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Serrapeptase is an enzyme widely used to treat pain and inflammation. It also has a range of other potential health benefits like lowering heart disease risk, reducing excess mucus, and even boosting sperm count. However, clinical and animal studies on serrapeptase are limited. Read on to see if serrapeptase is right for you.

What Is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase, otherwise known as serratiopeptidase, is a proteolytic enzyme, meaning it is used by the body to break down proteins into amino acids [R, R].

It was first isolated from gut bacteria (Serratia E15) of silkworms, which use this enzyme to break down their cocoon walls [R].

A study comparing the anti-inflammatory effects of different enzymes found that serrapeptase was the most effective in reducing inflammation [R, R].

As a result, serrapeptase is commonly used as an anti-inflammatory drug/supplement [R, R].

Another class of anti-inflammatory drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) is used more often, but they have many side effects. Therefore, alternatives like serrapeptase that have fewer side effects are becoming more popular [R].

After digestion, serrapeptase reaches the bloodstream in its active form [R].

Health Benefits of Serrapeptase

1) Serrapeptase Reduces Inflammation and Swelling

Serrapeptase reduces inflammation

Dead cells and tissues (cellular debris) cause inflammation by overstimulating the immune system. Serrapeptase promotes the breakdown of this debris and dilutes injury made fluids, which helps drain harmful substances from the inflammatory site [R].

It also inactivates toxins that cause swelling and pain [R].

Serrapeptase reduces swelling by decreasing fluid buildup in the tissues and increasing fluid drainage [R].

In a study (DB-RCT) of 174 patients undergoing a Caldwell-Luc antrectomy, serrapeptase reduced swelling in the cheek after surgery [R].

Other studies (DB-RCT of 24 patients and RT of 66 patients) found that serrapeptase decreased swelling in the jaw and ankle by 15% following operations [R, R].

It also reduced swelling in the upper and lower limbs in a study (RCT) of 50 patients [R].

Serrapeptase works best in breaking down cyclooxygenase, an enzyme responsible for producing different inflammatory molecules after injury or infection (e.g., interleukins, prostaglandins, and thromboxane) [R].

Because of this, serrapeptase can reduce inflammation due to [R]:

  • Arthritis
  • Trauma
  • Infections in the sinuses (sinusitis)
  • Infections in the lungs (bronchitis)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

However, in a study (DB-RCT) of 150 patients who underwent dental operations, serrapeptase did not show any significant anti-inflammatory effects [R].

2) Serrapeptase Reduces Pain

Serrapeptase reduced pain in a study (DB-RCT) of 24 postoperative patients [R].

Similarly, serrapeptase decreased pain by 64% and nighttime cramps by 53% in a study (RCT) of 40 patients with inflammatory venous disease [R].

It also mildly reduced pain in a study (RCT) of 50 patients suffering from injuries to their legs and arms [R].

This enzyme reduces pain by preventing the release of amines, some of which cause pain (e.g. bradykinin) [R].

Serrapeptase is most effective in reducing pain in localized areas of inflammation like the ears, nose, or throat [R].

However, in a study (DB-RCT) of 150 postoperative patients, serrapeptase did not show any significant pain relieving effects and fared worse than drugs like ibuprofen and betamethasone [R].

3) Serrapeptase Reduces Mucus and Other Secretions

Serrapeptase reduces the viscosity (the resistance to flow) of many secretions such as mucus. This allows the body to remove excretions more efficiently, speeding up tissue repair [R, R].

In a study (RCT) of 29 patients suffering from difficulty breathing due to blocked airways (chronic airway disease), serrapeptase significantly reduced mucus clearance. The amount of sputum (mucus and saliva), cough frequency, and amount of phlegm also decreased after serrapeptase treatment [R].

This enzyme also reduced the number of neutrophils in the sputum. In many lung diseases, increased neutrophils are correlated with thicker sputum and inflammation [R, R].

Another study (DB-RCT) of 193 patients with ear, nose, and throat conditions discovered that serrapeptase reduced nasal secretions, difficulty swallowing, and obstructions in the nose [R].

4) Serrapeptase Removes Blood Clots and Plaques

Serrapeptase removes blood clots

Serrapeptase can break down fibrin, a blood clotting molecule, in dead tissue without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. This helps remove blood clots and plaques. It allows for better antibiotic treatment as the antibiotics are able to further penetrate into the tissue [R].

