). I didn’t want to endure years of experimentation of what supplements might work for my brain fog and which wouldn’t, so I was happy to accept Joe’s first hand experience. I am optimistic that the recommendations made to combat my specific case of brain fog will not only diminish/eliminate these symptoms, but also improve my overall health.”

-Matt, U.S. Geological Survey analyst

I just wanted to thank you for your recommendations, they really made a difference in how I feel. I’m unable yet to implement some steps of your protocol, but it’s already working. I don’t feel any anxiety falling asleep, and I don’t even take half of the things you suggested (couldn’t obtain them). I was brain-fogged once in the last week, but it may be because I got up really early……. I don’t feel sick in general anymore. I try to follow the RS diet, but I suck at planning really bad and I often don’t have all the necessary ingredients. I think the light device made a biggest difference so far. I can really feel a pronounced effect from it. It lifts my mood noticeably and reliably so far. Thank you for persuading me to buy it. I looked into light devices a couple years ago, but it was just too much work to obtain one and I wasn’t sure it would live up to the hype. I will keep you posted as I implement other parts of your protocol.

With best regards, Andrey ( Programmer).

“Within 5 days of implementing Joe’s advice, my body was no longer bloated. Somehow my double chin disappeared and people started commenting on how much younger I looked. After a few weeks following his supplement advice, my energy levels where much more stable and I no longer experienced fatigue after meals. I am 35 years old and have been suffering from brain fog and a circadian rhythm disorder since childhood. I have seen many doctors, naturopaths and have spent thousands of dollars on various supplements over the years. After one consultation with Joe, I have learned more about how the body responds to inflammation then i have learned in the past ten years. Before anyone buys another supplement based on something they read on a message forum I urge them to speak to Joe first. His consultation will save lots of money and effort in finding relief.”

-Josh, Lawyer

I’ve been working with Joe over the past year regarding various issues I was having. Working at a demanding job in finance, I needed to be able to perform my best and I felt that I just wasn’t. As I implemented his suggestions, I started to see a lot benefits in how my body functions as well as my cognitive process. I was having issues with sugar cravings, sleep, gut, brain fog, anxiety and energy levels. I had already been eating as healthy as I possibly knew and had tried to get help from doctors and naturopaths, without success. After implementing Joe’s suggestions, I’ve notice my emotional state doesn’t fluctuate as much. My sleep quality and regularity has improved substantially. Cravings for sugar have ceased. Based on work or social things, there are days I abandon the suggestions, and when I start feeling like crap, I return to them rather quickly. The world of diets, nutrition, and health can be overwhelming. I’m grateful to have stumbled across Joe’s blog and consulted with him. It’s had a big impact on my lifestyle and choices. Thanks Joe. Keep it up!


“I am so happy with my consultation with Joseph. For the past 20 years I have been to a number of practitioners; naturopaths, ayurvedic, wellness, and none of them have the patience and thoroughness i found in my consult with Joseph. I also have spent a number of years reading about vitamins, herbs and healthy eating in order to address my issues so I knew when I read his website that he had done lots of serious work. During my first consult we discussed my background and goals then I got not only a regime but an excellent explanation of what each supplement was for and how they work together energetically. Joseph is very generous with his knowledge and time. He answered all my questions and am very satisfied with the session.” Results: “I’m sleeping much better now, my digestion is better, I have less cravings and more energy.”

-Angela, Special ed teacher

“I am glad I was able to book a session with Joe. He is very knowledgeable but also really listens to your particular situation. Not only did we have a long and packed-with-information session but he also emailed me plenty of links to great resources and followed up with an email to check on my progress. All in all, very happy with Joe’s services and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants more than the usual diet and exercise info.”

Thanks, Viorel.' IT professional

“Hi! I have been following your protocol for 3 weeks and have achieved really good results. I track (via my working memory, reaction time, executive function twice every day. Throughout my experiment with your protocol I saw ~50 percent improvement on all parameters.”


