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Chaga mushroom can boost the immune system, fight inflammation, protect cells from free radicals, and can reduce the symptoms of diabetes.  Read below to learn more about these and other proven benefits of Chaga.


Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is a fungus found primarily on birch trees that has been used in the folk medicine of Russia, Japan, and Europe (R, R2).

Chaga mushroom can be eaten as a food, and is also made into tea, syrup, bath agents, and extracts (R).

Traditional uses for this mushroom have included improve the immune response and treating stomach issues, and modern research can now explain how Chaga benefits these conditions and more (R).

Health Benefits of Chaga Mushroom

1) Chaga Mushroom Reduces Oxidative Stress

Chaga has the strongest antioxidant activity when compared against three other common medicinal mushrooms  that also fight oxidation (R).

In cell studies of human lymphocytes, Chaga extract reduces more than 40% of the DNA damage caused by hydrogen peroxide (R).

In human cell studies, a compound isolated from Chaga protects nerves from oxidative stress from Parkinson’s disease (R).

In animal studies, Chaga extract can protect against the effects of chronic inflammation of the pancreas (R).

Studies have shown that the phenolic compounds found in Chaga mushrooms scavenge free radicals to protect cells from oxidation (R).

2) Chaga Mushroom Suppresses Cancer Progression

Human cell studies show that Chaga extract reduces the growth of colon cancer and liver cancer (R,R).

Human cell studies find that Chaga extract reduced only the growth of cancer cells, not all the growth of all cells (R).

Supplementing Chaga extract reduced tumor size by 60% when compared with a control group in animal studies of lung cancer (R).  Supplementing Chaga extract also suppressed the spread of cancer to other parts of the body (R).

Compounds found in Chaga help the immune system to recognize cancer cells as harmful and invasive (R).  This helps the body to then mount an immune response against the cancer (RR2R3).

Reactive oxygen species and oxidative damage increase the risk of cancerous mutations by damaging cellular DNA (R).  By reducing oxidative stress, Chaga lowers the risk of such mutations (R).  As a result, Chaga may also be able to reduce the risk of developing cancer in addition to limiting the growth of existing cancers.

3) Chaga Mushroom Helps Protect the Immune System

Chaga extract increases the production of immune cells IL-6  and  lymphocyte B (R).   This can help increase the immune system’s ability to fight pathogens (R).

Compounds found in Chaga help the immune system to differentiate between the body’s cells and foreign cells (R).   This helps the immune system to respond accurately and protect the body from those pathogens (R).

Chaga extract reduces immune hypersensitivity in animal studies (R).   Treatment with Chaga extract reduced the risk of cardiac shock from severe allergic reaction in animal studies (R).

Helping the body to more accurately sense its own cells may also reduce the risk of autoimmunity  (R).

Chaga mushroom also has anti-viral activities and can help prevent viral infections (R).  Chaga extract decreases HIV replication (R, R).  It also prevents the Herpes virus and Epstein-Barr virus from infecting new cells and from replicating in animal studies (RR2).   Chaga also decreased infection from the hepatitis C virus in other animal studies (R).

4) Chaga Mushroom Reduces Inflammation

Chaga is  able to reduce an overactivated immune response, which can limit harmful inflammation (R).

Chaga also decreases the expression of NF-kB , a molecule that activates an inflammatory response (R).

Chaga extract reduces inflammatory cytokine response in animal studies, and decreases the response to pain (R).

Chaga also reduces inflammation in colon cells, which shows promise in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (R).

5) Chaga Mushroom Can Improve Diabetic Health


In diabetic mice, Chaga ethanol extract significantly decreased blood glucose levels.

Animal studies show that Chaga extract reduces symptoms of diabetes including high blood glucose,  free fatty acids, total cholesterol, and low-density lipoprotein (bad) cholesterol  (R).

Chaga extract increased high-density lipoprotein (good) cholesterol and insulin levels in the livers of diabetic mice (R). This helps prevent high blood sugar levels and diabetic complications (R).

PPARγ is a molecule that decreases insulin resistance by improving insulin signalling and energy metabolism (R).

In animal fat cell studies, Chaga water extract increased PPARγ transcriptional activity and helped with fat cell differentiation. This decreased insulin resistance, making it a possible treatment for diabetes (R).