Biofilms, which can be made of fibrin, grow on devices to cause infection and protect bacteria from dying. Serrapeptase can break down biofilms made of fibrin [R].

Fibrin is also responsible for creating scar tissue, which can be painful and unsightly. By breaking down fibrin, serrapeptase can reduce excess scar tissue formation, thereby reducing pain in the patient [R, R, R].

On the contrary, serrapeptase reduced the abnormal breakdown of fibrin caused by scalding in rats. Improper fibrinolysis can lead to extra bleeding, inflammation, shock, and poor immune responses [R].

5) Serrapeptase May Help with Alzheimer’s Disease

In rats, serrapeptase increased the levels of both BDNF and IGF-1, both of which protect brain cells [R].

Additionally, serrapeptase decreased the activity of pro-inflammatory TGF-β and IL-6, both of which are normally high in Alzheimer’s patients [R].

Amyloid-β plaques are a common feature of Alzheimer’s. Levels of acetylcholinesterase, which causes the formation of these plaques, decreased with serrapeptase intake [R].

Serrapeptase can also break down amyloid plaques, as seen in zebrafish [R].

6) Serrapeptase May Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Serrapeptase dissolves dead and damaged tissue without harming healthy tissue. By doing this, serrapeptase can remove deposits or clots of fat, cholesterol, cellular waste, calcium, and fibrin that can build up in arteries [R, R].

Removing these deposits can decrease blood thickness and lower the risk of stroke [R].

7) Serrapeptase Treats Breast Engorgement

Serrapeptase treatment can improve breast engorgement or painful overfilling of the breasts with milk. In a study (DB-RCT) of 70 patients, serrapeptase reduced breast pain, swelling, and hardness in 86% of patients [R].

Although not stated in the literature, serrapeptase may be transferred through breast milk. Please consult with a doctor before taking serrapeptase when breastfeeding.

8) Serrapeptase Treats Superficial Thrombophlebitis

Serrapeptase showed improvement in 65% of patients with superficial thrombophlebitis (pain and inflammation caused by a blood clot in the vein) in a 40-patient study (RCT). Many symptoms of superficial thrombophlebitis such as pain, inflammation, and skin decay decreased after serrapeptase treatment [R].

9) Serrapeptase Enhances Antimicrobial Treatments

As mentioned above, serrapeptase decreases biofilm formation [R].

Combining antibiotics and serrapeptase increases the concentrations of antibiotics in tissues. This is because serrapeptase dissolves dead tissue, allowing antibiotics to penetrate deeper into tissues. Not only does this enhance the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment, but is also safer for patients due to lower drug use [R, R].

10) Serrapeptase May Treat Peri-implantitis

Peri-implantitis is inflammation of the soft and hard tissue of dental implants. Patients that received serrapeptase healed faster and had lower implant failure rates than patients receiving placebo or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs [R].

11) Serrapeptase May Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In a study, 13 of 20 patients with carpal tunnel syndrome showed significant clinical improvement after serrapeptase treatment. However, the condition recurred in four of the 13 patients [R].

12) Serrapeptase Reduces Red Patches on the Skin

Serrapeptase reduced red patches on the skin (erythema) by 58% in a study (RCT) of 40 patients with inflammatory venous disease [R].

13) Serrapeptase May Increase Sperm Count

Serrapeptase boosts sperm count

In a study of infertile 50 male patients with accessory gland infections, a combination of quinolones and serrapeptase increased sperm count in 22 of the patients. Because serrapeptase enhances the activity of antibiotics like quinolone in fighting infections, it may partly account for this increase in sperm count [R].


Although there is popular opinion supporting the use of serrapeptase for these diseases, there is no scientific evidence backing its use in:

  • Fibroids (noncancerous growths in women’s uteri)
  • Bartholin cyst (swelling of the Bartholin gland)
  • Cancer
  • Endometriosis (abnormal external uterine tissue growth)

Serrapeptase Dosage

Serrapeptase is effective in different doses. Doses as small as 5 mg were enough to reduce swelling and pain after tooth surgery [R].

Most clinical studies use serrapeptase in doses ranging from 10 to 60 mg/day [R].

Sometimes serrapeptase is dissolved in a salt solution (at a concentration ranging from 0.005-0.5mg/mL) and given along with antibiotics [R, R].