“Since consulting with Joe my health problems have improved dramatically. I was fatigued, depressed and had insomnia. He was articulate in describing what he thought the core issues were and formulated a targeted protocol that has worked better than I expected. I’m sleeping better and my mood and energy levels are up. It took some follow ups and some tweaking, but it was well worth it in the end”

-Jacob, Lawyer

“Joe has been very helpful for me in dealing with some severe inflammation I had from my pulled trapezes muscles. His recommendations have been spot on and my muscles healed within a week, while several physicians tried to help me for months and couldn’t help me. I highly recommend his consultation for people who are looking to decrease inflammation in a non-pharmacological way. Cheers!”

-E Premed student, Duke

“With nearly 20 years of dealing with illness, and the past 10 spent trying to figure out whats wrong while dealing with a further decline, you could definitely say that life has been… trying.

I’ve seen every doctor, specialist, and alternative practitioner available over this time; however my results would come back mostly alright within the windows that they test in. I have tried to keep up my optimism in my situation improving, but it has been very difficult. One day I stumbled through Google on to Joe’s Brain Fog page and for the first time in my life it looked as though someone was speaking to my issues. Since then I’ve made more improvements in 4 months then the past 10 years.

I don’t want to sound overly dramatic but I had really been losing hope that I would be able go through a day without pain or discomfort; things were getting quite dark after hitting wall after wall. With all of the crap health sites, and snake oil salesmen out there, it’s fantastic that Joe has built up his knowledge and insights to offer real things that make a real difference to those like myself that don’t fit within the typical patient profile.”

-Sean, Design professional

“I’ve been a client of Joe’s for a while. Reading his blog and working with him personally has helped me find incredible changes in my health and state of mind. Like a lot of us that read this blog, we are the people that will experiment with anything to see if it helps us feel a little better in our bodies. Since working with Joe, my sleep, brain fog, sugar cravings, and stomach issues have all improved dramatically. I function so much better. I’m able to actually do and enjoy all the stuff I want to spend time on because I have the energy and focus to do so. The value that this man provides for the cost of service is absolutely incredible. I’ll be a client of his for as long as he keeps this up.”

Jen, Financial Analyst

Hi Joe,
Hope you’re well,
I still need to implement much of your potocol… But just quickly writing to say a big thanks, I was sticking as best I could to the diet / avoiding what foods I could, and also taking the supplements you recommended for the month before I went out there and I felt 10X better with my clarity and energy by the time I made it there, so I was very relieved to find a way to get such improvement. Im trying (slowly) to get back into the best routine (bit difficult at the moment) but Im working on it, so will get back to you with the 23&me once done…
Will be in touch,
Cheers !

-Adam, Financial analyst

At the age of 19 I experienced sudden onset obsessive compulsive disorder, anyone who has not experienced this will never understand what it is like. The magnitude of suffering I have experienced is indescribable. I spent the next year desperately searching the internet for 8-12 hours a day for answers of what had happened to me. I spent so much time researching that I could go onto Google and search one of a hundred things and I would have already read every link for up to 50 pages multiple times. during this time I learned what I thought was alot about pharmacology and medicine, enough to know more about psychoactive drugs than any doctor I have ever met. I finally found Joe’s website and since then I have not visited anywhere else. Joe’s knowledge of Neuropharmacology, his work ethic and his story of fixing his issues was and still is a source of admiration and inspiration to me. Joe works via a scientific procedure that does not discriminate between artificial and natural remedies, he is only interested in what works and how it works via chemical action. He follows a method of self experimentation that has created a body of work on this website that is beyond the scope of what can be done in the academic community in 10-20 years. In my few consultations with Joe I learnt more about my condition than I have done in any of my time researching and no longer feel like I am lost in the dark. I have a real direction to tackle my issues and for that I am endlessly grateful. Joe is welcoming, kind and despite my anxious state we have shared some great laughs in our sessions together. I thoroughly recommend anybody who has a health issue and is at a loose end like I was to give this a try. You will not regret it.

Update: Since implementing Joe’s advice, I have actually been free of fear since my issues began almost 2 years ago. It’s very emotional. My OCD went down by 95% it’s incredible. It’s actually very odd because now I don’t know what to do with myself. I forgot how to live a normal life. Joe saved my life.