Another animal study showed that Chaga extract increased PPARγ activity in fat tissues and reduced unhealthy weight gain (R).

The Chaga extract can also slow carbohydrate absorption by inhibiting the molecule alpha-glucosidase (R).   This can reduce spikes in blood sugar that would otherwise lead to complications in diabetes.

Oxidative stress contributes to insulin resistance and accelerates diabetes complications (R).   Chaga’s antioxidant properties can can reduce this oxidative damage (R).

The anti-diabetic effects of Chaga increases if used in combination with vanadium. In diabetic mice, Chaga extract combined with vanadium decreased blood glucose levels more than Chaga extract by itself (R).

6) Chaga Mushroom Increases Physical Endurance

Animals studies determined that compounds in Chaga increased exercise tolerance.  Animals that were given Chaga extract were able to swim for a longer period of time when compared to a control group (R). The animals treated with Chaga also had higher energy stores in the muscles and liver (R).

Chaga polysaccharides significantly reduced blood lactate levels in exercising mice (R).   This may also help to boost endurance, since accumulation of lactate in the body can cause fatigue.

Chaga extract administration also decreased blood urea nitrogen levels, which can otherwise contribute to fatigue (R).

PPARγ is a molecule that activates pathways associated with benefits insulin signalling and energy metabolism (R).    Chaga extract activates  PPARγ, which could help to maintain positive energy metabolism and promote physical endurance (R).

7) Chaga Mushroom Protects Against Dangerous Blood Clots

Platelet aggregation occurs when blood cells clump together and form clots.  Sometimes, platelet aggregation can cause blood clots in veins (thrombus), which can eventually lead to heart attacks or strokes (R).

Chaga extract significantly inhibited platelet aggregation in animal studies. These results indicate a possibility for Chaga to treat or stop thrombus formation (R).


8) Chaga Mushroom Promotes Cognitive Function

Chaga mushroom extract helps with chemical-induced cognitive dysfunction in animal studies (R).  Chaga lowered brain oxidative stress in these animals (R).

Chaga extract also restored the levels of acetylcholine during oxidative stress as efficiently as the reference drug tacrine (R).  Acetylcholine promotes learning and memory, and increasing its availability can provide nootropic benefits (R).

9) Chaga Mushroom Balances the Immune System Between Th1 and Th2

In mice, Chaga ethanol extract administration reduces the levels of IL-4 and increases IFN-y levels. The extract promotes Th1 response and inhibits Th2 cell response (R).

The balance of Th1 and Th2 cytokines help balance the immune system. Th2 cells synthesize IL-4, which plays an important role in allergic reactions by inhibiting Th1 cell functions. On the other hand, Th1 cells produce IFN-y cytokines, which inhibits Th2 cells (R).

10) Chaga Mushroom Relieves Pain

Chaga extract reduces the reaction to pain in animal studies (R).

In cell culture, acids from methanol Chaga extract lowers NF-kappaB binding activity. This reduces pain by blocking the effects of  enzymes involved in inflammatory pathways, nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) (R).   Inhibition of COX-2 is the mechanism by which traditional non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen or aspirin, reduce sensations of swelling and pain (R).   Because it may work through a similar mechanism, Chaga could be similarly useful in limiting these negative effects.

11) Chaga Mushroom May Help Relieve Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Oxidative stress from free radicals and low antioxidant levels can contribute to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  Chaga mushroom extract’s antioxidant abilities can protect the gut from IBD (R).

Chaga extract reduces oxidative stress in lymphocytes from both healthy individuals and IBD patients (R).

Chaga also reduces inflammation in colon cells, which shows promise in the treatment of IBD (R).

12) Chaga Mushroom Fights Bacteria

Both hot water and ethanol extracts of Chaga are able to kill bacterial and fungal cells in cell culture (R).

Chaga extract also stopped quorum sensing, which is a method that bacteria cells use to activate gene expression. Anti-quorum sensing can help fight against bacterial infection (R).


Since Chaga stops platelet aggregation and blood clots from forming, you should not take it in combination with blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin and warfarin. This can increase the risk of bleeding (R, R).

Chaga can lower blood sugar levels. You should not take Chaga in combination with diabetes medicine because it may cause blood glucose levels to fall dangerously low (R, R).