Serrapeptase has also been developed as a gel or ointment for use over the skin. These forms are better for localized treatments and produce fewer side effects [R].

Serrapeptase has to be taken on an empty stomach or 2 hours after eating. Food should not be consumed for the next 30 minutes after taking serrapeptase [R].

There have been no dosage studies in humans to this day. Studies for the minimum concentration needed to produce therapeutic effects in humans have not been conducted. However, drug companies recommend at least 15 to 30 mg/day. You should consult a doctor for more information on correct dosing [R, R].

Side Effects of Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase with diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory drug, can induce Stevens-Johnson syndrome, leading to blisters all over the body [R].

Serrapeptase, when taken orally, can cause anorexia, nausea, and disturbances in the gut [R].

Other common side effects include [R]:

  • Skin inflammation
  • Bulls-eye shaped lesions of the skin
  • Muscle ache
  • Joint pains
  • Pneumonia
  • Blood clot abnormalities

Limitations and Caveats

Despite its wide usage as a drug and supplement, clinical studies proving serrapeptase’s effectiveness in treating pain and inflammation are limited and larger, better-designed, placebo-controlled trials are needed. In addition, research on the side effects and long-term safety of this enzyme is lacking [R].

Serrapeptase Dangers

Although rare, cases were reported when serrapeptase caused pneumonia. There are cases of a 69-year-old man with a common cold, an 84-year-old man with recurrent bladder infections, and a 32-year-old woman that took serrapeptase for treatment and saw worsening of symptoms and development of pneumonia. Stopping treatment reduced pneumonia symptoms [R, R, R].

Combining serrapeptase with drugs such as warfarin, clopidogrel, and aspirin or natural substances such as garlic, fish oil, and turmeric can increase risks of bleeding and bruising [R].

Synergies with Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase inhibits biofilm production, which is a coating that many bacteria produce to protect themselves from antibiotics. It enhances the effects of many antibiotics such as ampicillin, cyclacillin, cephalexin, minocycline, and cefotiam [R, R].

5.6% of rats saw continued infection when combining serrapeptase with antibiotics while 37.5% of rats saw continued infection with only antibiotics [R].

Serrapeptase is more efficient when used with zinc or manganese [R, R].

A study of 18 lung-cancer patients found that serrapeptase with cefotiam, an antibiotic, increased lung cefotiam levels compared to the blood by 44%. This is especially useful for patients needing lung surgery [R].

Contraindications of Serrapeptase

Patients with abscesses, especially in the cheek area, should avoid serrapeptase. The drug can cause painful swelling in the abscess area [R].

Serrapeptase vs. Nattokinase

Both serrapeptase and nattokinase are proteolytic enzymes, meaning they both break down proteins. They are also both serine proteases. In rats, both serrapeptase and nattokinase reduced Alzheimer’s symptoms and levels of inflammatory molecules that are high in Alzheimer’s patients [R].

One study in zebrafish found that serrapeptase was more effective than nattokinase in breaking down amyloid plaques [R].

Combinations of serrapeptase and nattokinase can break down biofilms, which commonly prolong infection [R].

Serrapeptase Reviews

1 to 2 capsules of serrapeptase for healthy maintenance and up to 4 to 6 capsules a day for therapeutic action are recommended. Reviews of serrapeptase are fairly mixed with some people for the drug and others against.

People have said that serrapeptase has helped them with both inflammation and pain, but they did mention that other drugs like FlexoPlex seemed to work better for reducing pain.

One person with bad knees said he used to have to stretch for up to 20 minutes in the mornings but no longer has to due to taking serrapeptase.

One review noted that the serrapeptase was making him and his friend tired and was giving them headaches. His friend ended up developing pneumonia as well. Stopping serrapeptase helped ease the symptoms.

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  • Hellen S

    Tried a few high potency Serrapeptase. Pay close attention because there is a big difference in the way they are marketed.
    Per dosage requires MUTIPLE capsules to get the claimed potency. I tried the iSerra serrapeptase after Jamie mentioned the brand name on this site a few months back. I have to say that i am very happy with it after trying a few other brands. its the real high potency. It is in delayed release capsules, instead of enteric coated capsules that has phtalates which is harmful to human health.

