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If you enjoy reading SelfHacked, but are sometimes left feeling like:

  • Some terms or concepts need to be clarified
  • You are not sure how the tips and tools apply to yourself
  • You want Joe’s take on something

Then, SelfHacked VIP is the program for you.

Presently, Joe does not do email consults. He doesn’t answer these questions because he gets too many. The only way to get access to him and pick his brain is by booking one on one consults with him, for $500/hour.

With the SelfHacked VIP program at $17/month, you get to directly submit questions, and Joe will address them in a webinar format. 

How the SelfHacked VIP Membership works:

  • Inside of SelfHacked VIP, you get to post your questions for Joe and/or like questions that are posted by other people.
  • Joe will hold the SelfHacked VIP webinars twice a month
  • These webinars could either be topic-specific to address a group of questions that are asked by many people, or free for all Q&As.

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What you will get

  • Access to members-only SelfHacked VIP area
  • Access to members-only SelfHacked VIP Facebook group
  • Invitations to attend live VIP webinars
  • Access to webinar replays so you can catch up anytime if you miss the live webinar
  • Access to suggesting new SelfHacked posts and asking for clarifications
  • Access to members-only exclusive content

As a bonus, you will also get

  • Resource lists that answer the most commonly asked or most liked questions
  • Joe’s personal 2-week low lectin meal plans and shopping lists
  • Insider sneak peak and prelaunch discounts for the next SelfHacked books
  • VIP coupon codes for products that Joe personally recommends on the site

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About Joe:

At 18, I was functionally illiterate, socially awkward, with a laundry list of health issues including brain fog, OCD and chronic fatigue. My health issues kept getting worse and I had a complete meltdown at 25. Not capable of working, I was financially broke, with almost no help. Both conventional and alternative medicine failed me. So I resolved to take things into my own hands and fix myself. With a mix of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science, I’ve completely turned my own life around in every way imaginable – mentally, physically, financially and socially. My mission is to give you the information and strategies necessary to selfhack and transform your own life.

Terms of Sale

This is a digital subscription, so no physical product will be shipped.

Customers can email to terminate their subscription anytime. Their access to the VIP membership area will terminate at the end of their billing cycle.

Additional Costs

When you use your digital product, you may incur other additional charges from third-party service providers, such as telecommunications fees, data fees, service provider fees, and the costs of your foods, supplements, and equipments. You are responsible for these additional costs.


We will charge or debit your payment method at the beginning of your subscription. Subsequent billing will automatically continue according to the cycle stated at the time of your order.

If your credit card expires or your payment method become otherwise invalid, you will be reminded to update your payment info. Should you choose not to update the payment information, your subscription will automatically be terminated and you will not be responsible for additional charges unless you choose to re-subscribe. However, if your subscription has been canceled for more than 30 days, you may not be able to re-subscribe at the original pricing.



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