People with autoimmune diseases should avoid using Chaga because it can cause the immune system to become more active (R).

In one case study, an elderly Japanese woman had oxalate nephropathy after six months daily consumption of Chaga powder. Oxalate nephropathy is a condition where excess levels of oxalate can cause kidney failure. Chaga mushrooms contain extremely high oxalate concentrations, so excess consumption can cause kidney damage (R, R).

Additionally, sclerotium parts of Chaga appeared to have stronger cytotoxic effects against normal cells than cancer cells. This can cause healthy cells to die (R).

Most of the laboratory studies have either been done in human cell culture or animals. More clinical trials are needed to confirm Chaga’s safety and effectiveness (R).


Components and their effects on tumor cells

Components and their effects on tumor cells

  • Chaga decreases p53, pRb, p27, cyclins D1, D2, E, cyclin-dependent kinase (Cdk) 2, Cdk4, and Cdk6 expression (R).
  • Beta glucans from Chaga bind to complement receptor 3 to faciliate proper immune recognition
  • The phenolic compounds benzaldehyde, benzyl alcohol, syingol and vanillic acid are able to scavenge (combine with and remove) all tested free radicals (R).
  • Chaga methanol extract is a potent inhibitor of NO, PGE2 and TNF-a production. This inhibition is caused by preventing NF-kB activation in murine (mice) macrophages (R).
  • Chaga water extract suppressed edema, mucosal damage, and the loss of crypts induced by dextran sulfate sodium in mice (R).
  • Ethyl acetate fraction of methanol extract from I. obliquus could reduce blood sugar in alloxan-induced diabetic mice. The major components are lanosterol, 3β-hydroxy-lanosta-8, 24-diene-21-al, inotodiol, ergosterol peroxide and trametenolic acid (R).
  • One study determined that alcohol extracts of polyphenols had a greater limiting effect on cancer than similar water extracts (R).

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  • GSG

    Confused by the contradictory statements. The article states chaga balances the immune system & also that it should be avoided with auto immune conditions. Which is correct?

  • Danae

    Does anybody know if CHAGA is contraindicated for those who have fungal allergies, e.g. I am extremely allergic to mushrooms, penecillin and blue cheese. The benefits sound perfect for me but under ‘contraindications’ ‘precautions’ I cannot find any information on mushroom allergy. Now I wonder if I do not need to avoid it… perhaps Chaga is not a problem even for people with fungal issues? Can anybody elaborate?

  • Rose

    I am so blown away. I have been sick for a very long time. No help from doctors except the big pharma prescription pad. What has been diagnosed as most likely Lyme, ideopathic neuropathy and Epstein Barr, was progressing rapidly in the last 4 years, after more than 23 years of illness. I finally was lead to do MTFHR and Detox gene testing via 23 and ME Saliva DNA. Several Homozygous detox genes and numerous heterozygous genes, one in particular that was Homozygous, was an SOD gene effecting elimination of hydrogen peroxide from my body. At last I understood the source of my body succumbing to illness. Over the past few months I have added targeted supplements to shore up my cell production weaknesses, plus Restore. Then last week added Chaga. Holy cow! Blown away by a switch that got flipped and I now feel like a 30 year old woman in this 58 year old body that felt like it was 90 for so long. I am simply blown away. It feels like a miracle and I am so grateful to God for leading me to it.

    Western medicine has lost its way. Understanding your gene makeup is targetted solutions is the way of the future. Millions of people are sick and getting with no help from PCP’s and specialists. I am so ticked off about the money and quality of life lost to this battle, but grateful to be on the mend and able to help others now, to head in the right direction.

  • Bill Mc Donald

    I was taking 4 pills a day and 1 bottle of lantis a week.Now I take no pills 2 bottles a month of lantis and chaga every day.You tell me if chaga has made a difference in my life.I get my chaga right from the woods where I live and there is a lot of it thank God for that.

  • Sparta

    How much chaga is too much? Can you have 1/2 – 1 teaspoon a day without any negative effects on the kidneys?

  • ss

    Is chaga decreasing p53 bad or good?

  • Domingo Santiago Jr

    Can give ideas of you discover this produce?

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