    Each capsule has 250,000 SPU, not each dosage like other brands

    Serretia requires 2 capsules to get 250,000 SPU per dosage meaning each capsules has 125,000 SPU
    Serra RX requires 2 capsules to get 320,000 SPU per dosage meaning each capsules has 180,000 SPU

  • Valerie

    Would Serrapeptase help with arthritis pain throughout the body?

  • Renee

    Has anyone who has taken this do not have a gall bladder? And if so did you have side effects?

  • Laura

    Does this enzyme serrapeptase help with Fibromyalgia. My daughter who is only 20 has been diagnosed with Fibro and has so much nerve pain that when it flares up I have to help her to the bathroom. She has jaw pain, back pain and basically pain all over her body so decrease in inflammation for her even 50 % so she doesn’t have to be housebound all the time would be nice to find. I am desperate to find something more natural because she has been on 6 different meds and nothing is touching the pain.
    Any suggestions??

  • Eji-Eme Alikor

    I will like to know more about Sera. Thanks

  • Anne

    Serrapeptase 120,000IU landed me in the hospital with pneumonia!!!! I only took for a short period of time and stopped because I didn’t like the way it was making me feel. Fluid started building around my left lung and over the course of 3 months after stopping the serrapeptase. Also broke out in a rash on my left chest area! I’m suspecting a mild case of Stevens Johnson’s syndrome. I was also taking tumeric which made my bruising worse!! Beware when taking new supplements!! This ‘miracle’ enzyme ended up being my worse nightmare!!! I’ve never had pneumonia in my life! I’m the healthiest person in my family, bikini competitor, avid cyclist, raw food isn’t/vegan, and ended up getting sick due to this enzyme!! Be careful!!!

  • Robert J Phillips

    I have been taking just 10 mg of Serrapeptase for two weeks now and the results are amazing! I was looking at surgery on both ears due to fluid build up which is gone! I also have severe, painful contractors scarring on the back of my thighs and the tissue is softening. I also had two knots on the outer part of my wrist causing pain in my hand and they are shrinking. I can’t say enough good things. I do believe that a lot of people are taking too high a dose. A little is plenty.

  • kurdirama

    You’ve done an amazing, comprehensive job with the article. Thank you.

  • madeleine

    i live in the u.k.i have a DVT in my right arm which not many medics know about…my right arm swells as does my hand and in a lot of pain.Am taking 2 serra twice a day on an empy stomach but no results.I feel i should maybe start on one first thing in the morning.
    Any answers will be totally appreciated.

  • Maureen Page

    I started to use this for furring of the arteries but started to get pains in the back of my head like pressure building up so stopped taking it, don’t know if I did the right thing stopping it but got scared???

  • Leo

    I’ve heard leukemia is improved using nattokinase. Has anyone heard of serrapeptase being good for leukemia?

  • Rachel

    I have taken 80,000 IU (a fairly low dose) once daily for 3 years. I take it first thing, an hour before breakfast, it WILL make you feel sick if there’s food in your stomach. I have no side effects and am a very sensitive person. I’m not sure why people go for high doses, particularly initially. Anyway, I have cysts on my scalp, up to 5p size. These have been painful and I’ve had 2 removed at the docs, quite a faff with infection etc. I found Serra and Taking a steady dose as stated shrinks them to half size, and also clears my veins. 2 small cysts disappeared. I have narrow veins (runs in the family) and whereas my mother and grandmother have swollen ankles and legs, this has not happened to me except when pregnant and not taking Serra. I believe this product to be helpful when used sensibly, my main reason for believing it is when I run out or get up late and can’t take it, I get pains building up in veins and my cysts swell and become sore. It also does something to your eyes, I got floaters initially, black shadow lines across your vision. This is not to be afraid of, it’s the junk at the back of the eye being broken down and removed. For this reason I imagine someone who s offers with floaters could really respond well. My mother tried it but it made her tinnitus unbearable, again this might have improved has she continued. Be sensible and try a low dose if you think of trying it.

  • Anita

    How long i it safe to take serrapeptase or nattkinase?(months, years)


    I am in my sixties and I have been taking serrapeptase for about 2 years. Started at 120000 Units per day for about 6 to 9 months. I was delighted with the results. It cleared up my allergy asthma and the swelling in my lower legs. After the 9 month period, I started feeling more tired and headachey, so dropped to 40000 Units per day and have been pretty stable at that dosage. There are times that I should probably increase to 80000 Units, but I seem to being doing pretty good so far. Have recommended to many of my friends who have lung and swelling problems. This is quite a miracle worker! Hopefully, some of the problems others had was either due to just detoxification or possibly a bad batch of pills or they were already coming down with something and this supplement had nothing to do with their symptoms. Otherwise, there is a possible allergic reaction, which would be sad because this product is quite beneficial to feel better and reduce mucous and swelling.