My disease history is pretty extensive.
I had ocd for as long as I can remember but thought I got no self discipline. I was hoarding, couldn’t concentrate, getting addicted, constantly nodding with my legs and was a very bad student. I also got IBD, anxiety and was fearful. I thought that’s just me.
My condition worsened over time: depression, brainfog, “adrenal fatigue” would add.

No one in this life could ever help me with this stuff. Doctors just gave me antibiotics or wanted to put me in closed institution or say it’s in my head. I never trusted them.
Friends and parents always blamed me. I felt let down by society and thought it is basicly over for me.

These days I was looking for brain fog and luckily found Joes blog at that time.
This seemed to be the first site that has some real explanations that made sense to me.
I tried to get as much out of it as I could do but this only worked so far since I was very sick.

I contacted Joe and he immediately told me of some root causes of my problems that I would have never heard before and also gave me very effective lifestyle alterations and supplements to support me.

My ocd, depression all lessened and also my brainfog started to go away after some time.
Since then I work with joe on all areas of my health. He always gives me new key information and set me straight if I do too much crap.

I have a good grip on most of my problems now and recovered for a great extend from all of this.
Above all I understand the main causes of my situation.

It was quite a journey and implementing all of this and knowing what you are doing takes some time.
I am still only half way there. With Joes help I am sure to make it to full health again!

If you got a serious problem you better let yourself set straight by Joe and start some real progress. He is very friendly and sets up consults very fast so you get immediate help.
Joes recommendations have saved me lots of money since he tells you which stuff is better not for you and if you test it out you notice fast that he is right.
Also when you are diseased time is not your friend. I would recommend to get fast on an effective personal protocoll. You may have more recovery time in front of you than you expect.


Since I could remember I have suffered from severe and chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, and depression. Over the last 6 years I have seen several specialists and doctors as well as conducted my own personal research and treatment with little improvement. It is safe to say, since finding Joe’s blog and working with him personally, I have experienced exponential progress. Not only am I making great progress, I now truly have real control over my health and a clear, hopeful direction. I feel finding Joe may prove to be one of the most pivotal points in my life. Needless to say I highly recommend him and his services.

-Ryan, College student

I’ve been fighting sometimes debilitating fatigue and cognitive decline for decades. Since working with Joseph, I’ve had more breakthroughs and successive good energy and clarity days than I’ve experienced in years. For the first time in decades, I know I am finally on the right track.

The long(er) story: For 30-plus years I’ve not only been to dozens of doctors, but have traveled in desperation to see some of the most “famous” (read: expensive) doctors on both coasts. And while some things they’ve recommended have helped in the short term, my condition has progressively become worse; simply piling on supplements and drugs and other crutches until I was barely functioning.

I’ve always knew I had to “hack” my own health, and so I’ve researched and attempted to cobble together my own plan. When I found Joseph and his site, after reading just a few pages, I knew I’d found someone with some answers.

And he does have plenty of answers, but more important than that is his curiosity: his constant and never-ending desire to both get to the heart of what ails you, and also consider those symptoms within a larger framework: and NOT some cheesy framework he pulls out of the sky to sell supplements! Nope, the frameworks Joseph works with are pulled string by string and woven together in wholly new ways from the most trusted research sources. I have huge respect (and gratitude) for the way Joseph pulls the science together and has the *patience* to explain it all to non-academics like myself.

Just in the short few months we’ve worked together, Joseph has explained my 23andme DNA results to me, straightened out my entire diet and supplement regime, and we’ve had several progressive breakthroughs that give me great hope for my future — for the first time in a very long time.

Thank you, Joseph.


This site is probably unique in that it contains information that no other site does. The information is scientific, up-to-date, and cutting-edge: all three of which one needs to actually get to the root of issues.

I booked a consult with him, and I found that he gave me several unique perspectives which I can use to move forward in dealing with issues.

My impression of Joe is that he seems to be one of the best medical detectives in the world. Even though he doesn’t have an MD, he could give most doctors a run for their money….

Furthermore, based on his blog and our conversation, he seems to care deeply for his clients.

I truly recommend a consult with Joe.

-Sam, Stanford Student



Decode your genome and learn how to improve your lifestyle through hardcore data and analysis