  • Nana

    Did you take only serrapeptase to unblock your tubes
    And where exactly were your blockages please
    Are u based in UK

  • susan allred

    Could this help dissolve calcified blood clot caused from a bad contusion?

  • bud

    Could it be that the more impurities in your blood the more reaction you will have, as the serrapeptase does it’s work? So if you suspect a lot of impurities you should take a smaller dose and slowly increase as the blood gets cleaner?

  • Steven Sevek

    Good question. Since ferritin is a marker for inflammation I’ve been wondering the same thing. I think I’m just going to take it for a month & get before and after ferritin levels checked.

  • Dee

    The body “detoxes” when taking the sarrapeptase. Therefore, many people may have more or new breaks outs while the body detoxes or as the sarrapeptase dissolves the unwanted dead cells in the body. Starting out at the lowest dose (40,000 1 x per day) for a week and more up one dose a week until you reach the max. will either eliminate or greatly reduce the herxheimer symptoms.

  • Constance

    Totally Agree

  • Poppy Hammond

    I would never have thought of it, but, in fact, my R ring finger has improved quite a lot over a short time since starting Serrapeptase. The biggest change came after increasing my dose from 120,000 SPU’s of “Doctor’s Best” to 320,000 SU’s, enteric coated (split dosing) of “Serra Rx, a new supplement on amazon) I took advantage of an “introductory price.”
    I’m wondering most about the enteric coating.
    I have, so far, had no adverse effect. am a healthy woman in my 70’s.
    P.S. In that same time period, I have begun wearing an amber bracelet from “Umai” also purchased on Amazon. I had tremendous pain in my R hand which returned in 4 days when I tried to go without. I have worn that for about six weeks with less pain but with the trigger finger remaining. Good luck.

  • Charlene Rollins

    I got bad acne on my face and in my ears when I too it.

  • Matt

    Tried to take this product few times, but every time it causes me to feel bad, I feel nosiness , weekend, diarrhea, stomach ache, so on. Also notised my blood pressure jumping up, heart beet increases. I know few people had the same reaction. So, careful,

  • Anne

    Allison, did you vomit because you took Serrapeptase with food? You are only supposed to take on an empty stomach.

  • LifeLova

    Hello thank you for your comment. Can you tell us how much your fibroid shrank in cm?

  • Francisca Gomez

    Would like to know if anyone has used it to clear up trigger finger.

  • Jamie Garcia

    Wow, where do I start. A fascinating enzyme, that has many surprising qualities. I was able to get a free 30 count bottle of iSerra 250,000 SPU this brand works and the strength of each capsule is amazing. It will astound you as it has me. Here are some of my benefits after several days, clearing my head of sinus issues, cleared my distance vision, assisted me with better word recall, cleared up my mucus cough in the AM’s, gives me a deeper sleep, allows my body to release extra water in the tissues and I can go on and it has only been one week! Love love love this stuff! Serrapeptase is a keeper!

  • Bob

    After a week on suppliment started getting nocturnal abdominal pain and bloating,requiring calcium carbonate(tums) to relieve pain.Also noticed lesions on my scalp.Will discontinue and see if the above symtoms disappear.

  • Becki

    I feel quite encouraged by your testimonial about using Serra for Endometriosis and Fibroids. I have been at my wit’s end. I live in the UK where we have the National Health Service [NHS] but it also makes it a bit difficult to make your own choices about what kind of treatment you want. You can – but you have to fight against what the Health Practitioner initally offers you. The first thing I’ve done is liberate myself from Male Gynaecologists. I found them unhelpful and only offering Hysterectomy. My first female Gynae offered Serra, I wish I’d met her ages ago; so my jouney begins. I hope I’m as fortunate as you.

  • Zorida Baboolal

    This is a mircle enzyme, i had a cyst in my breast the size of a lime my gyno wanted to remove it surgically .i started using serra and in the 2 month of my treatment i realize it had strink the lump and finally it disappeared completely.

  • Janet

    When they say anorexia do they mean you lose your appetite? Who is offering the free sample?

  • Emily L

    I believe just a very small % if any complains about anorexia. I know iSerra is offering free sample on their website. You should trying out their sample, most people do not react negatively, Plus you can stop right away if you react negatively without costing you any money.

  • Emiliy L

    I’ve been talking serrapeptase for the past 4 months for my fibroids, hydrosalpinx and Endometriosis after my gynecologist told me I have to have an Hysterectomy because that was my only option, I started taking Serrapeptase for the first month I no longer have the terrible pain, heavy bleeding, and frequent urination, The ultimate dose is 250,000 SPU, the brand that i use is iSerra. I went back to my gyn after 4 months for a sonogram and my Fibroids have shrink , no more unbearable pain and the hydrosalpinx has disappeared from my tubes this is a miracle enzyme . ..

  • Janet

    How does this cause anorexia?

  • Jerry

    Nana was it 120,000 iu per pill 3 x times per day? Also, what brand is it?

  • Dilara

    Hi im real glad to hear your tubes are unblocked due to taking these pills. I have 1 tube and it is blocked i tried two courses of fellopio costing total of £800 did not work i can’t afford another cycle. I really hope these pills open my tube.

  • Nana

    OK so I was diagnosed with blocked tubes 5 years ago and I took serrapeptase from August 2017 to December 30th 2017 that’s exactly 4 months.l took 1 capsule 3 times a day 120,000 sounds perfect capsule. Went for hsg January 2018 behold my tubes were unblocked.It works but make sure you start on a low dose then you gradually increase that way you are less likely to have any side effects.

  • Peter Clayton

    Anyone taking it for muscle pain. How did you get on with it. What doesage etc.
    Thanks in Advance

  • Jeffrey Ady

    Has anyone reported migraine reduction with serrapeptase? Thanks for responding…!

  • Brit R

    Serrapeptase is a great supplement.. I am a 74 yr old man who just completed a procedure. AMAZINGLY there were NO clogged arteries including carotid arteries. DOC told me that I had arteries like a teenager!! I had been taking Serapeptase daily for 2 years, & it was clear to me that Serapeptase was responsible. It also helped with joint pain and sinusitis. I have tried a few different brand and dosage. iSerra is the brand that I have been using. 250,000 SPU high dosage works the best. I also have not experienced any side effect..

  • Ami Jo

    I had significantly reduced myofascial pain when taking this at a low dose 2 x a day. When I switched to the high dose 1 x per day, I vomited profusely every time I took it. I have not tried the low dose since although I probably will try the low dose again

  • Carmen

    What brand, dosage and for how long did you take before you ended vomiting and with diahrrea. Thank you for an answer

  • Gordon

    I have well controlled COPD which makes me bring up thick sticky phlegm several times a day, for the past three years.
    I started taking serrapeptase five days ago thrice daily and the result was instant – no more mucous after dsy one.
    I tried reducing to two a day, and a little mucous was produced once a day, but so thin that it went down into my stomach instead of into my mouth.
    Back to three times a day and no more phlegm.
    No side effects at this early stage.

  • Evelyn

    I am taking ir 3×60 mg a day for sinusitis. It helped thin the mucous I can sleep .I am on this regiment for 2 weeks
    Considering lowering dose to 2×60. And gradually only ones a day for other benefits. No side effects, so far.

  • Miguel

    How much did you take and what was period of time. Thank you

  • prioris

    side effects are generally very rare. it’s been used for around 3 decades all around the world. maybe an allergic reaction. maybe you reacted to the capsule. who knows.

  • Marianne

    How much did you take?

  • ChaCha

    Calling this a drug is misleading at best, & dangerous in the projection.

  • Alison

    This supplement made me vomit to the point where I thought I might have to go to a&e. Diarrhoea too. Was stuck at work. Had to get hubby to collect me as I was so weak after 3hrs of constant vomiting, diarrhoea and dry heaving. Took 5 days to recover and my digestion has been totally messed up. BE VERY CAUTIOUS when starting this supplement. I’m not the only one who has experienced this. Google it and you will find many similar accounts.

  • Heather

    Any chance this supplement could lower ferritin?

  • Pierson

    My blood pressure came down by ~15 points systolic and somewhat on the diastolic, can’t really recall.. That was over a year and a half time period of taking serrapeptase.

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